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    I just dont know how to tell my family. They just dont want to hear it. I"m supposed to be the strong one. I lay down and rest when everyones gone so nobody really knows how bad I feel but I just need some help around the house. I dont work but I just can't keep up anymore . I feel so guilty being so tired. No one knows how bad I feel...I dont look sick....I think when I tell them they will just ignore it. I mean when I go to the doctor my husband doesnt even know or really question why.He assumes I thinkk that it just has something to do with my psorisis I dont want to feel like this. This just really sucks. I thought it would pass, you know? I really dont know how to tell them. I dont want people asking me how I feel. I feel shitty, ok? Can I keep hiding this? I dont want any labels. I dont want to be the sick mom. Maybe I can slide by for another few years. I just dont know.
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    I am glad to see you here, but sorry to hear what you're going through. There's a lot of great support here on these boards.

    I know what it's like to be seen as "the strong one." I was someone who was always available for work for overtime, an executive board member for a non-profit organization, and very active. I have gone from that to now barely being able to hold down a full-time job...and may not hold on to that much longer.

    If I had any advice to give you, it would be to be strong in setting boundaries, and be truthful in what you tell others. I don't mean that you tell everyone when you're having a bad day, but if you need help with the house, let someone know. If you really can't be there for someone who has depended on you in the past, say so. The battle you're going to face is trying to discover what your limits are, and communicating those limits to the people closest to you.

    I hope that this helps...and if what I say doesn't help, that's ok. Keep reading...maybe someone else will.

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    on what your diagnosis was? I'm assuming it is CFIDS, because you are tired all of the time. My son has CFIDS and has had it for almost 2 years, but he is so much better now than he was. He used to feel terrible all of the time, lost 25 lbs., slept a lot. I think part of his getting better was replacing his mercury fillings and a large part is just that he is young and his body is slowly healing itself. I hope you will keep writing and fill us in more about yourself. The people here are extremely helpful. Terri

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    so what is your dx ??????? JESUS IS THE GREAT PHYSICAN