OK who orderd the intence back pain leg aches?

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    I thought I was doing just fine till the weather changed and rain came to stay. It started over memorial weekend when I was up in the mountians camping, I slept in the trailer where even though it was rainning , I had blankets and sleeping bags and I was the warmest of all. AS long as I was in the bed. And then I would go the the tennt where they had a wood burning stove and I was warm once more.
    I had fun but as it was raining I didn't go out and visit many people. And the rain was making my aches and pains worse to as long as I could stay dry and warm and play with the grandbaby I was fine.

    Then we come home and it is HOT for a week and now after begging the hubby to put the swamp cooler on it , and he did last Weekend . You will never guess what the weather has been like. Rain and more rain.

    So I know that I should be in bed now but as my back is spasaming and my knees feel like someone has kicked them HARD, my muscles ache for reasons that I don't know of. I feel like I have lead weights on my body and it is hard to walk around. My wrist that I shattered 2 years ago is hurting more and more , it sends electical shocks up my wrist and in my arm to my elbow. And it burns and hurts to the touch. It gets the feeling of pins and needles being stabbed in to the wrist and it is really painfull to move my fingers to type.

    Bending my knees you can hear the CRACKEL of each one. They ache and ache all over. My back is feeling like some one has slugged me hard and knocked the wind out of me.
    This ache in my back is strange it hurts so deeply that it feels like it is in my bones and no matter how hot I get the rice bag the heat does not reach the painful spot.

    I am over emotioal and cry eassy and that just makes me mad, I am jsut hurting and I have reached the point of I CAN NOT STAND THIS MUCH MORE AND i DON'T WANT TO EITHER.

    I have a achey breaky body and I don't like it any more. I am tired of being tired and tired of this never ending pain. The aches that are so deeply embedded in to my muscles and feel like the pain is really in my bones.

    I go to stand up and I can't. AS my knee's are stiff as is my back. I feel like the tin man and need some oil to get me moving once again.But that is not going to happen any time soon. How I miss the days when pain was just a minor head ache that a advil would take away. When pain did not make you sick . And neither did sound. I miss being able to walk more than from the living room to the bathroom and back. And still having to rest once I get in the living room. This was not in the plan I had for my self.

    How tired I get when this pain comes in creeping along ,starting slowly just so you feel it. And it starts getting worse the more I try to ignore it. I some times this that Pain has a brain and it knows just when I can't cope any more. And then it shoots up my back and across my groin and in to my thighs and down my leg into my ankle.

    I tell the pain that it will not matter and it will not get to me but it does. I try to not think about it but it creeps in to my mind as the TV suddenly is louder than it was a minute ago. And the pain shoots in to my head and ears. OH darn this should just go away, I didn't ask for it to stay.

    So now that day has turned to night and I am still awake and it is far to late to take a bath or shower. EVen though I know that the water will not get hot enough to reach this pain in side of me ,that goes all the way down to the bones. I go to walk and it wfeels like I am walking on shards of glass , that is also hot and burning me too. Where did it come from? I wonder? I should be sleeping but instead I am weeping as this pain has gotten out of control once more.

    Well I can not take it any more so I mush find the pain pills that I have put away and take one more. How sick of taking them i am but when this hurts like this what can I do but find some thing that will eases this even if for just a while.

    I know I am beng a baby about this pain. But I have reached the point of NO return so off to take the pain meds I go. And then to bed to try and sleep.

    I really hate this pain, the feel of it as it take's my breath away when I stand up and walk away. So good night my friends , I hope your night is better than mine is.
    Take care of yourself.


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