Okay finally got EBV results Help me understand

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    CMV IGG Antibody In Range < Or = 0.90
    < Or = 0.90 Negative-No CMV IGG antibody detected
    0.91 - 1.09 Equivocal
    > or - 1.10 Positive- CMV IGG antibody detectd

    A positive result indicates that the patient has antibody to CMV. It does not differentiate between an active or past infection. The clinical diagnosis must be interpreted in conjunction with the clinical signs and symptoms of the patient.

    IGM AB 3.80
    IGG AB 5.00

    (EBNA) AB (IGG)

    In range < Or = 0.90

    EIA value
    < or = 0.90 Negative-No antibody detected
    0.91 - 1.09 Equivical
    > or = 1.10 Postitive- antibody detected
    Suggestive of a past epstein-barr virus infection. In infants, a similar pattern may occur as a result of passive maternal transfer of antibody.

    Okay what the heck does this mean?
    Does this mean old, active, chronic?
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    everything that the result says. I'm not sure if this clerifies anything. My doc's nurse called and said the EBV was positive and definately have CFS and the doc is out of town for 2 weeks so I can't get any more info. Thanks for your help if this means anything?
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    He will be back 1/8/07. I managed to get an appt 1/12. I really thought that this was going to determine some big answer for me. I guess I had my hopes up that if this was positive than okay, this supplement regimen would work if it was negative then I keep looking for the right answer. I'm confused I guess about how all this works. I'm ready to just get on with it already. I'm tired of being tired. I'm tired of pushing so hard to get thru each day and having someone say, "what's wrong with you today? You look like you don't feel good." Understatement each time. By that point of not looking good I'm going down fast and holding on for dear life. I want to be able to stop it before it hits me. I WANT MY LIFE BACK!!! Sorry for the venting I know you are trying to help me understand. I guess the bottom line is going back to treating symptoms. And working each day to see what works. Thank you hon I so appreciate your input.
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    Yes I think you are absolutely right!!! Easier to read lab result would definately clarify things for everyone. But, I think you did one heck of a job. I think when my doc gets back in town he will say the same as you, that there is possible past exposure but, both positive results concurring that there is current infection.

    You are the research Guru!! I have been searching for days on EBV just to find myself chasing my tail. Since it has been exactly one year of onset I think that your conclusion of primary infection may be what I'm looking at and that past exposure may mean with in one year? I know I have to wait for my doc to get back but, your info helps me to put in perspective my Q & A session that I'll have ready for him. At least I'll have a base to ask the right questions.

    You both have been so incredibly helpful. I wish there was a way to thank-you other than words. My words don't describe the heartfelt appreciation I have. Please accept the gratitude from my heart to yours.
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    Okay, I took a another look at your revised results.

    This actually is the exact topic I've been trying to figure out over the past few days, and I'll try to summarize it in simpler terms.

    It seems like you have not been exposed to CMV yet.

    That does not mean that you won't get it, however. Wikipedia suggests that 50-85% of the population registers CMV antibodies by age 40. And in many cases, it is acquired without major symptoms (which means that you might get it without knowing it).

    It seems you have been infected with EBV at some point in the past.

    While it is possible that you may have cleared the EBV (and no longer have any of it in your body), getting rid of it is a difficult task even for normal people. Getting rid of CMV also is hard.

    CFS patients seem to have an even harder time totally getting rid of EBV and CMV than most people. This means that the chance that you still have some EBV in your body is relatively high.

    Both CMV and EBV viruses tend to hide in _great_ numbers inside the cells of CFS patients. The CFS patient's weak immune system tries to keep them under control, but has a difficult time doing this.

    It seems (although I don't have verification on this) that the strong efforts that the weak immune system makes to control the population could contribute to the CFS patient's overall tiredness.

    The CDC says that EBV rarely re-activates after several months in the body. This probably is true in most people. Usually if the EBV or CMV viruses move out of the cells, the immune system sees them and kills them off right away.

    However, a substantial number of people on this board have reported reactivation (which is measured by antigens in the blood) a long time after first acquiring the disease.

    This could be because CFS have larger numbers of the virus present in the cells than most people. If this is the case, these large numbers sometimes could overwhelm the immune system when they do emerge.

    This leads to two conclusions:

    1) Even though the presence of EBV antibodies (meaning past infection) does not signify problems for normal people, some physicians seem to think that treating it in CFS patients (e.g. with antivirals such as Valcyte, Famvir or Valtrex) may be helpful. I will be interested to hear what your doctor recommends.

