old scar itching and sore

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by hannahfaid, Sep 4, 2007.

  1. hannahfaid

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    I have a scar on my ankle from a surgery (shattered ankle). This thing has been driving me nuts the past few days...no bug bites, just extreme itchin and it's very tender! this scar is 7 years old, so it's not a healing scar... does anyone else have a problem with pain or itching on an old scar??
  2. soozan48

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    and have a huge nasty scar which does itch and the area is tender. i just assumed it was due to the location and the severity of the surgery (lots of muscle, nerves, vessels cut through to get to hip). try not to scratch it. elevate it and also i would soak your foot and ankle in warm epsom salts water and use gentle massage.
  3. hannahfaid

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    I have been scratchin like crazy!!! pretty much drawing blood! I will start soaking! thank you for the advice!
  4. soozan48

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    comes in handy for all kinds of things. heat may also help (does for me anyway)but try to avoid scratching. you don't need to get an infectinon.
  5. justlooking

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    I've actually brought this up to my Dr before. Several times a year ALL of my scars get hot, itchy, swollen, darken in color and are painful (but like in a sunburn way). My Dr says its some sort of inflammatory response in my body but we've not figured out the cause. Since this started all of my scars have become discolored and no longer blend with my body color. I see scars I didn't even know I had, Weird!

  6. allie_24

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    I've had many many surgeries. I develop keloid scars which are thick wide fat scars. At times they itch and hurt a lot. My body also rejects internal stitches over time sometimes years they come to the surface and I end up pulling them out..I know very gross.

    I have a huge scar about 6 inches long from my 3rd kidney operation.
  7. hannahfaid

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    hmmm funny that came up..when I had this surgery for my ankle i rmemeber after the cast came off and the stitches were out that if I touched my ankle my toes would tingle...still does sometimes...maybe thats the nerve problem?? LOL I don't know anymore...so many goofy things going on these days I can't keep up... I am just discovering more and more things to complain about...I guess it's the progression :(
    appreciate you all
  8. hi all,

    i have a hysterectomy scar,from my operation that was performed in 1995.and it was getting very sore and itchy on a regular basis,right up till last month,even though i keep that area very clean.

    i found out that as soon as i stopped using any soap,and started washing my body with aqueous cream BP,the soreness went away.

    i think these scars do get a bit inflamed at times,for whatever reason.

    i also have psoriasis,and it kept appearing all the way across my old scar.

    years ago i was told that psoriasis will grow over damaged tissue,as its trying to heal the wound.

    so id advise you to change to a kinder soap,or use aqueous cream to keep your skin soft and clean.

    kind regards