ok, Now what????? An Ulcer???

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    Well, on Friday, I woke up with a terrible pain in my upper right side, right under my right boob. Awful stomach ache, and nausea. Thought I was dying. My DH came home from work and took me to the ER. They did a ct-scan, and chest x-ray, and everything came back good. I've had this problem for some time now, but Friday, wow, i couldn't believe the pain. ER told me to follow up with a gastro dr. (which I will). He says I could have an ulcer. They say emotional stress can cause this, is this true? And Oh boy do I have stress......son disowned us (this is killing me), best friend died 4/28, struggling to keep our house, worrying about all my animals if we did loose the house, ALJ hearing coming up, and of course our good "friend" FM. thanks for listening. Hope everyone is having a good Sunday!!


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    assuming you do have an ulcer, it is not stress, my god doctors, please educate yourselves. probably the same bozos who think stress causes FM and ME/CFS.

    most ulcers are in fact due to a bacterial infection of the lining of the stomach. now of course excessive stress for too long is never good as this could depress your immunity and then increase your risk of infections and you do have a lot your dealing with. Hopefully you can try and reduce that stress load or if you cant reduce it then to try and better manage it.

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    Ok this is what the doctors prescribed for my sisters ulcer. Pepcid and Mylanta. The Pepcid stops the acid from being produced by your stomach and the Mylanta coats your stomach as it heals.

    A few years later I developed the same thing and I treated myself with the same protocol. I did go to the doctor and have some tests (abdominal ultrasound) to check out gallbladder and surrounding organs and they were negative so the next thing I guess was going in to look at my stomach with a scope. But I said to myself it's probably an ulcer like my sister so I just treated myself. I had all the classic ulcer symptoms. Waking up hungery in the middle of the night, eating then feeling sick to my stomach, stomach pains.

    Well long story short I healed the ulcer the same way my sister did. The only other thing I want to say is the thing that caused my ulcer was eating bread and anything made with flour which means I can't digest gluten very well. Never had a problem till I hit 45 years old. If I stay away from gluten my stomach is fine. I can feel the acid start building up and backing up if I eat to much gluten (bread, cookies, cake,pasta etc.) A piece of bread once in a while is OK but after about a week of indulging the acid starts building up.

    Gluten is also the trigger for my sister. As long as she stays away from gluten she is fine.

    Feel better.

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    are nasty. I have a recurring duodenal ulcer dx'd by barium scan or whatever they call it. Min came on slowly, I had no idea what it was initially as it felt like hunger! By the time I realized I needed to see a doctor, I really felt like I was dying from the inside out... only time I've ever felt literally like that despite my other medical "adventures" (mis-adventures?).

    Pepcid worked initially but then gave me problems. Switched to omeprazole (generic for prilosec). have had to go back on it every so often. Tagamet didn't work for me either. So everyone is different again, in what they can tolerate.

    In any case, YES get it dx'd with the barium or whatever, plus evaluation for h. pylori!!! TG for omeprazole and the rest, they do take the pain away relatively quickly (even tho they say it can take 2 days for omeprazole to work, it works within 12 hours for me)

    For H. pylori, there is a simple blood test. I've never come up '+' on 3 tests over 10 years, but wonder how reliable it is. On the other hand, my DH came up with 6X "normal" but no ulcer - he took the abx, retested, still had 3X the 'normal'. I'm beginning to wonder about it all, since as someone mentioned, it's supposed to be transmissable (makes sense).

    I've just done another course of omeprazole, and just found carafate - "old fashion" remedy that helps to rebuild the ulcerated tissues, in case you end up in my situation. Also L-glutamine & zinc are recommended along with DGL. I was just using extra L-glutamine with prilosec, i've found I'm better sooner... planning on adding the DGL which has helped before (waiting for shipment from US, it's not available in MX).

    Cabbage juice is also supposed to be good if drunk every day for 2+ months, tho I haven't tried it - supposedly for its antibacterial properties on one hand, perhaps for other things on the other. It's my next try tho, since it's a good veggie anyway.

    The supplements you could use with the usual rx's except the carafate unless it's taken on an empty stomach at least 2+ hours away from the med.

    Good luck, see a doctor right away!

    all the best

    PS-Sadly for me, being gluten free didn't help.
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