okay!! went to the new integrative dr yesterday

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    and I was somewhat impressed with him! He did all my vitals himself!! I have never had a MD do vitals on me, they leave that for the nurses. He didn't rush me and seemed very knowledgeable about this DD and concerned about ME!!!! He had me take a vitamin D test (blood) and gave me a hormone test to take home and send back into the lab. He also changed my thyroid med to Armour and increased my dosage.

    I am very excited about this and hope to feel better soon.

    Also, I know a lot of you already know that the nutrition aspect really effects us and how we feel. I had no idea how bad soda pop and high fructose corn syrup is for EVERYONE. He told me that it has mercury in it from the way it is processed!!!! And of course no more metal teeth fillings (more mercury). The diet soda is bad for your liver and may increase the risk of obesity!!

    I am a soda addict!! He told me that he thinks I will benefit greatly from detoxing my body of just soda. I hope he is right!

    I have had this DD for over a year now and there is sooooo much to learn about it. I'm just scraping the surface.

    Well, thanks for reading and let me know what you think, please
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    Great news ... Your doc sounds a lot like mine .. She does my vitals too and takes her time with me and she's very caring. This is a great start for you. I hope it turns out that the sodas were causing all of your symptoms but don't get discouraged if it turns out to be more than that. I'm not saying it has to be more, it could just be that, but if not you're certainly on the right path now .. What did he say about food intolerances like gluten, dairy and soy ?

    PS. From what I've read and based on the experience of a freind of mine, since you've only been sick for a year, your body will be more likely to respond to treatment quicker than someone who's had this for awhile. I've been sick 19 years now so it's taking me awhile to fix things ...

    Congratulations ... Marcia
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    he said that I need to stick to whole foods. Stay away from processed foods as best I can. Lots of fresh fruits, veggies and lean protein, nuts and whole grains in small quanitities.
    I have gained almost 100 lbs since my dx with this dd and something has to give. I just want to feel better and be able to enjoy my little boy growing up.

    Thanks for replying!!