OK who was it that ripped out myhips at the sockets?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by rosemarie, Jan 23, 2006.

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    I want to know who else decided that they should just get one of those but trucks for construction sites they roll over the dirt and pack it and my back feels like someone has rolled over my back back and forth and then let this BIG machine sit rightover the small of my back/

    OK I do feel like some child has made me the barbie and tried to rip out my hips from their sockets and it really is hurting me. So if you will look for them and find them and make them stop it I would greatly thank you for the release of this intense PAIN I am in.

    I really don't get it , One day I am fine and not really in pain and then next day the small of my back starts to hurt badly, then it hurts when I touch it and it feels all puffy and hurts when the pants I have on had slipped down and are hitting that spot. And it really is causing me a great deal of pain but WHY what did I do to make me hurt like this?

    I am so tired of walking like an old lady , it is one thing to walk all hunched over when you have had major abdominal surgery which I have not h ad . Yet I am walking like that. And I really don't like it as it makes my knees hurt from walking all hunched over like the 90 year old woman. Why ME ? What did I do to feel like this?

    I hvae not cleaned the house up , in fact I really hate to admit it but the artifical christmas tree is still in it's box in my living room floor as I can't lift it up in to the space that we use for things alike that. I tried with all the ornements but the hubby jumped up and saaid " DON'T PUT ANYTHING IN THERE TILL I GET THE CHANCE TO CLEAN IT OUT.

    That was over 3 weeks ago and he stil has not even touched this area to clean it up so that everything will fit and that we can get rid of all the old christmas trees that for some reason my husband has bought over the years, but cna't seem to find the TIME to do that chore as he has much more important things to do.

    LIke playing sitting in his new half finished den that has his new viberating reclining chair and the bum keep the door locked so I can't sit on the chair .

    I know that it would help so much tonight but he is being stingy and said NO WAY you go your massager that is sitting on the couch and will massage you with a rolling motion or the shiatiu massage. it is just not the same thing as a heated reclinerthat has heat with it too. And mine has not got heat. And the heat would help to ease the spasams that have decided to make my back there home now.

    How rude of him not to share with me, it would not even matter as I could use it a bit during the day while he is at work and then he could use it at night and he could have it all to him self and so could I . And It would make my back feel so much better.

    I haev wondered if I should see someone for this added pain. But it is not like I just over did things and can just go to the chiropractor for the care. I learned after I had female surgery and had developed a hematoma that wasw 7 cm long 5 cm wide and 3 cm deep. During that time the docotr ordered a MRI to find out just what was going on with this hematoma and found that I have degenerative disc diease, spinal stenosis, 2 bullging discs at L4-L5 ** L5- S1 , arthritis in my back too .

    I am a bit nervous taht he wil either push to hard and make it hurt worse if that is possiable to do. But I am not one who is that sure of the chiropractor and his skills , I hvae gone to some adn they didn't do much but tell me to wear a incet in my shoes that did nothing. So I am unsure if I should see one and I am not sure that iit would be wise with all the things I have. Add to the things I said before, I have fibromyaligia, Chronic MEyofacial Pain syndrome, and chronic pain syndrome. Oh lets not forget that I shattered my left wrist a year and a half ago and it is still out of alignement and causes me a great deal of pain at times. And both knees have arthritis in them the osteoarthitis not the Rhemuitiod kind. And in august I had my gall bladder out for it was causing me a grat deal of PAIN.

    Needless I am a bit nervous to find some doctor to see if th ey can fixme. LOL I see a pain doctor adn it i see the chiopractor and tell him that I am on MScontin and MSIR I will get that LOOK " So you take pain meds do you ? If you would take my supplemtns all the time and buy them from me you would not need the pain meds at all'. But his supplements are spendy and not covered by the insurance medication policy and I would have to pay the HIGH prices for them.

    sO i REALLY DON'T WANT TO SESE HIM SO WHAT DO I DO? jUST ACCEPT THAT i WILL BE IN PAIN ALL THE TIME AND WITH EVERYMOVE i MAKE AND WHILE i AM WAALKING? I guess so , I am almost 50 and I am falling apart. I guess that I really need to go to a body shop adn jack up the glasses and have a total over haul and have every thing fixed from my spine, hips, knees, wrist and all the rest of it too .

    But I can't find one in my town do you know of one in your?LOL It would be so great if there were a human body shop that could just fix all your aches and pains and do a up great to. Just so that you would be able to wrok better.