    2) Avoiding being infected with CMV may be important for you. It is possible that the best way to accomplish this is to take good care of your body, so that it is in good shape to fight it off if it tries to get in. (Once EBV or CMV or HHV-6 is already in, your body may have an extremely hard time keeping it under control, much less getting rid of it).

    Does this make sense?

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    Do you think that is why my lymph nodes swell so badly? My body still fighting the damage of the EBV? Mostly one area my left neck and armpit is affected. Although CT scans showed enlarged nodes in upper chest area and pelvic as well.

    Do you think that there are other issues, or my body is just so depleted that this is it? If this is all I have to worry about... I don't know how other people that post here, live thru they're daily life with so many other issues. I've always been extremely healthy, this is blowing my mind. My heart is going out to those with so many complications.

    Other than asking my doc about the anti-virals and any other supplements, what kind of questions should I ask? I am worried about if any of my family members can be or are affected?

    Again thank you for your support and insight...it means alot to me.

    Hey Huck I'm gonna work on that better thing.

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    First of all, I’m confused that in the heading of your post you state that this test was for EBV. The first part of your post suggests to me that, despite whatever you thought you were getting, that your sample has been tested for CMV (Cytomegalovirus), and that this was by the EIA (enzyme immunoassay) method.

    This is further suggested by the fact that values for IgM and IgG are stated. The reasons that these values are relevant to interpreting your CMV status may be found at: http://www.med.yale.edu/labmed/virology/booklet.html#interpretation%20link.

    The interpretaion of the interrelationship is:

    IgM -, IgG + means a primary infection exists,

    IgM +, IgG + means a primary or reactivation infection exists,

    IgM +, IgG - means a past infection existed,

    IgM -, IgG - means no anti body exist,

    Both the Ig values you have given seem to me to be negative, so I would conclude that you don’t have CMV now and never have had it; that is, no anti bodies exist. Subject of course to possible false-positive results.

    Could it be that the reference to EBV at the end of your post is some pre printed text, that is, the form is used to report on CMV and EBV, but that no values have been entered because your sample was not tested for EBV. I couldn’t really say without seeing the form you have received.

    I am surprised that your nurse should appear to be able to tell you that you have CFS just on the strength of test results for CMV. Perhaps there’s more to what she said, such as your doctor asked her to say that?

    My understanding of EBV is that some 80 –90% of the population of the west would be positive for EBV anti bodies if tested. Furthermore, there is no such thing as being able to get rid of EBV. Rather that once we get it, and recover, we remain life-long carriers. And the way that this works is that the virus hibernates and wakes up occasionally to replicate before hibernating again. So this is clearly going on for most of the population, who remain symptom free, (lucky for them)! The trouble seems to begin when it wakes up and becomes more active (continuously) than necessary to replicate, thus giving us adverse symptoms. And that this activation is the viral load we can test for by PCR tests.
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    Swollen lymph nodes mean that either bacteria or viruses are being carried out of the body. If they're swollen for a long time, it means that there's some ongoing problem.

    Obviously, CFS patients get swollen lymph nodes a lot. I don't think anyone has figured out whether it's EBV and other herpes viruses that are the problem, or if it's something else.

    I have classic CFS in all other respects, but I have had only minor swelling of my lymph nodes (and that only at the beginning of my illness). I don't know how to interpret this, or at least I haven't figured it out yet.

    How long have you been sick?
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    thanks for your help. Two weeks ago, The nurse gave me a lab slip that said Epstein Barr virus. DX: Fatigue.

    Then she called this week and said, "your EBV came back positive and the Dr said you definately have CFS."

    So, I asked her to fax me the result and it says word for word in my post what is on the reslut.

    I thought because there were no values near the CMV info that it was printed as a standard...if it was checked, and that the EBV panel was the result. It seems like it's going to take forever until the Dr comes back in two weeks to find out what this means.


    Last December I got a flu shot and with in two weeks I became sick.

    I went to the Dr. I didn't have a fever, no cough, no sore throat, no spots on my throat, no bowel problems, no vomitting just a little nausea and very weak and exhausted. I felt shaky and like it took every ounce of effort to keep my eyes open.

    This lasted two weeks and trying to force myself some days to work 1/2 days was unbearable.

    I went to the Dr every week and after a month or so when the he examined me, my upper abdomen was extremely tender. He sent me for U/S. Result=Normal.

    I switched progesterone creams and felt a little better when I would drink Gatorade.

    In Feb, the ARNP said I had a heart murmer, (never had before) and sent me for a echo = normal results but, my upper chest and abdomen area was very tender during the test.

