OK I'm scared now ppl died after having all their teeth pulled

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    While at the mechanic the other day I was talking to the sec while waiting for my car.

    She told me last fall her father in laws brothers both had their teeth pulled. They both died within 2 weeks from each other and surgery.

    One did have a heart problem the other did not. My car was done so I left without asking any more details.

    Today I am talking to my daughter after her screw implants, BTW< was not fun she said having a lot of pain, they had to do a bone graft.

    I told her the story then she told me that her dad told her that his mom had all her teeth pulled and died several months later from mennigitis- this was in the 60's.

    Ok people I am starting to worry here. I am wondering if infection was a prime factor in their deaths. My ex's mother had health problems after a hysterectomy and died in her early forties. This was before I knew him.

    I do not know how old the 2 brothers were.

    If I was a normal healthy person I would be worried, but with all my medical problems that just adds to it.

    You should see the letter my Dr wrote to the dentist, I should have one foot in the grave. But yet she said I could have the surgery. The dentist insisted on the letter.

    I have to do this, I am lucky to be able to do this now. Otherwise it would cost 10-15,000 to fix the one's I have. I can't do that.

    My DD has dental put they don't cover the screws at $1000 each, then the ins pays for the crowns, additional costs. So it would be like $2000 a tooth- I don't know how people do it.

    My BF husband only has 3 teeth, that's not a typo. But they can't afford the dentures. She is missing a few front teeth too. So I am lucky-just getting scared *hitless-

    Has anyone else heard of people dying after this-Carla
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    I have to have top teeth pulled and an immediate denture put in. YES I'm worried as recently I went to dentist and had a reaction and dentist thought I was having a heart attack. This was a general shot for one tooth!!!!!! I don't know what to do now as i have lost front tooth and all the other are an awful mess. I'm on antibiotics now and the infections are clearing. I also have five root canals and mercury in these teeth so feel health COULD improve having them pulled. Please keep in touch and let me know what happens.
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    I am so sorry to hear that you are scared to go back to the dentist. My question to you is... have you ever had rheumatic fever? If you have this is what could cause a reaction of any kind, at anytime you are having dental work done. You should check with a regular physician before having any dental work done at all if you have. You need to be pre-medicated (with a antibiotic) in the event of having a cleaning or any work that may cause your gums to bleed. What happens is a bacteria travels to you heart and this is what causes the reaction when you having dental work done. It does cause death! So please, take my advice and ask you doctor or ask you family for your medical history to see if this is a problem.

    I will be thinking about you, and take care. God Bless you Carla!!

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    I had mine pulled about 4 years ago & had no problems. Go to Devilin's(sorry spelling is crap tonight) site & print out the article for dentist on Fibro. I gave a copy to my dentist & the oral surgeon. I was his first FMS patient!!! He, surgeon, gave me the rx for pain meds ahead of time so I could start them the day before surgery. He also put me under....well as best he could. I'm allergic to eggs & he could not locate any sodium penathol (sp). He called all over the country & there was none to be had, not even the compnay that made/makes it had any. So they drugged me up on flexeral, valium & morphine & gave me the amnesthia drug. I sailed righ thru it. He also gave me a second rx for anit-biotics & told me if I needed more pain meds (had 3 refills on the initial rx) to just call.

    I insisted on a consultation pre surgery so I'd know, & the surgeon as well, as much as we could to get me thru as easy as possile with little or no after affects. I had some pain when the meds wore off, but it quickly went away as soon as I took the next pill. I also looked like a blow fish for 3 days, LOL. Had lots of swelling, but no bruising.

    Add to that I had to go back a month later & go thru a second surgery to have bone wedges removed so my dentures would fit better. Sailed thru that one too.

    I don't know all of your health issues, but if you have any possible heart problems then you should be put on an anti-biotic pre surgery to prevent any problems. My brother has MVP & takes it before he has any dental work done.

    Hope all goes well for you :),
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    I know my heart is fine, I just went exstensive testing the summer, stress test, EKG, ect.

    I know I won't die, (I hope anywaylol) BUtr hearing these stories just days before my surgery is a little daunting,

    I have to go MOn at 7:30 am for my pre-op meeting and have my molds made. Tues they pulled them and I go home with my new dentures. I guess now the do that for infection reasons by not exsposing the gums to air by keeping them in the dentures.

    It just sounds so painful to have them in against freshing cut gums. I am sure they will put me on abx.

