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    "other" topic board..because this is random...I brought it up a couple of years ago.
    I chew ice. Now some say, that it is from iron deficiency. Some say it's a wives tale. I asked my doc, he says, it's true. Some people chew ice...all the time...and some people want to eat dirt..Well, I am on an iron supplement...Trinsicon, a combination of B12 and iron. Had my iron checked a while back, and it was waay low. I wasn't being a good girl taking my Trinsicon, started it up again, because the dr. wanted to either start shots, or even start an IV! I said, let me try just going back to my supplements. He did. Checked it again, and it was "ok." I am still chewing ice, but not as much. So, maybe there is something to it. Anyone else have this ice craving?? It's crazy!
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    As a child I liked to chew ice, and most of us kids did. Our homes weren't air conditioned, the summers were hot and humid and chewing ice even felt good. UNTIL I broke a tooth and then my Mom made it very clear there was no more ice chewing or I would be beat--that stopped it forever.
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    LOL... TwoCats, if my mom was still alive and told me to stop or I would get a good beating, I would be stopping..spankings were in back in the 60's!

    Jam, I know it isn't good for the teeth, and, I use to work for some Chinese friends. They never could understand why the American people wanted cold drinks...and with ice, because they were brought up with warm milk, and stayed with warm water as they grew up. I used to watch them heat their water in the microwave so it would be warmer than what came out of the faucet, not hot, just warmer. I have also heard of the "keeping things moving" part. Maybe it's a bad habit now. I really have slowed down on what I was doing, so thank goodness for that.

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    Cynthia and all...ice very very bad for you...can cause increased PAIN in joints and possibly muscles...it can make you ache! And of course, bad for the teeth...