OK, tell me this is not real..MYCOPLASMA=biological weapon!

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Plantscaper, Feb 6, 2003.

  1. Plantscaper

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    Have you seen this article on the internet?! It's called "Mycoplasma: The Linking Pathogen in Neurosystemic Diseases: Several Strains of Mycoplasma have been engineered to become more dangerous. They are now being blamed for AIDS, CANCER, CFS, MS, AND OTHER NEUROSYSTEMIC DISEASES... (see article by using keyword mycoplasma) Have you heard this before??!!!!!! AMELIA
  2. jeannedanna

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    in fact my herbalist gave it to me to read and you know what I kinda believe it...cjd
  3. Mikie

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    I've seen a copy of one of the patents and read a lot about the coverup, including the threats to Dr. Nicolson who discovered the connection of mycoplasma infection and Gulf War Illness.

    The mycoplasmas that make us so sick do not appear in nature; they were bioengineered for germ warfare.

    Love, Mikie
  4. tandy

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    I just recently started researching mycoplasma,and microbiology.(just curiousity I guess) I read this article in its entirety and it blows me away!!!to think that we are used as experiments!! I am not finished with this subject,I'm gonna dig deeper~It has pissed me off!!And its very scary stuff!! I just briefed my boyfriend in on this info,he's a non-believer.He thinks its a bunch of bull!! Personally I don't~When he has a little time on his hands,I'll have him read the whole thing for himself~
    Its no wonder the world is as bad as it is today!!Lots of evil going on!!Here and all over the planet~
  5. jeannedanna

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    we are trying to protect ourselves....remember they are out to kill us ....!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Plantscaper

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    I intend to find out as much a I can about this subject because this should be the basis for the government helping us get well and quit blaming us for our diseases!!!!
  7. Kay2

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    that this is why the government wont give funding for research on CFS OR FIBRO.
  8. Combatmedic

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    There isn't a whole lot of people you can talk about this with, most will look at you like you have lost your mind. But, we talk about it together. Of the four people in my family that went into the different branches of the service, the only one still in is one male cousin in the AIR national guard. The other three, myself included, are DISABLED. Two with Fibro and other illnesses, one (29 years old!) with Parkinsons disease, and suspected to have fibro.

    Grrrr Grrr Grrrrr!

    I DO know that after I went into the gas chamber, on the 11th day of basic training, I had a 17 day period---when previously, I had NEVER had ANY irregularity. (funny, now I have abnormal bleeding, ovarian cysts, etc...)

  9. genevieve

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    Has anyone managed to get hold of Donald Scotts book on all this and if so is it good and worth a read?

    With lov,