    My DD dentist gave her a packet with valium and something else, she wasn't sure what is was, to take before her procedure yesterday. She said she was feeling no pain when she got there, then the sedated her.

    I am paying extra to be orally sedated. I do not want to be awake at any point. JUst hit me over the head then go for it.

    Anyway, thank you all for your stories. I know people do this every day. But the FM reaction worries me a little.

    My Dr here gave me extra pain meds so that is covered. I have a contract with her and wasn't sure what the out of town dentist would give me, so I asked her. She gave me 20 7.5 vicodan, plus I have my percocets, ultram and zanaflex so I should be fine.

    I'm glad those of that have been threw this are doing weel-Carla
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    Well I know of several people that had their teeth out and none of them had any complications or died luckily. However, the bacteria and our mouths is dangerous to our hearts so there probaly is a risk to it. I have a special kind of heart murmur so I have to take antibiotics before I go to the dentists to protect my heart.
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    I don't blame you for being scared and anxious. My mother-in-law had all her teeth pulled about five or six years ago and she is fine. I also used to work with a woman who had all her teeth pulled when she was quite young (she was in her 40's when I worked with her) and she was perfectly fine.

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    Dear Carla,
    I'm so sorry you are going through this. I know that there is always some chance of infection , but let me tell you some of the other side.

    A fellow teacher, friend of mine, had all her uppers pulled before retirement, because they were kind of bad, and she was not going to be able to afford dental insurance after she retired. That was about 16 years ago, and she is fine, living with her hubby , in their cute cottage.

    My mom had heart disease and diabetes. She had all her uppers pulled at the age of 70. She lived to be 89.

    So, you could ask for antibiotics to take before any work is done. I understand how you feel, though.

    I have a chronic bone marrow infection that is from root canals. My health would be much better if I had taken antibiotics prior to and after my dental work. As it is, now I'm allergic to them, so I live with it all.

    Good luck to you.

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    i am sorry you have heard all the war stories but at least you can see by this board that those had to be somewhat coinsidental, don't you think?

    anyway just wanted to say, my dad had all his teeth pulled
    one morning at the age of 29 he is now 81 and guess what he did that very afternoon at 3:00?

    he went to work in the coal mine with fried egg sandwiches in his lunch!

    it is scary though just thinking about it, i will be thinking of you and certainly wish you all the best.

    here's a hug{{{{{}}}}}

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    I really appreciate the good stories. It's like I had not been too bothered by all this yet, then the Sec told her story, then my daughter- it's like is someone trying to tell me something?

    I have to make this quick so I won't address each, but it really means a lot to me that you have supported me here. I really want to be involved when I get back more than I have been lately.

    Things will be less stressfull with projects and I can just enjoy living. For the last year I had done nothing but work on my house- now I'm ready to live in it,lol

    I have to get the girls, they always know when it's bath time,hehe. I have to be very coy, because they can out run me- outside.

    Have a great weekend guys- I'm taking my laptop so I will let you know when I come back to reality. I have extra everything, just in case :>)Carla
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    I just had some extensive work done, they talked me out of pulling all of them. I almost regret it now, but oh, well.

    Had a few extractions and a few crowns.

    My son had almost all his pulled, too. He's only 25 and not sick, though. He did fine.

    I'm doing fine, except for some pain on one extraction and it might just be a dry socket. Because I am bad and I smoke.

    Anyway, it ain't about me, it's about you.
  13. TKE

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    ....are put in right away to "pressurize" the surgical area just like surgical bandages are used. It helps to stop the bleeding & aids in clotting. I had mine done that way & went to the dentist the day after for him to remove the denture, check my mouth for any signs of problems & do a first rinse.

    Once your swelling goes down if you have any sore spots call right away & make an apt to go in for an adjustment. If you let it go it just gets worse & worse. I had to have several adjustments done. Only takes a few minutes & you're on your way.

    I stuck to soft foods for a few weeks & slowly added medium foods in then harder foods. Soup, pasta, mashed foods, soft veggies, etc. Due to the extensive work I had done over a 3 year period trying to hang onto my teeth (thyroid disease/bone loss caused them to become loose) I developed zero pain tolerance in my mouth. I still have the zero pain tolerance whenn it coes to any dental procedure, but can eat just about anything I want, even corn on the cob :). You just need to learn how to bite & chew different foods.

    I've been told by one dentist to let them in over night, while another says take them out. I've done it both ways & find my mouth prefers to have them out at night.

