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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Islebabe, Mar 28, 2007.

  1. Islebabe

    Islebabe New Member

    Has anyone ever experienced cold sores which I didn't know this until I researched it, but cold sores are on the outside and canker are on the inside of your mouth. And cold sores on the outside carry Herpes 1, so have any of you (if you wish to get this out it's no big deal but it is in the way of discomfort when you are already dealing with stuff.~~Islebabe
  2. GranmaBB

    GranmaBB New Member

    I've been getting cold sores for years now -just on my center upper lip.
    Get them when I'm really stressed.
    Since I've stopped working I get them much less.

    The best treatment for me is not to use any of the OTC medications - just use chapstick and not touch it very often. I learned the hard way that the more I touch it the longer it lasts.

    Also, I've never transferred it to anyone else over the years and I have a husband, children, and grandchildren.
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  3. Mini4Me

    Mini4Me New Member

    Been getting them for years. Hubby and I call them "Lippas". Boy are they painful! I use Abreva, it's expensive, but you can get it at Costco for a better price. It seems to shorten the intensity and duration of the cold sore. I only get them on my lower lip, and am so glad I don't get the "below the waist" kind!
  4. Islebabe

    Islebabe New Member

    I tried Abreva also, and you are right you don't get much for your money and we bought it hook, line and sinker and it didn't work. LOL! <sigh> Hard to get rid of.
    Doc put me on Famvir to see if that would help. Seems to be helping my tongue but so far not my outside of my face. Well a little bit. But I understand why people with shingles suffer after it's gone. On the left side of my face it's gone but it itches as bad as the right side that's still open a tiny bit. Apparently it comes down thru the nerve endings in your face they open at your mouth and the clear up and go back up the same nerveway to lie dormant until they wake up again. Always gotta be something going on! Blessings~~Islebabe
  5. pglt

    pglt New Member

    what works the best for me is once I start to feel it come on is taking L-Lysine like 2,000mg. If it there when I wake up, I put topical l-lysine on it. A few hours later I put rubbing alcohol on it to help dry it up and then the l-lysine cream again. Do that on and off until it clears up, which is usually 3 days.
  6. Kellyslaw

    Kellyslaw New Member

    Hi IsleBabe, as of the time of writing this reply, I have 2 cold sores (Herpes). One right inside of my nose (boy do they hurt) and another one on my right upper lip. I have looked like I have been punched in the face for the last 5 days. I have used an oral medication that my doc gave me and Zelnorm topically. They are drying up, but they are still sore and ugly.

    I began getting them about 17 years ago. I don't know why excpet my doc says my immune system is shot. I am scheduled to return to work on Monday, April 2nd and I really hope they are not as noticable by then. Vanity yes.

    Oh well, thanks for the chance to vent, your timing was perfect.

  7. cwj-tlj

    cwj-tlj New Member

    I take Valtrex 2 grams at first sign..ie tingling etc then 2 grams 12 hrs later. Never get a sore anymore. Works like a charm.
  8. Islebabe

    Islebabe New Member

    LOL~~What a title huh? I know there are others who want to speak about Herpes 2 and maybe one day there will be a discussion about that who knows?

    Someone mentioned that cold sores are Herpes1 and that is correct (WebMd.com). Cold sores are out and canker are in. Just remember that. So I suppose if you have Herpes 1 on the outside you can have it on the inside of your mouth as well?

    Who believes that if you have Herpes 2 you might as well get the clipboard an sign up for Herpes 1.?? Anybody? Does it work that way. Remember it's just a question, a hypothetical question.~~Islebabe again!
  9. Islebabe

    Islebabe New Member

    But Kelly, did they ever come out beside your mouth and cause scarring? Shew. Blessings~~IlseBabe

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