ok i'm wrong LOL re PAIN acronym

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    ok, i admit it...what? no way...LOL..still have my sense of humor. actually i really didn't think that acronym was for the masses...just a joke. don't EVER want to offend anyone.
    and certainly do not wish to segregate anyone w/out pain on this board!

    it's just that pain is such a part of fm. and such a major part of MY daily life. i don't want to exclude chronic fatique as i think i could have that as well. i just never was diagnosed w/it and not sure if my fatique comes from CFS or the FM. please everyone i only mean well. now i'm frustrated. and feel like i just was so excited with any ideas, (you know how hard it is to think) so when i feel i'm on to something, anything, it's a big deal :).

    now, someone explain something to me....does everyone w/fm have cfs? what are the percentages that one has both?
    so since i don't know, and the majority of my "symptoms" are fm related, and i don't want to separated anyone on this board w/one or the other....what now?

    love and kisses :) to EVERYONE :)
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    From what I've been reading, FMS and CFS are two sides of the same coin. It's just that some people experience more pain, and some more fatigue. Right now I'm in the CFS phase - I'm exhausted most of the time. Sometimes my pain is the major problem. I don't think it matters as long as you're getting the help you need. Have you read Dr. Teitelbaum's book "From Fatigued to Fantastic"? He explains this in his book and it could help you understand it better. As far as I'm concerned, they both suck!!!!

  3. mamafurr

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    yes suck is the operative word here.....still laughing..
    i will check out that book..when i get a little extra? $$$
    yea like that'll happen

    thx for the note
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    I don't think everyone with FM has CFS. Just like not everyone with CFS has FM. A friend of mine who has both says she only notices her CFS when she pushes herself too much, and then she's in bed for at least a day. When I asked her, she said the difference between the two is that FMers have more pain, PWCs have more fatigue.

    I assume that people with FM also have some fatigue--if nothing else due to dealing with the pain! I don't know how one tells the fatigue apart, but if I had both I'm sure I'd figure it out....

    I know that I have some pain, but usually it's minor thank God. Occasionally I figure I'd trade some of the fatigue for some of the pain, but then I have a day or more of severe pain....

    (If I come across the message you're apologizing for, I forgive you. ;-)[This Message was Edited on 07/20/2003]
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    that should fix just about everything.
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    i don't see a soused icon above LOL...however, since i can't drink tokillya, chardonnay is on the agenda 5pm sharp.
    maybe that'll inspire me......er,,, inspire something. often it works better than the pain meds..but since the fm has progressed, my ability to imbibe has digressed..guess that's a good thing?