OK Who turned on the "I need more sleep button?"

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    I thought I was doing just fine till I had this stupid tooth ache and abcess and had 2 rootcanals started and then finally finsished on Monday I have been given 2 scripts of a z-pack for the infection from the teeth abcessing. HOW FUN WAS THANT NOT !

    So I took the last antibitoic today. YEH!. But sicne this infection started I have been more tired than ever. I will get up and lay on the couch and just relax and before you know it I am alseep. The TV isone and I can hear it but I could not tell you what was going on.

    What is going on with me? Have I just lost it and started to flare from the infection? I have always been tired but this is getting riduculous. If I sit in a chair straight up I still will doze off.

    Before the fibro and the rest of this chronic pain issues I was not the morning person.But if i have to I will get up in the morning and stay up all day long and by night I am so tired that I can't sleep because I am just to tired. But I worked as a Dental Assistant for c lose to 16 years and was up at 6:30 am every day to get kids to baby sitters and school. And I could get up and it did not bother me. But I would go to bed early and not stay up all night like I seem to be doing now.

    I don't like the feeling of being so sleepy that the thought of moving to get up and clena the house makes me feel exhusted. But sicne this darn tooth ache andinfections from it I have been sleeping so much more during the day time. And I was wondering if that is normal? or am I just acting strange like I usually do.
    I don't really know who to tell a flare from being over tired. I have been hurting so much from the pain of the teeth that I wanted to scream but instand took my mnarcotic pain meds and advil too and that did help but I have found that when I take the advil and my MScontin I get really sleepy is this a "NORMAL reaction? I don't know.

    I just want to be albe to go to bed and fall a;seep and to stay alseep at night and I can't do that. I was in bed before 11:00 to night and I woke up at about 1:45and I still am awake. What can I do? I didn't do this before theinfections from my teeth but I sure do now. and I hate it and want to sleep like I should do.

    So I guess what I am asking is can aa infection make your body to tired taht you need more sleep and how long does this last? I know that both teeth had infection in them as I could takste it and they had abcessed too andit was nasty too. I caalled and was put on a Z-pak and that helped really well the first time and when I saw my pain doctor he looked in my mouth as I haaaad told him about the abcess's and they were still there so he had me take another dose of the Z-pak and I finished it today.

    I really want to understand what is going on with my body and why I am always so sleey and will dose off of fast. I know that infections can really run down your body but I didn't know thathavining a abecess can do the same thing.

    I feel so tired all day long and I will does off and on and no matter how hrd i try not to doze off in the day I will do it as soas i relax and I am not so happy about that.
    It in not nromal for me to want to sleep all the time and not want to go any where nad do things like getting a hair cut and do some painting and other tings I just don't have the energy to do anytningmore than doze off and if is frusterating my hubby too as I don't get the dishes done and dinner fixed as I really am so tired that i just don't care about it any more. I uesed dto really care and kept the house up and now I just want to sleep what is my problem?
    Even sitting here and typing i feel my eyes closing and I will star to doze off while I am typing how starnge is that.? And it is hard to be typing when I am sleepy. I really don't know what to do anyamore? How or what should i do ?

    I am getting really worried about feeling like this for so
    a long time and i don't know why I feel so tired . Any suggetsions for me?

    always sleepy { Rosemarie }
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    To rest so that it can fight your infection. Make sure and take probiotics when you are on the antibiotics too. Also, if you get tummy upset, take extra pottasium salts as in Pediolite of natural alternative. I just went through this. I am on the mend today.

    Give your body time to heal. We are not like others, these things knock us for six.

    Love Anne C