Ok who just beat up on my back & legs?

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    for the past few weeks I have had the worst case of a back ache. Your know the kind , where your low back feelslike it has been twisted and pulled and tied in to knots and if that were not enough I have some ok a LOT of siatica that is running from my back down my butt & into my thigh and on to my foot.

    I have spent many hours wondering why do I hurt like this? I have not lifted anything that I should not have { Well except for holding my grandson and walking around but I didn't pick him up just held him which could have been too much as he is a big baby weighs about 21-22 lbs} But it was after that visit this pain started, I thought it could not have been from holding the baby as we were only there for about 30 minutes and for me to get to hold me I had to get his grandpa to let go of him and let the grandma{me} play with him too.

    But did I really hurt my back that day? I don't know. All I know is that my back is hurting so badly that I really want to cry . I can't find a comforatable spot to sit , stand, lay down. All of it hurts. MY muscles feel like they have been tightened and twisted and they hurt,the paikn also goes from my back to my butt { I just sit in it and have not worked that region out for a long time } And it hits me thighs in a searing pain..

    So I am faling apart and my body is hurting so what do I do now? How do I make the pain stop? Yes I do have fibro, Chronic Meyofacial Pain syndrome, degenerative disc diease, spinal stenosis,bluging discs L4-L5 *** L5 -S1 , arthritis in my knees and my left wirst.

    So I have come to the conculsion that my body has gone on strike and does not want to work right. but I don't really know what I did to make my body hurt like it does now. I don't exercise enough but it hurts so badly that I am scared that it iwll madk=e me hurt even more.

    So what do I do? I am hurting because of the pain in my low back, thighs, & legs. I don't have a clue as to Why I do. I am so confused about this pain and I can't go to the ER as they don't like me because I take narctics and I take more than they are wiling to gibe to me in a shot so I am up a paddle. And I don't know why , when all this started , but I can tell you that it is getting on my nerves now and I only have one left today. I am so tired of this pain.

    I don't know if this pain in my back is from the fibro or the CMP. or any thing else, I know that I just hurt really badly and I want the pain to stop NOW. But I know that I am not liking this at all and I want it to leave me alone.So am I in a flare or am I stressing over the birthday in feb 18th 2006 I will be the "BIG 50 " Although I don't eally stress over that fact as no one believes me that i look even 40.

    I just want the pain to leave me alone and to stay gone for ever. But I know that it iwll not stay gone but I want to know who and why it is bothering me right now.

    Ok I will stop whinning about this extra pain I have now. I would now what this is happening to me and why i am in so much pain now,. I will qute beiing a boob about this , And stop whinning now,


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