    Go to Wally World & get a denture brush & a denture bath. I also use the denture tablets (I'm a smoker). Aside from that you shouldn't need anything else. Depending on your dentures you might be able to use plain old toothpaste to clean them. Some can, some can't. Your dentist will let you know what is best for your type of denture.

    I also prefer to pay for a denture re-align instead of using an adhesives. If you must use an adhesive I found the "Fixadent" brand to be the best. Tasted better, less goo, etc.

    Best wishes,

  14. Hootie1

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    Before you do this have a stress test done to be sure that you don't have mitro valve prolapse because if you do, you will need to take antibiotics (high dose) prior to and after the surgery. This is very important.

    If you are scared about this, you could talk with your doctor to prescribe them anyway.

    I had mitro valve prolapse and my doctor would never even clean my teeth without knowing that I medicated.

    Just another tid bit. I know for a fact that it is dangerous with someone who has Mitro valve prolapse- but with the antiobiotic - no problem.

  15. Mikie

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    I think people can have a lot of bacteria in their mouths, especially if there are dental problems. This bacteria can be let loose in the system when dental work is done. A lot of people have to take ABX before they see the dentist. Dental disease can predispose one to a heart attack or heart disease.

    My neighbor had two screws put in and is having a new bridge built which will fit to the crowns on the screws. So far, she has spent $7,200. She didn't have any pain, though, and that is a blessing.

    If we know we can tolerate ABX and we have to have dental work done, I think it is a good idea to take them beforehand.

    Love, Mikie
  16. mrdad

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    Sorry that you are a bit stressed out over this subject
    but I'm confident that all will be well for you!

    Don't know if you spotted my message to you concerning
    Hemochromatosis and Dental Problems? Know another per-
    son I met will having a blood draw who had his front
    teeth broken off! Think it is from lack of oxygen in
    blood or possible combo of iron that impedes nutrients
    to nerve cells. ( The medical description is speculative
    on my part) But it sounds pretty convincing ,don't ya
    How is the Pup you befriended? Have you heard?

  17. Leaknits

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    Just a note of encouragement...

    When I had all teeth pulled 30 years ago:

    I didn't know I had mitral valve prolapse.
    I didn't know I should have been given antibiotics prior to surgery.
    I didn't know I have M E.
    I didn't know what a huge body-trauma dental or any other surgery can be to people who have FM and/or M E.


    I woke up from the knock out Sodium Pentothal, spat out the cotton, sipped a bit of lukewarm coffee to wake up a little more, dentist helped me put the dentures in...no adhesive was necessary...
    I got a warning to make sure milk and other dairy products were not eaten before the extraction sites were completely healed and
    I was told to rinse my mouth gently several times per day with warm salt water.

    One week later I was eating apples. Raw apples. Sheer bliss, after years and years of not being able to do that.
    Corn on the cob is no problem.

    I do wonder, though, just what is IN the various denture adhesives. I occasionally goop my lower plate, if I know I am going to be eating something, pieces of which can get under the plate, and HURT.
    Check the label on any denture adhesive. There are no ingredients listed, no allergy warnings in such as Fixodent about the flavoring they add to the glue, and that stuff eventually ends up being digested, yuck what a thought.

    Shouldn't the adhesive-manufacturing companies be made to state on the label just what's in there?
    I know, I got off-track when I was trying to reassure Carla that, in the hands of a good dentist, oral surgeon, anesthetist who should be informed if a patient has FM or M E, she will come through just fine.

    We still need to know what's in the teeth glue.
  18. 69mach1

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    and i have not heard of one in any of our practices dying because of the tooth getting pulled...

    never 911...we have turned away some pt. and referred them to their medical dr's until they get their heart's check...

    so please people don't be discougraged..

  19. Mikie

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    That anyone who dies as a complication to dental work would die some time after leaving the dentist's office and the dentist would not know about it. Just having one's teeth cleaned can be hazardous if one has not had it done in a while and has a heart condition. It's not so much to scare people as to alert them to the potential dangers so they can premedicate. I think it's very wise for people with our illnesses to have a cardio workup.

    Love, Mikie
  20. lease79

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    but I had all of my top teeth removed in the chair whilst I was conscious over a 6 week period.
    I wasn't on any anti-b's & was terified of getting an infection post-extraction. I have a terrible time with chest pain & frequent palps, but do not appear to have MVP, so I wasn't on any preventative Anti-B's.
    I surprisingly went through all the dental surgery with ease & didn't have any trouble at all.
    I had alot of bone fragments come away a loooong time after the extractions, but apart from that nothing serious at all ;)