    I went to the Dr every week, had swelling in my hands and ankeles and by June, I had alot of pain in my upper abdomen and right rib area and they began to search my gallbladder. U/s, CT, UGI everything Normal and of course my bloodwork was textbook perfect for everything that they looked for.

    In July the left side of my neck began swelling and hurting with pressure no pain really, also my armpit leftside. I went again for a round of tests. I was sent to a Rheumotologist who looked at my records and said, " you were sent to the wrong specialty I don't deal with swollen lymph nodes please pay $100 and ask your dr where you should go."

    Well, I went to a ENT because it was neck related and between her and my primary at the time they suggested that, "Probably just stress or hormones, should go away on it's own with rest. Age may be a factor just slow down and loose weight."

    By this time I had been tested for Lymes, Catscratch fever, & Lupus.

    Finally in Oct I found a LMT who did lymph system drainage. Because my Chiropractor who I was seeing to relieve the rib and back pain said that the neck swelling and enlarged lymph nodes were not normal and suggested a LMT.

    My LMT has been Wonderful!!!!! She suggested I see the new Doc I went to two weeks ago who tested for the EBV and gave me a kit to send in for Mercury Toxicity. His theory, my body was unable to accept the mercury in the flu shot for whatever reason and so he's checking that.

    He started me on the supplements that I'm taking right now and my LMT gave me a couple of energy kick starters and pain relief methods.

    And this is where I'm at. 1 year and still feel like I've been hit by a bus and some days the bus is bigger than others and searching to find answers. I've stopped all the things in my life that create extra effort and try to focus on going to work every day and doing as much for my family as I can.

    Any suggestions on questions to ask or other stones unturned I'm a willing to listen. HIT ME!!

    Whew that took a while. Hope your still awake.
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    That's an "interesting" history.

    It sounds like from previous conversations that you have at least some CFS-like symptoms, although some of the ones that you mention in this last post are not necessarily typical.

    Have you read Teitelbaum's "From Fatigued to Fantastic"? That might give you a sense of how closely your illness seems to be related to CFS, as well as point out where your trouble spots are.

    Once you figure that out, you can start chipping away at them. I've not found many (or any) people that have had one thing work for them. Multiple things seem to be needed.

    Unfortunately CFS (if that's what you have) doesn't just go away, but it's possible to get a good deal better fairly quickly. Getting as much knowledge as you can upfront is really important, though.

    The fact that the folks here have found it difficult to interpret your test scores for the EBV is consistent with my readings that the vast majority of doctors (even ones who are trying really hard) aren't able to do it very well either. It will be interesting to hear what your own doctor has to say.[This Message was Edited on 12/30/2006]
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    Do you think that there is a possibility that I don't have CFS and maybe I'm looking in the wrong direction and should be aggessive with my dr to find out what the real problem is? Any idea's on what to ask the Dr?

    I'm pretty sure I know I don't have FM because I really don't have pain. I have major stiffness and achyness in my ankles, feet, toes, fingers, hips mostly joints but not major pain, just sore and stiff. None of the trigger points anyway.

    I feel bloated or full of water everywhere, like I'm holding everything I take in.. In. I tried the Ultimate cleanse and it backfired. My LMT did a abdomen massage and said my Iliac duct under my colon was hard, not to mention sore and she said it could be inflamed and stuck open allowing matter to sit in the duct. She massaged it and it was softer and not so painful. It did help undo what the ultimate cleanse created.

    My lymph nodes are crazy big. Not all the time but, they get full and you can see the ones in my neck,.. that's how full they get. My LMT says she's seen people with lymphedema and I do not have that. She said my lymphs are working to get rid of something not sure what or where.

    In the meantime I just want to sleep and sleep and sleep. And somedays I'm just so weak. I get very shaky not really dizzy but, unsteady like after you throw up that shaky unsteady feeling. If there are other area's I need to look I'm ready to do whatever it takes to get back to normal. Thanks for your help. Looking forward to any new idea's you have.

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  12. ANNXYZ

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    after four months. You might also want to consider
    researching gldenseal, and andrographis , botanical meds with anti viral properties . Lots of lyme patients buy thru 1st Chinese Herbs .

    Stephen Buhner's book " Healing Lyme " gives great details on herbs or plants that can be safely used ( and have been studied and used in Europe ) to combat difficult infections.

    I find olive leaf extract and goldenseal really helpful
    with cols or chest infections. Andrographis has impressed me with the remarks ( positive) of other lyme folks.

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