OK.....So I got some pictures developed.....check us out

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by kjade, Nov 10, 2007.

  1. kjade

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    Hi everyone-

    I had posted the fishing picture of my son and my nephew....I so appreciate your feedback on that pic...it means a lot to me.

    Since I was downloading all my pictures to my PC, I thought I would share another picture of myself and my daughter. This one is at her birthday party (it was a "princess party" and all the girls had to dress up as a princess.) We are on the left - she was Cinderella.

    That is one of my best friends since childhood on the right with her daughter. I thought this picture was so funny of my daughter - she is such a spoiled rotten little DIVA!!

    I'm a little nervous about everyone seeing me though, so I will probably just remove it - but for now, here we are!! :)
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  2. Denamay

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    So cute, thanks for sharing. Denamay
  3. sisland

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    Another Beautiful picture! you all look very happy! leave it up for awhile so everyone can meet you! Cute Girls!
  4. pumpkinpatch

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    I have a brand new Canon digital and I'm trying to figure it out. Question: What setting did you use kjade to get your picture so clear and focused? My camera was $350. and the quality is not near what yours is. I'm wondering about the settings. I usually just put it on auto.
    Thanks for posting. Hope you don't mind the camera question.
  5. boltchik

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    What a beautiful picture! Isn't it just the best to see your little girl playing dress-up! You all look so happy!

    I just started my own princess party business. It is such fun to take everything to the party and watch the girl's eyes light up.

    I got the idea from trying to plan my 6 yr. old daughter's birthday party this past April. No one had what I wanted locally, so I decided to try and make a go of it myself, I am having fun.

    BTW, that picture you posted of the boys and their fishing poles was amazing! Thanks for sharing it with us. Kim :)
  6. gardengirl12

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    what a great photo isn,t it great to have a little girl they are so much fun you all are lovely .now i can see why people say but you dont look sick.i love to look at photos keep them coming Linda
  7. kjade

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    Thank you for warm words. Yes I treasure these years - I look back at my oldest son's photos - he already has his big teeth - so sad because he had the cutest baby teeth. I adore him now, but he was just a baby yesterday. And my middle son is 5 - he is still at that innocent, sweet age. I want to just keep them where they are!

    About my camera - I haev never gotten into the digital thing - I have an HD camcorder that has a digital camera which I have used, but haven't figured out how to get those pics on the PC. I use the (old-fashioned) Canon Rebel camera. I love it. I paid close to $1200 for the camera and all the accessories. (over time). I broke the original lens, so I use my zoom lens (which is not always practical) - it takes beautiful pictures. I also just started buying high def film they sell. It is pricey but worth it when you see the pictures. I get my pics developed at a store that gives me a photo CD so I can put them on my computer.

    Every year, I put together videos with music of the entire year. This way, my children will have their lives on video so when they get older they are not just thumbing through photo albums, but seeing their lives to music. This is another hobby of mine - the video documentaries of our lives. I've even had people pay me to make them for their families. OOoops, I'm rambling now about myself - sorry.
  8. pumpkinpatch

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    thanks for explaination. Yes your camera with zoom takes beautiful pictures, and no you weren't rambling!
  9. tansy

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    but find it very difficult to buy in the UK; it's gone digital mad here.

    Thanks for posting your pic

    TC, Tansy
  10. 69mach1

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    don't be nervous on our part...

    if i could ever figure out how to do the pic thing i would.