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    I haven't visited this board for quite awhile because my FMS is under fairly good control right now, especially since I was also diagnosed with OA, which accounted for some of the pain I was having.

    Here's my question: My daughter-in-heart (law) has severe autoimmune disorders - still now completely diagnosed. She does have FMS and I believe possible CFS. She has beginning OA and several other physical/emotional factors. She is only 35 and has been unable to work for 4+ years, due to her inability to be consistently well - you all know the drill. She and my son and family recently moved to Olympia WA and through goofy circumstances, she lost her family MD of 12 years. IMO, that might be a good thing, because all he did was treat her symptoms with a myriad of meds without ever looking for the root cause. I finally got her to my Rheumy in Tacoma, but they really don't "click". He's not a "bedside" doc and she can be very emotional and difficult to deal with sometimes. BUT she is my daughter and I love her and I want to help her any way I can.

    WHO would any of you recommend in Olympia for her to see? She needs a doc who is sensitive and can work with someone whose emotions can change very quickly. (I also think she is suffering from PTSD, but she refuses to deal with that right now and I must respect that if I am to continue being able to support her).

    (edited to remove email address per rules)

    God Bless you all and thanks for any assistance. mamacarol
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    Sorry - it is Osteoarthritis and can cause very painful joints, which I used to think was part of my FMS symptoms. Since going on meds specifically to help with joint pain, much of that has disappeared, thank goodness.

    Again, thanks for any help you can give my "daughter"!!
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    Hi Ann,
    I thought there used to be one, but can't locate it. Just exactly where is it? Is your doc in the Olympia area by any chance??? That's who she needs is someone who really understands her experiences. Thanks for responding. mamacarol
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    Hi again "ouch",
    I went to the "doctor referral" label and couldn't find any names - just general "how to" information. Poulsbo MIGHT be a possibilty if she is really really good!! I don't know about posting names etc here. I just got an email saying I couldn't post my email addy, which I understand, but I wish there was a way to send "Private Messages" through this site, without revealing any "personal information".

    You mentioned that you have a woman MD and that she is in Poulsbo. Is she a specialist or a family practice doc? Could I find her name if I look on the internet for Poulsbo docs? I do have a friend who lives there who might be helpful too. Thanks for the help you are giving. Blessings, mamacarol
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    If you can, you might want to travel north to Renton area and see Dr. Jonathon Wright. Or you could go to the FFC in Bellevue. Naturopaths could be an option too, but you wouldn't get pain medication if needed. I don't know Olympia well but did live near Bellevue for many years. E.
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    Yes, I had heard of Dr. Wright and that he was good. Don't know if insurance will pay for Natuopaths, but it worth checking out.

    Thanks for the name for the Poulsbo doc, "ouch". I will pass it on. mamacarol
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    I guess I'm just blind . . . or "fibrofoggy" today - anyway, I found the "good doctor" list and will talk with my son tonight about both the docs in Poulsbo and Kent. They could travel to either with directions, which they can get off the internet. My daughter is ready to find someone and is in a receptive mode, because she knows she can't do it alone - as can NONE of us!!

    Is the doc at the Olympia Arthritis Clinic Dr. Son? She had heard about him/her and is calling tomorrow. Any information? Sounds like it might be a good place to start if they are GOOD because they are so much closer!!

    Again, thanks for everyone's help and concern. My son and daughter are very special to me! Blessings, mamacarol

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