Ok, who else has weird experiences with the unknown/spirits?

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    I have been having really strange visitors if that's what you want to call them. My dad's g/f passed away about 5 months ago and I think she is around and wants us all to be aware of it.

    I was in the living room of her house where she passed. It was her daughter and I. We were talking and all of a sudden the stereo came on by itself and just started blaring music out all by itself.

    Then another night we were in the living room of her house and the ceiling fan was running and the string that you pull down on hanging below it started moving outwards just like someone had a hold of it and was moving it around and no it was not the regular swinging move that it usually does.

    We were all eating and we just stopped and sared at each other for a few seconds and we were so shocked that we just sat there for a few min. trying to figure out what reached out and grabbed the string hanging from the fan.

    Also, the other night I was sitting by our x-mas tree and I heard this swish noise and I thought to myself what in the world was that almost frightened to even look, but I did and a limb on the tree was just a swinging and did for a few seconds.

    There were no ornaments or lights on the tree, the tree was bare. I just sat there and thought, oh my what in the world was that.

    My dad has also had an experience also. He was in Wal-Mart one night. It was a Wal-Mart that he and she would always stop at together. He was on an isle trying to find some mouthwash when all of a sudden something just jotled his cart. He thought to himself who in the world has just rammed my buggy so he quickly turned around and no one was there at all. So then he walked around to the other side of the isle and no one was there either.

    Then he noticed a bottle of mouthwash in his cart. It had somehow fallen off the shelf into his buggy. What is so strange is that he said he was parked in the middle of the isle at the time. That is what the big jolt was that he felt. He really feels as if she were there and knocked this mouthwash into his buggy on purpose. He is one that does not believe in this kind of stuff, but he is beginning to change his mind now.

    So anyway, I really feel as if she is right there with all of us and she makes it very plain that she is there.

    Anyone else ever have simlar experiences like this?

    Please share!!!!

  2. Kimba4318

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    Wow - Kriket... I am very interested in this stuff. I have some about my gramdma, I will post when I get the energy. SOunds like she is really trying to send a message - wow.

    Alisha - I am so sorry you have been thru all of this. I tear up just thinking about you and your experiences. I am so glad you had these confirmations and so sorry for your losses. My goodness... You have been thru so much. You seem to be such a strong woman...God love you for that. Thanks for sharing your heartfelt story.

    Hugs to you both.

  3. kriket

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    I know there are more of you that have had weird experiences.

  4. gnanny

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    I have had a couple. I find them soothing and not frightening. Once I was sound asleep and the phone rang, I answered it and had a short groggy conversation. It wasnt until my caller had hung up did it dawn on me I had been talking to my dead Grandfather. I was skeptical. He had been gone for quite awhile so I had forgotten some of the small oddities in his manner of speaking. As much as I tried to tell myself it was a dream I knew it wasnt really.
    My Gram was beginning to show signs of dementia and was putting herself at risk. I think my Grandfather was trying to get my attention to help her.

    Our house burned to the ground 2 years ago. We have built a new house and have refurnished it. Some things we brought in were antiques.We had no odd goings on in the old house but with this one we have lights that go on, a doorbell that rings all by itself, the phone acts up and my grandaughter caught sight of a man with a hat and beard outside my husbands den. I didnt see him but was standing opposite of my grandaughter and saw her pale and bolt in fear. She was only 4. I would guess that we have brought him in with some item we bought.

    I had never heard of the possibility of bringing in a spirit if out drinking. Thats a new one to me.

    I find it interesting, not necessarily frightening.
  5. Hawkeye

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    I owned a home for 16 years that had a "spirit" in it. I always saw him in the basement, when I was doing laundry I would see "him" in the corner of my eye watching me. It was not ever a frightening feeling but there was no dought I was not alone in that basement.
    We moved out of that house in 2003 and my oldest boy was 18 and my youngest boys were 12, we were talking one day about the old house and one of the boys piped up and said "I think that house was haunted", the other 2 boys chimed in that they agreed. I asked them what they saw or felt and they described in detail exactly the image I saw. I had never told them because I didn't want to frighten them. That really freaked me out!
    I then told my parents about that conversation the boys and I had. My parents and I are very close and my dad said "did you notice I didn't come over to your house very often the last year or so that you lived there?" and I had, he said that he always saw that image and was very creeped out by it, it made him very uncomfortable.

    So........I have no idea who this person was and why he was there but that is my story. He didn't follow us here so he definately must live in that home. I often wonder if the new family that lives there has experienced seeing the ghost yet.

  6. kriket

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    I do have and use her brush that was hers. She always had trouble with her girls wanting to use it and not put it back, and anyhow, I ended up with it. What is kind of creepy is that sometime before she died, she had written with a permanent marker "Tonja's Don't Touch" I feel kind of weird when I pick it up and use it.

  7. gnanny

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    Rang the doorbell again at 5:55 a.m.

