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  1. I have had fibro for 30 years (when it was called fibrocytis) I have had the chronic pain like a sword was stuck in my back. but I had a new pain and would like to know if anyone else had a similar pain. I had a severe sudden shooting pain in my back. It was so bad I thought it was a bee sting, it felt like a 20 inch hypodermic had been shot in my back. It hurt my skin for hours and is still sore after 3 weeks. I then had another one like it yesterday. Was not quite as severe but enough to recognize. my skin still hurts and muscles are sore. I take elavil to help me sleep and 800mg motrin for pain. usually a couple a day. I just wondered if anyone else had this? I have not been to my doctor, probably he would tell me to take the motrin. I also have hypothyroidsim and herpes. thanks for any reply.
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    When you say herpes, do you mean you have had shingles? The pain you described sounds somewhat like shingles pain - from what I've heard. I've never had shingles so I can't speak on a personal level. In a similar vein, the pain does sound nerve-related.

    But, I'm not a doctor......I just play one on TV!!

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    Why does your user name look like a website url?

    Have you talked to your doctor? It does sound nerve-related. I hope it doesn't last, and you feel better.