OK, Why is it that when ever I do finally start to feel

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    Why is it when I finaly am starting to do more normal things like getting up earlier like a the rest of the wives do. I just get to where I think I can start to cut down on a dose of my pain meds something always happens and I can't.

    We sent out daughter off to Ct. to her job as a nanny. And I feel so lonely that she has gone back there. I already miss her. But she is 23 years old and is old enough to live on her own.

    I came home from sending her off to Ct. I started to clean up the mess that was left over from the holiday and having another person living here that somehow has forgotten how to pick up her things adn put them away. So since her younger sister and BIL & nephew are going to be staying with us this weekend I have the house to clean.

    So I have a house to clean. I started to clean this kitchen ,loading the dishwasher, cleaned off the counter, stove, and swept the floor. I thought I was doing just fine till I was sitting down for a moment and I touched a soft spot on my lower back it felt swollen and very painfull to the touch and then I felt the spasam starting and I just wanted to SCREAM!!!! I am so tired of having thhhis back pain but what can I expect with the degenerative disc diease , spinal stenosis, L4-L5, L5-S1 are buldging disc's, I have osteo arthitis in my knees wirst back, and no matter what I do pain will be a part of my life forever.

    There are so many things I want to do with my life but I can't because of the chronic pain issues that I have. They are not going anywhere and I know that. I want life to go on and gbe the happy person that I once was, And that to will not happen.Life has changed so much since the word fibro was introduced in to my life. Not that i am complainging but I get so tired of the fatique and pain and the aches so deep that make you want to scream But there is nothing that i cando aboaut it.

    Yes I have heard all the "CURESTAHT ARE OUT THERE",most don't do anything, and none of them "CURE it" that pain and fatique may ease for awhile but it walways comes back. I have heard of thediets that people are on no white bread, no sugar, so sweets at all, no milk, no red meat, limited fish, and they go on and on. But as soon as you go off them the fatique are back. LIfe will never be the same once that that monster called fibro has come intoyour life. It takes over everything that you do.

    I want more than anything to be cured form fibro but there is not cure for it onlyh being able to live with it and to do the things that don't make your symptoms worse. Fibromyaligia is a real problem that causes a great deal of pain and it does not go away.

    Fibromyaligia is something that stays with you and does not leave or so I hvae found. I have tried everything that I have heard about and this diet thing has heped some eople but iif you just eat something that is not on your list of food that you can eat you have to start all over and your body is hurting again and the fatique is back.. And not all things work for everyone.

    AS much as I wish they would.I am trying to live my life doing the things I can do , I try to not over do it although I often over do it. And then I pay for it. LIfe is something that I value and appericate all the blessings that I have. I am glad to have my grandsons and my daughters are such a blessing to me.

    I am greatful that I am here and able to do all the things I can and I exercise and even though they are short workouts, they only last all of 5 minutes and then i have to rest and I have to work at likeingmy self adn understanding the resasons I am in pain and learning to improve the things I can do and not over do it.

    So while today I am aching badly I wonder if this pain wil stay away from me. I want to be someone that is happy and liked and enjoy all the wonderful things I can do. with my life. I am thank ful for so many things that I can do. Having good friends makes me feel better and I am happy to be aboe to have some fun and enjoy my family.

    My life may not be like I wanted it to be. But it is better than some I know. I am learning how to deal and to cope with this fibro. I may never be the person I once was but I will always be me and be albe to do the things I want to do, I thank you all for your supporting me and answer my posts. Thanks for all thta you do for me.

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    Dear heart.....you are doing too much. You are trying to live normally. I gave up trying a while back and I am happier and at peace with myself. When I do this I also make my family happier as I am more upbeat and enjoyable.

    My pains are worse right now, weather changes. I am going to make appt. for some shots in my hips and shoulders so I can enjoy the holidays more.

    I also ordered a CuddleEwe a short while ago. I hope I enjoy it as much as others report. Good sleep is important.

    I turned our extra bedroom into my office and got a couch that makes into a bed. At the furniture store the sales person asked what I was looking for in a sleeper sofa....I said....."One that is comfortable for one to two nights and after that it is impossible to sleep on", she did not think my joke was funny. Oh well. Joke, yes, but I also was half serious!
    I used to have people dropping in and with their kids and they would want to be waited on hand and foot and fed three hot good meals a day and snacks and not help.

    So I have changed as I must not because I want to.

    New rules sometimes HAS to be made. Ones that really care understands and you still get to enjoy them.

    Not necessary your problem. But I see that you are trying to keep all so normal. I hope the best for you.