OLE and gas, indigestion, change in bowel habits???

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by karenq, Aug 3, 2003.

  1. karenq

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    I have been having very bad problems with gas and indigestion for about 3 weeks and am wondering if this could be related to the OLE. I have taken it for a couple of months but have recently increased the dose. Also, for the last few days I have had more frequent bowel movements--even though I am not getting any more fiber in my diet. I am wondering if the OLE could be getting rid of the harmful stuff (whatever it is) which could be causing these effects. It sounds reasonable to me that junk could be coming out through increased bowel movements even though I have never heard anyone else say they had this happen. I would be interested in hearing someone else's experiences and/or opinions.

  2. PatPalmer

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    Are you on Probiotics & Digestive Enzymes? These are essential.

    I still suffer with gas and bloating at times, but often forget to take Digestive Enzymes before my meals and my Acidophilus capsules between.

    Cutting out white bread and pasta alone has made a huge difference to my problem.

    Gas and indigestion is caused by food not being processed, increased bowel movement is insufficient flora which the probiotics replinish.

    Hope you`re not as confused as I am..

    Love Pat.

  3. tansy

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    the only thing I would add to that is colostrum which so many of us have found help with ibs and gi tract symptoms.

    Even though it might sound odd increasing your fibre can help with diarrhea. Starchy foods and grains can be a problems for many of us so just keep an eye on how things react to those.

    I try to ensure I always take DEs when I eat anything, it's not always possible but it does help.

    If it is the OLE doing it's job then the diarrhea will settle down until you up the dose again. I beleive Mikie has diarrhea as a result of her regime, it's all part of the herxing for her. So this could well be a very good sign.


  4. Plantscaper

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    in these areas, it could be a herxing symptom..However, digestive enzymes, probiotics and OLE significantly reduced my IBS symptoms to nil in the long term...

    Hope things settle down for you,
  5. klutzo

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    But what stopped my IBS dead in it's tracks was adopting a low carb, high protein diet. Getting those grains and starch vegs. out of the diet had an amazing effect within 2 weeks.
  6. karenq

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    I have been out of acidoliphilus for a few days, but the gas and indigestion started before that. Also am on a low-carb, high protein diet and try not to have a lot of bread made with white flour though I do have some. And I am not having diarrhea. I am having increased bowel movements--normal movements. I do have IBS, but this is not the same. I think I've read that the gas can be caused by yeast and was wondering if the OLE might be causing a yeast die-off in the intestinal tract which could be causing these symptoms. And now I forgot what else I was going to reply to. Guess I'll have to post this reply and go back and read the replies so I can reply again. LOL.

  7. karenq

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    I also have been taking the colostrum until I ran out yesterday.

    Since I'm doing all the things you guys have suggested, maybe it is a herx. That would be exciting and would make all this uncomfortableness worth it. It's really not as bad as it sounds, but I would just like to know why so I can change something if I need to. I definitely need to get more acidolphilus quickly. I still haven't decided if the colostrum really does anything to help me or not.

    If anybody has any more ideas, please let me know.

  8. Plantscaper

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    within a few days to a week...Drink plenty of water to clear the toxins out...and extra gas is part of yeast die-off..your symptoms are different than the ones I had, so it is difficult for me to say what is happening..Have you had a lot of intestinal symptoms as part of your history? Since elimination is part of our way to get rid of toxins, I would see the bowel increase as a good sign..

    Hope things calm down a bit,
  9. karenq

    karenq New Member

    I have had IBS for the last few years. I have bouts of diarrhea usually set off by something I eat. I try to avoid those foods as much as possible even though sometimes something new sets it off. Usually taking an anti-diarrheal helps within an hour or two.

    It can also be set off if I see something really gross that I have to deal with--like my dog's vomit. One time I had diarrhea for two weeks after cleaning up after my dog. I don't know if that's very common or not. Anyway, since I'm not having diarrhea right now, I'm not really associating this with IBS.

    Can you tell me what your yeast die-off symptoms were? I've suspected that I have problems with yeast since I first heard of the possibility.