OK, this is a humbling day for sure....

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    Hi Everyone, Well, I had been puttin right along feeling rather happy with myself that maybe I have finally found some things that are keeping my system lined out and then Boom! Here I am it is 1pm and I have finally suceeded on my 4th try at getting up. BUT, I feel like a Mack truck ran me over. My head is pounding I am half sick to my stomach and feel so weak I am shaky. So, is this what happens to you? I had been feeling a little more stable lately but ouch, this doesn't feel to good. I have never had anyone to tell this to before that might understand what is happening, so thanks for being here. If you have any suggestions I would love to here them, I hate giving into this! HUGS to all.....Jyn
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    Yes believe me I know how you feel. Every morning I feel like a mack truck ran over me. I don't have very many days when I wake up feeling otherwise. I wish I knew what to tell you that would help. The only advice I can give you is to just make yourself get out of bed and move around. I know its hard to do but usually I start to feel a little bit better but not until I have taken something for pain to take the edge off because all my doctor will give me only does that and not very well. I do lay down during the day because sometimes I feel like I just can't keep going but i know I have to make myself get up or else I would stay there all day. I hope you get to feeling better soon. Maybe someday there will be a miracle drug for us I sure hope its soon.
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    Hello again I had just replied to you and I meant to tell you I have that shakey feeling a lot especially when I first wake up. I found the only thing that helps me is Klonopin. It was a lifesaver for me . I have been on it for several years and ot still wors wonders for my nerves. I haven't had to up the dosage since I started taking it which is unusual because most medications stop working after you have taken them for a while. It is an anti anxiety medicine and it is also given to people for seizures. I do not have seisures but I belive people with Fibromyalgia do have a seizure like activity in there brain and this medication seems to help this.

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    It just helps me to know that this is real and not in my head as everyone has suggested to me for the last 4 years. Althought they never had an anwer for the blackouts short of insuating it is my pain meds. So now that I have cut way back on those leaves them speechless. AND, YES, I always make myself get out of bed because as you say , to lay there just makes it worse. However, I went back and laid down to give these meds time to kick in but I still have a horrid headache! Oh well, it is a beautiful day and I have errands that I have to run so I better do the "Fake it til YOU MAKE it" thing. I have taken the Klonipin as well but it makes me so drowsy I hate to take it. I have had better luck with Zanex for the anxiety but it doesn't have any pain relief factors in it so my pain management dr. can't prescribe it to me. But, I guess I should try the Klonipin again, it may just help with this. Thanks for the help, it is always so nice to have feedback! HUGS and have great day.....JYN (pam)
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    I'm sorry you're getting hit so hard with a flare.I'm also sorry to have to say that days like that will come.Thankfully I don't feel that bad every day.Hopefully you won't either.It does help just to be able to talk to someone that does understand how you feel.This site is a blessing.Sending you soft{{{{{{hugs}}}}}} for an aching body. bejo
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    Just watch out for those days when it feels more like a train hit you!!!! But everyone is right the sooner you bite the bullet and get moving the faster the worse of that mack truck feeling will subside. You are still not going to feel like dancing but the worse of it will get better. I find that I do better if I have an appointment or commitment that I have to get up for because then I am forsed to start moving and then I get it over with faster otherwise I set here with my head in my hands feeling sorry for myself. I agree though that getting up in the morning is probably the hardest thing I do all day, most days ((())) Shirley
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    Hi. Sorry to hear you are feeling bad too. I was great yesterday and took note of it for sure. I woke up this morning with a stabbing pain in my upper chest through to my back. Well I was in the er once for the same thing so I thought today I will just bear with it. So I have spent most of the day surrounded by heating pads hoping tomorrow will be better. I too find the Xanax helps with the anxiety but not the pain. We always have the hope tomorrow will be a better day. Roberta
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    Hi JYN! I wake up like that most mornings. I find that if I possibly can I do some stretching of legs & arms (which also stretches the back & chest) before I even get out of bed; it helps the Mack back off a lot faster. Sorry you're feeling so bad today. Just remember, we all know how you feel. The sooner you make yourself get up & get moving the better you'll feel. I know - easier said than done.

    Here's hoping tomorrow brings you a better day.......Kathi
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    Thanks everyone for the backup, for some reason reassurance is worth its weight in gold. AND, you are all right about the getting up thing, I have taken notice to that on many occasions and once I discovered that biting the bullet and getting thru the just get up and do it part things will get better. This day was just one of those I Had no control knock me on my butt things but I got thru it. Today I feel leftover from it but I am much better!!! Thanks so much everyone, I love hearing from you. Warm Hugs to you all.......Pam