Ok new medicine given (anyone try it ? ) Lyrica

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by susabar, Oct 12, 2005.

  1. susabar

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    Dear Friends,
    I love you guys and I am so grateful to have a place where I can go. I get "bad" during the change of weather.. I was managing everything fine until I got the flu shot last Friday at work. I felt awful a few days and then I sort of crashed. My blood pressure soared ( I've always had very low BP ) and my stomach dumped acid I am guessing in response to feeling pain. ( despite 2 Darvocet every 6 hours)It was like my whole body was "stimulated"... I could smell the "ink" or something in a magazine. My smell really heightened so that I couldn't stand to be around anything!!
    Also my head was splitting, almost worse than a migraine, I am assuming from the high BP. My doctor lowered my dose of Elavil, and Effexor XR... He gave me a "water pill" to lower my BP. Then he gave me Lyrica to help with the "nerve pain" I've had so much of recently. ( Random, stabbing pain, and "bee sting" caliber pain except what I imagine 100 bees stinging me at once. I've also had allot of foot numbness and neuropathy. ) Here's a new one to me... I've experienced a feeling like there was cold water trickling down my legs, the first time it happened I thought I spilled my drink !!! Then one afternoon driving in my car I felt a warm spreading sensation down below and I thought I wet my pants. Again I was amazed that although it felt like it, I hadn't, I was bone dry !!! Any one with experience with Lyrica ? I believe it may be similar to neurontin.
    Thanks !!!!!
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    I dont take the flu jag because it causes me to relapse.

    I've been given Lyrica by my doctor but I'm holding off taking it until I see how it affects the people here who've been taking it for a little while.

    There have been a few posts recently on it. If you put Lyrica in the search you will be able to pick up on them.

    That's a strange feeling to have, I have no idea what that could be.

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    Hi, I've been on Lyrica for 9 days now. It has caused a little staggering and a bit dreamy. The doc said I would have dizziness, but it's not really that. I think I feel a bit better, but I have to work up on the dosage. Next week I will be on full dosage. So I'll keep you posted. My doc's sister has fibro really bad. He put her on Lyrica and said she was like a new woman. Pharmacists said they had heard all good results! Also they said it was a better replacement for Neurotin (never tried--my doc said it would zap me). Also they said it didn't interact with other pain, sleep, etc. meds already taking.
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    hi susa . i took lyrica and my experience with it is answered in the above title "lyrica withdrawal" i answered that, before yours. i hope you can find it, and that it is helpful. but you know i am sure, that we are all different with our illness.and thus have different reactions, heres hoping that lyrica works for you.and yes it is in the same class as neurontin. i am so thankful for this site and that we are able to do this for each other. joanierav
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    3 weeks. I am on a low dose, which I believe needs to be increased, but it is helping. I am not in a constant state of fogginess. My pain has lessened some, unless a storm front is coming in. My scalp pain has greatly decreased. I like it so far. No side effects.

    God bless! Stephanie
  6. Alwaasbize

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    OMG - I can't believe what I just read ... I have the same "cold/hot water" sensations and my dr. thought I was nuts! I am so glad to read that someone else has felt them and I'm not alone! Now, if I can just get my extended family to comprehend fibro, I'll have it made! Well, that is of course if I find something to help my pain.

    Now for my newest symptom - anyone else feel like your muscles are constantly twitching? This is a new one for me. They wanted to do a LP to test for MS, but so far, I haven't let them. Was Also told I culd have lupus, but last year, the dr. said "It's only fibro!" Yeah, "only fibro" for him!
  7. fahan

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    seems like the pains and scarey, feeling bad and "what's
    going on" with our bodies ALL the time something.

    I've had that this past yr. quite a bit. The aweful, awful twitching really bothers me though!

    It's real bad so that I can't sleep even with meds because laying down seems to make it worse.

    I read just last week ( forgot the place) that it could be something to do with the heart/ blood pressure.

    Mine has always as long as I remember been low , so I
    was looking for an herb tea to help up my blood presure.

    licorce /root is the only thing so far but that has the opposite effect of sleep!

    That may be the burning/ freezing problem, I don't know.

    I really hope you can find SOMETHING to help you because I know you need it. sorry I can't help.

    Good Luck, fahan