    This time I didnt even get up and look.
  8. kriket

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    Oh well. They probably just came right on through the door anyway!!! LOL

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  9. wish_to_be_healthy

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    I've tried to ignore it, so it would bugger off...
  10. Cindyvr

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    I use to see a little girl standing in the hjall outside the bedroom door. She would run when she knew she was spotted. If we were all downstairs we could hear someone walking upstairs or doors slamming. If we went and looked nothing and all the doors were open.
    Another time I saw an old man outside and he kept motioning for me to come out. I got scared and wouldnt budge. I finally went and got my sister to show him to her and he was gone.
    We would hear something trying to get in my brothers window at night or something sitting down on the bed with you. If you looked you could see the indintation where they were. It wouild go away when they got up.

    My Mom passed away in August but You can still feel here in the house. She has even visited my Dad. He said she was standing at the end of the bed and telling him to hurry up and get dressed she was waiting on him. He said he got up and got dressed and looked in every room of the house.
    She has even knocked the fly swatter off the wall in front of people and she takes things and hides them. When you tell her ok put it back cause I need it she does.

  11. sisland

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    Interesting and Fun to Read! My Mom Passed away in August 2003 of Ahlzimers Diease,,,,,,,I Feel Her Presence alot Especialy when i'm in the Kitchen Baking or Cleaning ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,2 of Her Favorite activities!,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Also Feel Her Presence alot around When I'm at My Dads House! She Loved Her Family With All She Had and worked very Hard at making sure everyone was taken care of!,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,S
  12. atiledsner

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    I went to a physic once and she told me I had a gift.She said you have the choice to acknowledge it, accept it, develope it or let it lye dormant.

    When i went to rehab for job training after an accident.They gave me a test to see what I would excell in.The 1st thing that came up was physic, they didn't even know that was an option.It was the first time this had ever happened.

    I had several experiences before the physic reading.At first it scared me.

    One thing that happened was that I started a business and it was going real well.I had worked until 11:45 one night.Fell into bed exhausted had a dream then woke at 12:30.In the dream my parents were in danger.

    I will tell you more later, company's here.
  13. atiledsner

    atiledsner New Member

    I said that I dreamed that my parents were in danger.I called them on the phone. Mom was up reading, I told her to be sure all her doors were locked.In the dream they were not.

    I asked her how she was feeling, she said she couldn't breath well.Dad was asleep.I told her I had a dream and was concerned about them.She said she didn't want to here about my crazy dreams.

    Mom wasn't my best fan.It was taking a chance to even call them in the middle of the night even if it was to check on them.

    I asked her if she wanted me to take her to the doctor. She said no.I told her to be sure and keep the phone by her if she needed me she could call.

    I can't exactly explain how I start feeling, but it's like electricity going through my body and I can't seem to be still.

    I got up to go to my Mom's house but was going to call her first.All the phones in my house were dead.

    I got dressed and went to her house.Door was unlocked just like in the dream.Mom could hardly breath. I saw a cross across her body and knew that half of her was dead.She still would not go to the doctor.I prayed for her.

    They went to church Sunday but couldn't stay.The next day she had a doctor's appointment.She had to go to the ER. They had to give her 5 pints of blood. There's a lot more to the story, I'm just to foggy tonight to write it all.
  14. atiledsner

    atiledsner New Member

    in his home.I kept feeling a presence of a little girl an older lady and an older man.I could feel the little girl, an every once in a while she would play around me giggle and peep around the door facings like she was shy.

    She always had a dress on,shabby with the bow untied and hanging down.The older lady was heavy,hair pulled up and very cheerful.She was active too. The old man gave me a feeling of comfort, acceptance and very loving.

    I believe he smoked a pipe.

    The house was out in the country, two big trees in the front yard, one on each side of the walkway.A feeling of safety always came over me every time I walked between those trees.

    I told the man I was working for about the spirits.This was his summer home and he wasn't always going to be living there.Just part of the year.

    He asked me if I would go meet his cousin.I did, she told me of a frail sickly little girl that this older couple had adopted years ago and they lived in that house.

    He was astounded, he had not even known of this. I felt I should tell him that if he ever got into trouble he would find safety in that house.
  15. kriket

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    Bumping for more stories.
  16. AnitaG4

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    I've had numerous visits from my mother who passed away in 1994: I had a clock on my dining room wall. The clock hung an a screw, the only way to remove the clock was to lift it up and off. On Mother's day I arrived home after visiting my in-laws and found the clock broken and laying in the living room. The time had stopped exactly at the time my MIL said she missed my mother. My mother and my MIL were not on speaking terms when my mother passed away.

    We bought a new clock that had a pendulum and hung it on the wall. My husband looked upward and admonished my mother not to break this clock. On Easter, the pendulum stopped swinging, the clock kept ticking. I had visited the cemetary Good Friday and asked for a sign from my mother to let me know that she would be with us on Easter. The pendulum stopped again that Christmas. The second time it happened a couple of years later on Christmas, my husband said he would believe it if the pendulum would start swinging again on its own. On Christmas Day night, I was listening to a Christmas song that always reminded me of my mother. I looked at the pendulum clock and saw the pendulum swinging! We had placed a chair in front of the clock so no one could have access to the clock, also, we were in the dining room all day - no one could have touched the clock without someone seeing it.

