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    This is in addition t my post on pain getting so much worse as I age. I am 75 and am on oxycontin,neurontin,klonopin and lortabs for break-thru pain. Once again I am sitting here dreading going to bed as the pain gets worse as I lie down. Mine is a steady burning pain and I know I have to have stronger pain meds. but have had my appointment set back twice with the pain specialist. Heat makes my pain much worse so can`t use any of the heat mattresses or hot baths. Even rubbing lotion on my legs makes them burn like fire. I have had nerve conduction tests MRI`s, ex-rays etc.My husband does all he can to help me, we have been married almost 57 years.I just cannot stand the pain I could when I was younger.My prayer for those of you who are younger is that someone will take a real interest in this disease . It might take some one of importance to come down with this to get something done about it.The way this has effected me as I grow older may not effect others the same.My prayer for you is that it does not!1
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    Clueless? As long as you've had this disease, I doubt you are! :)

    I've never heard FMS pain described as "burning". And rubbing lotion on your legs making them "burn like fire"? Is it your skin or the muscles? Are they sure it's from FMS? Please don't think I'm questioning your wisdom or your doctors' diagnosis. I am still learning about this disorder. I was just wondering.....

    Hang in there,
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    WOW, thinking of that many years with my husband makes me feel faint...just kidding...I think that's wonderful.
    I'm wondering how much neurontin do you take a day? Burning pain is normally associated with neuropathic pain which is common in diebetics as well as many with FM. I have it in just one arm so I can imagine how horrible yours is - mine has improved with about 1200mg Neurontin spread throughout the day/night but some people need much more. Also this is true of Klonopin as it helps with the tension caused by this pain. Many times the oxy does not work on this type of pain. If you only get it in your legs and it's at night this also sounds to me like restless leg syndrome so maybe you should ask doctor about that. I used to get the worst intense pain in legs until dx with it - now take Mirapex for that and it takes pain away and makes me sleepy enough before I lay down and then I'm out like a light usually for a good 4-5 hours anyway.

    Also did you post the above story on the request for everyone's bio from jellybelly? You should...it's a great the way you are wishing that someone of importance in the younger generation will do something to help all those in such misery.

    Bless you and hope you find something to help soon.
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    Hi Clueless~~I will soon be 54 and have had FM/CFS since I was 15. I was born with severe asthma/allergies and IBS. As time passed, I developed osteoarthritis, psoriatic arthritis, and rheumatoid arthritis. I had worked full time all my adult life until 10 years ago when my health began to decline so rapidly that I had to resign and take a part time job working three days a week. I have done that now for 10 years.

    However, two years ago I was diagnosed with advanced degenerative disc disease with multiple back problems, nerve damage, and a cluster of pinched nerves in my neck & shoulder area. At that point I was put on 20mgs of oxycontin 3x's a day; 10mg percocet 3x's a day for breakthrough pain; soma 2x's a day for a muscle relaxer; 1mg klonopin at night for restless legs & sleep--and also to use during the day if needed, and 20mgs of Bextra as an anti-inflammatory. And I won't even go into all the asthma medications. I am in that rare percentile of asthmatics who have diagnosed "life-threatening asthma", and am prone to pneumonia and all other types of respiratory ailments.

    So, in the past two years I have found it increasingly harder to work even three days a week. However, I am my sole financial support and have no choice but to work. You are very fortunate to have such a helpful, understanding husband--and my hat is off to you for being married for 57 years. I haven't been successful in marriage, and I admire anyone who can weather the peaks and valleys of such a long term commitment successfully. Congratulations!

    But my body has been progressively falling apart bit by bit for 30 years now. I have NO memory. I lost that in my 40's. And I guess the thing that bothers me the most about all this pain, discomfort, falling apart, and loss.........is that I dedicated my whole life to being an avid learner, reader, soul-searcher, spiritual explorer...and just when I got old enough to be able to put all that experience into some small token of understanding--my memory went bankrupt>>>I lost my mental library! Where did it go?

    My one consolation is that through the years my "Journey of the Soul" made me a better person, and I can say that when I turned 50~~I discovered I had arrived at being a person I was pleased with--not perfect--not finished--but a person with whom I can live peacefully inside myself with. But to have spent a lifetime storing all that learning, growing, seeking, reading, knowledge, and experience only to reach an age wherein all the memory banks where all these riches were stored just up and disappeared, evaporated overnight as though a thief broke in and stole every book off the shelf....for me>>THIS is the most difficult of all the miseries to accept.

    I wonder that if I live to be 75 if I will remember who I am at all??? It was bad enough to live a life in a painful body that kept falling apart with every passing year; and yes--to dread going to bed because the pain got worse, and I was left to toss & turn throughout another sleepless night; only to wake up every morning sore, stiff, aching, and feeling as though I had been run over by a herd of elephants~~but did I have to lose my mind too?

    Regarding your pain meds, I had to increase my oxy from 10mgs to 20mgs after two years and also the percocet from 5mgs to 10mgs, upped the klonopin from .5mg to 1mg, and increased the bextra from 10mgs to 20mgs. It seems the only thing that advances as I grow older is the pain meds, aching, and my medical expenses.

    What dosage of oxy are you on now and how long have you been on that dosage? You may just need to increase the oxy and up the lortab to percocet. Just get a med-overhaul.

    The pain in my back and body is a burning pain also, and it makes my skin very tender or sensitive to touch. And sometimes it hurts to rub lotion on my body. I was told by a rheumy once that it was caused by having very thin skin wherein the nerves and veins were more exposed to the surface, and this is what caused the painful exterior sensitivity to touch.

    I hope you get to see the Pain Specialist soon for I know what you are going through and how miserable and uncomfortable it is for you. Do you ever have problems with balance?

    I'd like to hear from you, hear what you think, and keep posted on how you are doing. Take care, and you'll be in my thoughts and prayers. Blessings, Carol....
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    I use to be in such terrible pain. I didn't get much sleep because I had to keep getting up and walk aroud, I couldn't stay in the same position for very long. Now I can sleep for at least four to five hours at a time. I could hardly get out of bed. My whole body was in awful pain I had to sit on the edge of the bed for awhile. About four years ago I bought a new mattress. It has a pillow top. I also put on a foam pad and a thick bed pad on it. It is like sleeping on a cloud. I also bought a new pillow. The sides are different. One side is a small round circle and the other is a large circle. The pillow helps with the headaches and neck pain. During the night when a headache starts to come on I need to switch the pillow around. The headache goes away. If I sleep on any other bed or even sofa I am back to the same terrible pain. I am not taking any pain medicine. I have tried over 14 different ones but I can't take any. So I have to try any thing that will ease the pain. I also try not to let my body get cold. I hope that you can find some relief. Gail
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    pain, mostly goes from my shoulders into my collar bone area and up the back of my neck. The only thing I have ever found that helps me is to use ice packs. It doesn't seem to matter how much pain medication I use, it just doesn't even touch it, only the ice packs have helped so far. I am sorry that you have to suffer with such pain but thankfully you have a soul mate who is there for you.