Okay I'm done with Doctors (RANT but not about DR.s )

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    Every time I go to a doctor something new is discovered. Went to rhuemy and was told that what i was feeling was not fibro but something else and he was not sure of it. When I was told that I had to do a cat scan told my mom then that they will find something both for my head and my back. Head wasn't too bad it was just a thicking of my sinuses and anti-biotics cleared that up. As for my back I was told that I needed to go to a pain clinc in Mercy Hospital in Des Moines. Seems the cat scan showed a bulging disk that turned out to be a hernated disk. Had to have a shot of strong steroids injected into my spine so was very glad that I choose to take the IV cause don't know what I would have done without it. Oh at my last rhuemy test I was also told that I had brusitis on both of my things and since it was going on six months all I could do is take more pills. The good news is the pain clinic didn't want to change my pain killers but wanted to give the staroids a six month wait till they decided if they needed to make anything stronger and I go back in three month.

    I have started my second case of disability and so far I have a therapist, physic, a PA for my normal stuff and Rhuemy doctor and now and pain clinic doctor. I told my best friend then only thing left to go wrong is for me to die and then they would have to pay it just to the kids though. I was joking about that but sometimes I have to wonder just how many hoops Disabilty makes you have to hope through till they accept you. Personally I don't know of too many place that I can work with brustis, a herniated disk and fibro. If they can find me one then I say I'll take it. Oh yea lets not forget the sever depression and the post tramatic stress disorder. Guess we will just have to wait and see. Hope everyone had a day better day today then i did. Never did like needles......SueF
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    I hope YOU get to have better days than these days too!

    I wrote a long rant a while back that had about ten of my doctors in it. Each one was damaging, confusing, telling me something different, blaming me, or leaving me high and dry with no solutions.

    But... I also got a small bit of help or insight from each one of those doctors.

    The one who called me a 'perfectionist who is choosing to sit out from life' got me started on the candida diet, which seemed to help for awhile.

    The doctor who eventually said I was doing this to 'be a big baby and take out my anger on my family' cleared up a lot of the infections I had going on.

    The one that prescribed a dangerous drug to me and scared the jeepers out of me every time I saw him was also the one who gave me my diagnosis of CFS.

    The most expensive place I went to couldn't help me, but they did lab work that proved I wasn't faking, so I had some peace of mind.

    The newest doctor hasn't made me feel better so far, but she helped me to get a wheelchair.

    I know the merry-go-round of doctors is painful, scary and confusing. But if one doctor out of all the doctors you are seeing can help a little bit with even one of your symptoms, you are that much better off! The intell the new docs gather could help you with getting disability too.

    Keep us up to date on how all this is going, okay Sue?
    ((sending hugs)) Shannon
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  4. sfrazier

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    I'm bumping this again cause not even sure what page it is on now. Not sure what is going on with the board lately but seems that they are only replying to certian people. I think this is something that goes in cycles but it does hurt peoples feelings when they only get one response and then the writer is the only one that bumps for information. Oh and before all this pain clinic started I asked my doctor for a handicaped sigh thinking that it would just be a temp one and was crushed when they gave me a perminate on. To me that means this is the way my life is always going to be. I'm 43 years old and am handicapped.
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    it does seem like getting this DD is just the start of a long downhill slope, healthwise. It's been that way for me too.

    I'm hoping that when they find a cure for the CFS/FM, it will help future sufferers to avoid some of this other stuff we end up with.

    Best wishes,


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