okay Jelly, Mikki, Madwolf now I am scared!!!

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    now i read that this mycoplasmas can be contagoues! So if I do have this (my blood work is always so weird!) what is the first step???? Lab tests first? or just jump in and go with the antibiotics? I am a little scared right now. But last night I prayed that God would lead me to an answer. Perhaps, this is where my healing starts. My husband has been complaining of symptoms that are mimicking mine. After reading about this being contagious...could be a connection.
    well, gotta run. Thank you guys for all your sharing. What did we do before the internet?
    be blessed,
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    Sweetie, don't be scared. It's what we don't know that can hurt us. For years, we didn't know about balancing Ph and how critical it is for us. We also didn't know about stealth infections like mycoplasmas. As Jelly said, they grow very slowly and now there are some things we can do about them. I was infected 12 years ago.

    Like most stealth infections, the mycoplasma infection goes through an active stage where it is contageous. During this time, a person can feel like she has the flu, or it may result in pneumonia. It then can go into a chronic stealth state where it operates inside the body's cells below the radar of the immune system.

    Taking the antibiotics "locks the bacteria out" when they kill their host cells and go in search of new cells to infect. While they are in the bloodstream, they are vulnerable to dying. When a whole bunch die, we feel sick until the dead mycoplasmas can be flushed out of our systems. This is why it is important to go slowly. It has taken about a year for the Doxycycline to kill off enough mycoplasmas so that my symptoms do not return when I go off the Doxy.

    Finding a way to ensure that enough oxygen is being delivered inside the body is very important too. Jelly uses oxygen and a rebreathing bag. Some have used a hyperbaric chamber. I do breathing exercises along with my stretching and flexing exercises.

    I use colloidal silver and my zapper to help my immune system. I also use ProHealth's Immuneplex whey and colostrum to build my immune system back up. I'm taking the coral calcium to try to raise my Ph which isn't too bad on most days.

    Most of us who have gotten better have done it through several treatments, supplements, drugs, exercise, and diet. It's a lot of little things and a couple of big things which have helped me the most.

    The good news in all this is that the mycoplasma involvement in our illnesses is becoming well known and treatments are helping many of us. Docs are more and more willing to prescribe whether or not we have been tested. Just stay here with us and keep informed and talk to your doc. Print out articles from our library and the web on mycoplasmas to present to your doc. It helps if one highlights the important parts to save the docs time. Good luck.

    Love, Mikie
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    I feel that God has given me a real blessing by leading me to this site and all the wonderful supportive pople. Big bear hugs to you all. Just feeling kind of vunurable and overwelmed by all the infoI purchased a book entitled "Thyroid power" and after reading that one would think that the thyroid is the culprit. Guess it is a process of elemination.
    thanks again and again.