    So I guess that I will just have to hurt and ache all the time or at least till this flare decides to leave me alone. So me and my aching back are going to go to bed now and hope that I can sleep all night. I Hope thatyou are not feeling like me and feeling better too. So have a good night and rest and sleep and feel better later on today.

    Mewell I will take my soma now and go to bed and see if it will ease the spasam in my back. Thanks for letting me whine and moan about me and all the pains i have. I try not to whine all the time.

    Good night Rosemarie
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    I hope you are getting a good night sleep right now and the soma worked. I am so sorry it is so hard for you right now. I know hubbys can be ****** I won't even say what. LOL! My Christmas trees are waiting to be taken downstairs. I have begged him for weeks to please take them to the basement for me. I am going to leave the ornaments on them and just put them in storage. The real tree that we had is laying out in the backyard and will probably be there next year. This year when my husband had to get the stand for the real tree all he had to do was step outside of the basement door and take the stand off of last years tree. I kid you not! LOL! He works hard at his job (on call 24 hours a day 364 days a year) but he is pretty slack at home. I just wanted to let you know that I know how you feel about the trees.

    I hope that you feel better soon. Please know that you aren't alone.
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    Hi Rosemarie,
    It just doesn't get better does it? I hate the comments made like....you are only as old as you feel and....age is only a number!!! Boy would I like to put them in my place for a week.
    I will pray for you. I am sorry about the added stress from your husband. Guess I am glad I am single...lol

    Nancy S
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    My first message. My doctor found that I am hyperflexible Ehler's Syndrome) and therefore have additional problems with the fibro. I often comment that someone was using my arms for a wishbone and noone won. Sorry you're feeling so poorly. I, too, get upset when my husband postpones doing things I can't do myself. They have their own priorities, that's for sure. Fortunately I have a very loving, understanding (I think) family who will help when I need them. Its unfortunate that I'm the kind of person who hates to ask for help.

    Good luck to all of you.

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    How awful for you that you are suffering! I am new to this forum and have recently been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. My advice on chiropractics is this- find a chiropractor that is Palmer trained. I have seen two different chiros that were Palmer trained as well as my father-in-law, also a Palmer method chiropractor. A good chiro will do a full evaluation before he even touches you. The adjustments will be gentle, but oh the relief!! There may be some inflammation after the adjustment, but that is normal & will clear up quickly with proper treatment. A chiro can also do electrical, or TENS, treatments which I have found to be highly effect for my fibro. One of the chiros I saw reccommends reading books by Dr. Andrew Weil.
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    Hi Rosemarie- I figure the same person who pulled your hips out also inserted barbed wire around my knees about an inch under the skin.
    I've had it for a few weeks now and could barely stand up anymore.
    Tonight I did that hot tub bath with lots of epsom salts in it.
    It is 2 hours later now and I actually have relief. The real test comes in the morning.
    I hope you can get over your flare soon.
    Blessings- Gwen
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    I am 28 years old, but sadly I know how you feel. I have that hip pain in the side and back daily. But Last week I woke up and almost collapsed when I touched the ground! My left hip felt like it had popped out of its socket. I had to sit on the stairs and bump down on my bump. I had to double my pain meds for a few days, and now it's back to the normal crappy pain. I have no Idea what happened! But it sure did hurt! Joy
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    HE has his chair and I have my massager that is on the couch and it has two different massagers in it the rollingone and the shietu{ not sure of spelling} He really would share it if I asked him to do so but I haev not done it as it was his cristmas presant, HE really is a great guy as to night when i was laying on the couch he walked up me and just took a hold of my ahand and held it and touched my fingers while telling me that he wants me to feel better and he is sorry that I am in pain.

    This may not sound like much but for a man who less tahn a year ago felt like when I said i had fibro . He would tell me that I was FAKING it to get attention and there was no such thing as fibro. So he has changed alot and he belives that I really am in pain and I see it in his eyes that he knows I really do hurt and he wishes he could help. It has been tough on him as he has not been one to ever have pain that he could not control and not think about it and now that he has diebities he gets pains and aches that don't go away as fast as he thinks they should. So I know that he is learning about fibro and how it works, I love him for trying to understand me even if he does not get it all. At least I know that he loves me and believes in me.

    HE is just picky about sharing his chairs and his presants and I Like to tease him about it.

    Thank you so much for your concern.

    HUgs to you all ,Rosemarie

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