Ok what didithat sandman put into my water?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by rosemarie, Nov 28, 2005.

  1. rosemarie

    rosemarie Member

    NO matter what I have done today I have been so sleepy and would dose off so fast. And just as I thought I was alseep my body would JUMP and STARTLE ME! and I would be awake for a few minutes.
    I know that I should not sleep all day long but I so wanted to just do that sleep. And to not have to worry about the things I have not done today or should do today. I have a lot to do as my youngest daughter and her husbadn and my sweet grandbaby are going to be here for the weekend and I have not cleaned the room from when my middle daughter stayed here for 5 days, I have a bed to strip and make again a floor to vaccum and pick up all the things left on the floor becasue my grandson sleeps in a play pen. So there needs to be space for that.
    I have been so fatiqued all day long, and it is not like i have not done anything. I woke up at 7:30am and put a load of towels in the washer and washed them and then I loaded the dishwasher ,so by that time I was so tired that i needed to lay down to rest and as soon as my head hit the pillowon my couch I was off dozing again. I can't really say that I was alseep but I was not awake either.

    I then woke up and got the towels out of the washer and then put in a load of whites, and put the towels in the dryer. Soon I was achy and tired and my back was aching so much and was really causing me so much pain that I laid down for a rest.

    Next I just dosed off and on and all of a sudden I was aide awake and I started to clean my kitchen and put the dishes away and then I folded up the towels too. Then I went down stairs to put the whites in the dryer. Walking up & down the stairs was getting to me , making my knees hurt alot and I was hurting deep into my thighs you would have thought I really walked alot today.

    And the thing that really upsets me aboaut being so sleepy and wanting to sleep , I dosed off and slept threw the times when I should have taken my pain meds and I didn't take them like i should have. My body is just strange adn a pain to for me. I am so tired of being sleepy , in pain and fatiqued, feeling like I have over done it when I really have not done that much. I have been so sleepy all day long and I don't want to be that way, I just want to be albe to get up and do the things I need to do but I can't get it all done. I am frusterated that I can't do all that I want to do things.

    ONe day I will have to do all the things I want to do and i know that it is not going to happen anytime soon. I want to be normal , am I going to be NO way. I want to change how I feel. I want to be me again and that is not going to happen if I keep having days where I am sleepy all day long. What am i going to do? Why am I so sleepy all the time. I know that sandman slipped something in to my water so that I would not be albe to be awake.

    Oh well I can't change how this dd makes me feel and I know that it does make me tired all the time and I hate it so much. And when i find that sandman I am going to choke him. HE is the only person I tink would make it so I would sleep all day long LOL.

    Take care and have a good night and I hope you sleep well,
  2. lovethesun

    lovethesun New Member

    It drives me crazy.It seems to go away after I have my sleeping pill.......Linda
  3. rosemarie

    rosemarie Member

    MY 8 month old grandson has been wheezing for months and the nurse would tell my daughter it was alergies and he would always have a green mucus in his nose and i was taught that that was an infection.

    And now the baby is really sick he has a fever of101 and won't eat and will just cry adn is so croupy that it is getting really bad for him to breathe and he is wheeezing badly all day long so my daugher has made a docotrs appointment for the baby to find out what it wrong with him , it is not just the things that happen when they are teething as my husband thinks.
    LIKe he would know he was not aroud when they were teething the oldest would always get a ear & sisus infection with evry tooth that came in adn the doc would tell me that it was not because of the teething but it happend every time.
    So if the baby is feeling good i wil have fun with him and my daughter is going out with some friends wand wa sgoing to get a sitter sa I can't lift him alot but she feels it woulnd be better if he stayed here with his grandma and let him sleep on the floor and not to take him to a baby sitter.

    And then we hae had a friend who left her 18 monrh old son with a 23 year old sitter adn when she camne to get him he was sleeping and that was not nromal and the sitter said that he fell off the bed and landed on a toy and in the car the girl noticed the smell of vomit.
    She got him home and could not get him to wake up so she took him to the local hospital and the doctors said that his inststines were ready to burst and he was lift flighted to primary children hospital.

    The doctor there told this poor mother that to have the injuries that this baby had is was if he had been dropped off a five story building he was beaten almost to death and was left in a room screamming and she left the house with the other kids she tends and just let him cry, He could have died with what she did to him .

    The sitter later told the police what happened , he would not stop crying so she hit him and kicked him in the ribs and stompedon his abdomen and really did some damage to this baby. They ahd to open him up so that the release the intestine so that they would stop . They have tried to close up this huge wound but the still swelling is still too much for them to close it all the way, it sickens me that she left him in a room to die screamming in horrialbe pain as he has shattered ribs and so many injuries that it is a miricle that he is alive .

    So please pray for Ryker so that he may have a chance to live a seminormal life. PLEASE WIL YOU BUMP THIS TO PAGE 1 so that all may read about this and pray for this little one of gods babies.

    This has affected my daughters so much , the one with the baby she will never let a out side of the family baby sit him from hearing about this.The two oldest want to help find a way to set up a fund to help pay for his medical bills and some thing else so tht the family can survive and live as his mother has had to quit her job to be with this baby.

    I want you all to know that i am so blessed that my girls were healthy and so loved and no did them any harm , I am so blessed thta I hae a greandson that is healthy and loved and have parnets that would never hurt theire son by kickinghim to stop his crying just hooow stupid is this woman anyway. YOU pick up a chaild and love them and hold them and make them feel that love and not hurt them when they cry.
    Please can someone explain to me how and why could she do this to a baby? I just don't understand how anyone could hurt a baby of 18 months old like she did becasue he was crying and would not stop did she think if she kicked him he would stop crying . What did he do to desereve this kind of treatmenet he is a baby and does not understand why he hurts and no one can pick him up yet. Please pray for this family and this baby.

    LOve to you all, HUGS TO YOU .
  4. 69mach1

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    that was a depressing thought on the poor 18 month old...it nearlymade my cry....did this woman get any time in prison? hopefully required to take baby sitting classes and cpr, anger management, parenting classes and of course a psychiartist and a pyhcologist...what in the heck was she thinking...

    sorry to hear such a story...i hope they tie her fallopian tubes so she can not conciece, well instead a historectomy...
    sorry that is just stupid what that women did....

    well this originanlly about you rosemaire,,i wish your sand man would come to my house tonight andbring me some of his special sand or dust i don't care what it is at this point....

    i've been ill with a upper resp. infection since turkey day...i had to cook and burn my hand the evening before so i could sleep at all, so i took some dilad they gave me for my shingle pain...well that do help at all just constipated me for a week...

    how you have been feelign is what i have been going through for many months...so i am supposed to start taking concera er, long acting form of ritalin. so it will give me energy...then maybe enough to make me go back to the gym and work out to stay fit...well i need to get there first...

    i have been cymbalta and all it did was make me what to sleep all of the time......i understand what you mean, i would do my dishes in my dish washer and had go lay down on the couch and thne nod off in there snoring away....it gets too paonful to be on my feet at time....

    well you are such a great grandma for helping them out...i can't for the day my son gets married and has children ..he'llthen gai that respect of me raising him even more so...he will be great father, he know the resposibilites of child support and he knows what that made him feel like when i was getting the money for 3 years....he used charities for foodd and to get hlep with our rent, we got help with meals..

    it has all worked out ... this year i need to give a little since i finally recieve ssdi and i am in current status...

    iwould like to do something special for a child of a disabled parent,

    anywyas i foung my self sidetrack here...i think it is wonderful you are babysitting you you little man...

    take care of yourself and tell the sand to give jodie the specil exta dust....


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