    I've smelled my mother's perfume in a doorway, and it was gone in an instant. My sisters and I had walked into my mother's room looking for a dress for her wake. We had been in the room earlier, so we knew there was no smell of perfume in the room prior to that.

    I visited a psychic's seminar (about 200 people attended). A friend drove me there and paid for the tickets, and I reimbursed her in cash. I deliberately did not speak of my mother at the seminar. Near the end of the seminar, the psychic came to me and said things only my mother knew. At the end, when I thought she was done with my reading, she returned to my side of room and pointed her finger at me and shouted "Sophie!". That is my MIL's name.

    I have had so many more occurrences, I truly believe that they do visit us from time to time.

  17. SweetT

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    Scorpio's have natural psychic/intuitive abilities. I have a gift of reading people and seeing through people, beyond the obvious or hidden. Often, people are shocked at what I guess about them. Lots of people(mostly the fake ones) are uneasy around me because I tend to look at people as if I can see right through them. No, I don't stare, but their airs or quiet or unusually loud ways don't fool me either.

    As far as spirits, no contact but sometimes I can sense 'something', which makes me wonder if someone died where I am.

  18. IowaMorningGlory

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    From the first month we moved into this house we knew we had a "friend" who live here too.

    He visits on the 31st of months only, so in months without 31 we do not see him. He is especially strong in April. I believe one night when he stood over my bed he spoke his name was Jim.

    We all believe in him because we have all experience something from him.
    I was cutting meat off a ham bone one night and go called away, so I stuck the knife in the home (like I always do) When I came back the knife was laying safely on the counter. (I said thank you to Jim for his concern). My husband has felt and seen his prescense at the foot and beside the bed on his side, as well as I on mine.

    The kids seen him open the freezer door on the refigerator and shut it one day after they came home from school. They laugh and giggle about "Jim" to their friends but only in a most friendly way.

    Oh! our house..is over 120 years old...so someday I will look up some history on it to see who Jim could be.

    My first ever experience with the supernatural was when I was 10 years old and shared a room with my sister. I was the mistake in our family (an afterthought) if you would. Anyway my sister was much older and didn't usually get in until late. Well one night I thought my sister had played a mean trick on me because sometime during the night I went to get up out of bed and could not move, it was just like someone was sitting on my chest holding me down, I couldn't move my arms, I couldn't scream. I will never forget it for the rest of my life. To this day I cannot sleep with my head covered up. It was not my sister, or anyone else in the family..she didn't come home that night, and the only ones home were myself and my mom.

    These are my supernatural stories for now...

    Take care and Kitten Hugs,
    Blessed BE,
  19. mejlee

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    I have had too many experiences to type them all out! I have had several olfactory and visual experiences but I tend to “feel“ spirits more than anything.

    My first was when I was about 6 years old. My whole family (mom, dad, grandma, aunts, uncles, sister, cousins) were all at my grandmothers “friends” cabin. Everyone was sleeping but me (I never did sleep well.) when these two men came in with groceries. I remember thinking, “if they know I’m awake, they will tell my parents and I will get in trouble.” So I pretended to be sleeping until they left. The next day I asked my father who the guys were that came in with groceries last night. He answered something like what are you talking about no one came in last night.

    This is probably my favorite story because about 10 years later I learned that my father is quite psychic. In two of his houses he would have conversations with the spirits that lived there. When step-mother had told me about this. I started describing the spirits I had seen in the houses and she said I described them to-a-T the way my father did. Thanks for letting me know we have the psychic gene dad… My daughter has the same thing. But she tends to attract animals that have passed away.

    My sisters house is hard on me both physically and emotionally. I new the first time went to her new home that it was haunted. I walked in the door and the hair on the back of my neck stood on end. Her house has at least one bad spirit and a couple of protector spirits. I didn’t tell her because I didn’t want to freak her out, but after about a year her and her 3 kids started talking about things that they were seeing and hearing. She has had her house cleansed twice, but they won’t leave. I can not go over there for more than three or four hours at a time because they drain my energy and make me feel very, very sad. The worst story happened a out 4 months ago. My 16 year old nephew called me on his cell phone crying while running out of his house. The bad spirit (who is an older male) had turned his stereo on twice, at full volume, when that didn’t scare him enough, the spirit started whispering my nephews name in his ear, and finally he shoved him from behind in an aggressive manor. That’s when he called me.

    None of the kids will be in the house alone. When my nieces are sick, they insist their mother bring them over to my house because they know if they are home alone he will start acting up.

    The weirdest part of this is that in this particular town there are so many houses that are haunted that almost everyone has a story about the ghost in their house. It is an old railroad town located on the Mississippi River. One of my nephew’s friends lives in a house that is on the haunted homes tour. He says that my sisters house is more active than his and thinks it should be added to the tour.

    And last but not least in my house I have two spirits that visit. One smells of lilac and one smells like (are you ready for this)TOAST! And no, I'm not the only person who has smelled my "toast ghost" as I fondly call him.

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