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    I hate to let things go to waste. I have 2 small blk/whi tv sets that I have used for a long time. They were very inexpensive. I would take one into a room where I was cleaning drawers and closets (For example), or basement when working there. Kept other in my sewing room. I enjoyed the company and it made my work go easier.

    ANYHOW.....in Feb. they will not be able to be used. As I said they are cheapies and I probably could not connect them to a box if I wanted to.

    I have read in the past where some clever fathers used such to hook up to a DVD player for the children. Some used one in their van.

    I am wondering if there is any place I could give these for others with electronicc skills to be able to use them.
    Any ideas are welcome.

    Sort of a silly posting, but I hate to dispose of them to be never used again. THANKS
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    You just put in your zipcode and select what type of items you want to recycle. It will tell you where you can take your used electronics/televisions/batteries, or whatever you have.

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    One of my sons stopped by earlier and in general conversation he mentioned his little tv is not working, He has it at work and had it for yrs.

    I laughed and told him that I was wondering what to do with such, so to take one. I hope it lasts him until Feb. '09. Of course I have another one if not.......LOL.

    Thanks again.........Susan
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    What I have are small, like what we used to call portable radios. But great to take to odd places and camping.

    Anyhow.........I once had a garage sale that I did not want to pack things back up that was not sold. Sooooo, I scooted all to the curbside with a sign that said:


    And in smaller print below it....."Please help yourself. I really would appreciate it".

    It went fast. Probably helped someone else to have a garage sale. I really did sell lots, but had things left, so this cleared up that matter.
    My hubby and I sometimes sit things out on the curb with a sign, HELP YOURSELF.....ALL FREE. Boxes with odd glasses and such go quickly. Sometimes someone will come to my door to make sure someone is not pulling a joke on us. Even old grills go quickly, even with a hole in the bottom. I think they will probably fix it or at least use parts from it for theirs.

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    I find it sad also. I have several great TVs in the house. These bitty ones weere great for else where.
    With my illnesses TV helps fill in voids in my life. Does not seem fair to take away these not often used, but handy tvs. Susan