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  1. clueless

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    I would like to know how many people on here came down with this disease of fibro. at an older age? I was 72 when after a surgery I came out of it with the most horrible pain. I had problems with my legs + feet in earlier years but it was pretty much controlled with amitriptyline before the surgery.I read where Dr. Lamb`s opinion was that most fibro. is a compression, neuropothy or spinal stenosis problem. I have wondered if being older I was put in a position that could have caused one of these problems.What are your opinions on this? Sure would appreciate some input. Thanks
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    I am not sure about the compression, neuropothy or spinal stenosis. Its my understanding though that age is not a factor when it comes to fibromyalgia, anyone can come down with it from children to the elderly. I am 29 years old myself, I do have degenerative disk disease as well but I had fibro before I had the DDD. So really I am not sure to be honest, but I don't think that age comes into play from what I have learned. I know I am not much help, maybe someone who has a better understanding of the things you listed can help you. Best wishes, and I hope you feel better.

  3. Shirl

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    No, I got it when I was thirty, but it did get progressively worst as the years went by.

    Mine started after a bout with pneumonia.

    HOpe you get some replies to this one, will be checking to see how many answer this.

    I know for the last two years that I have been here, that the new members are getting younger and younger.

    Shalom, Shirl
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    I began exhibiting symptoms in 1989 following a traffic accident. I am 55 now. You do the math. My brain has turned to Jello.
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    and am not sure exactly what the cause of FMS/CFIDS was but I've been sick now for 2 and a half years and just turned 62 last month.

    I really thought that was about the oldest I had read about to come down with this syndrome.

    I live in the Pacific Northwest (Spanaway, Washington) and had just returned from a trip to Nevada and Arizona when I came down with the most awful case of, you guessed it, "the flu." It just never went away.

    I will say this - I was telling my husband tonight I'm just glad I'm not younger and raising a family because I can't imagine a more difficult situation than that, except for being alone. I do think about that a lot, especially at this time of night when I can't sleep. Strange how the nighttime brings out those thoughts.