ok jamminhealth i am on grapeseed finally now d3?

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  1. hensue

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    I dont about This when i google it says nothing about helping pain. I doubt my doctor will check my vitamin level
    which i do know my b12 is high is that weird and it has always been that way.
    Need your help ok
  2. texasrose204

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    that you would think would be normal test for dr's. My rhuem. has never checked me for this. My primary did back in spring but i never got results. I have started taking after reading your posts. And the grapeseed also. thanks
  3. elliespad

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    There is no bigger sun worshipper than me. Always have been, hopefully always will be. For 3 months each summer, I get 6-8 hours in the sun, on DA BEACH, most days. Yet my Vit-D level is 13. Ya gotta wonder.
  4. elliespad

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    I have only used sunscreen maybe 20 times in my entire life. Life if on a drug which causes photosensitivity. I start slow and tan easily. I feel a calm and a peace when I'm in my chair at DA BEACH. But, overall, no I don't feel any better, or stronger, from my days in the sun. I've been taking 2200 I.U. Vit-D but need to double that dose. My B-12 is also low and for that I take injections.

    I had my sons' levels tested last year when he was going through a (first time) depression at age 19. He came up VERy low. Also low B-12. Now that he is away at college I don't know if he is still taking his supplements, better check.
  5. gapsych

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    I am somewhat confused. Not the first time.

    Have you had your vitamin D level checked?

    If your doctor has prescribed a certain amount, I would not change it without consulting him/her.

    Can you take too much vitamin D?

    Fortunately, my vitamin D levels were okay. I was surprised.

    I also had to take the B12 shots until my level was normal. Unfortunately, it did not give me any extra energy.

    It would probably be a good idea for you and your son to get your ferritin level checked, if you have not already done so.

    Take care.


    ETA, I see you did get your level checked. That's a very low number.[This Message was Edited on 10/20/2008]