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    I am looking for the correct dose that I should be taking. I have no way of going to a dr that knows anything about this so I was hopeing someone here could help.

    Right now I am taking 200 mg in the evening when I take all my other meds. Do I need to take more?? How should I increase it??

    Please let me know if you can help me.

  2. klutzo

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    "take 4 to 9 caspules daily". It is 450 mgs. per capsule. I think you have to work up to that slowly, since you may kill of a lot of bugs and they will make you feel sick if you do it too fast.
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    I copied this from a previous post. Thought it was helpful.

    Views about OLE from the Trenches.... 07/04/03 07:59 PM

    SKIN PROBLEMS (ACNE)? and any
    Some other potential benefits is that it may normalize blood flow, improve intestinal flora and protect us from free radical damage, by increasing antioxidants..

    If you decide to try OLE (Olive Leaf Extract)...some guidelines and tidbits of experiential knowledge..

    START WITH LOW DOSAGE:l50-200mg capsules,which seems to be tolerable for most..But if your herx is too bad, go even lower, breaking up tablet, capsules..Liquid tinctured OLE is, also available..HERXING SYMPTOMS are usually flu-like, however, you may have some symptoms unique to you..Headaches are a frequent herxing symptom..

    SUGGESTED PROTOCOL: l50mg/day for l week, 2/l50mg/day FOR a week, with 6 hours inbetween doses, etc. upping or lowering the dosage, based on your symptoms..

    DRINK LOTS OF WATER, to flush the toxins out..and use other detox methods, if needed..epsom salt/hydrogen peroxide baths, Olive oil/whole lemon tonics, sweating out toxins, etc.

    AFTER ABOUT ONE MONTH, you will need to pulse (stop for short periods of time) with days, weeks or months off..

    Example: Taking 2 days off every seven days, 4 weeks on and 2 weeks off, or whatever works for you.. The point is to vary it, so that your body will not develop a tolerance for the medication, confusing the "critters" in the balance..If you relapse when off OLE, Oregano Oil, Grapefruit Seed Oil, Grape Seed Oil (or some other type anti-microbial type treatment) are other options..

    TAKING ONLY OLE (with no added ingredients) will help eliminate the confusion, if you have bad reactions, and also, I find that I am more likely to tolerate only one herb vs. several in one bottle..

    BUY THE BEST ONE THAT IS AFFORDABLE...Seagate is considered the premier OLE, but look for the ones with the whole leaf, utilized..

    CONTRAINDICATIONS-Allergy to olive tree pollen...May create some mild gastrointestinal irritation, if taken on an empty stomach...

    KNOWN DRUG INTERACTIONS-Will potentiate the effects of heparin, coumadin, trental (BLOOD THINNERS), and
    even aspirin, due to its effects on encouraging good blood formation and blood flow...

    May potentiate the effects of BLOOD PRESSURE lowering medications and may interact with ANTIDIABETIC drugs, due to its blood lowering potential and its potential to affect blood glucose, for the positive..

    This may not help everyone, BUT, in my experiences with these DDs, THIS HAS BEEN THE MAIN SUPPLEMENT TO BE REALLY EFFECTIVE..

    Hope you find this herb to be as helpful, too..

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    difference in dosing listed on manufactuer labels!! Mine says 2-3 a day and they are 150mgs.Klutzo said hers says up to 9 a day and they're 450mgs!!! I just started myself(OLE)and I'm doing 150 a day for a week, then i'll increase it as tolerated~ Go slowly~ :)
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    My high dosage OLE is from Seagate, which is rated the best, or so I was told by someone here.
    I have not taken it yet, since I have not had a chance to discuss the possible problems in taking it since I am on blood pressure medicine.
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    because mine and other's herxs have been intolerable at 450-500mg doses..whereas, they are much more tolerable at the lower dosages..If you don't know how it will affect you, it is just wise to start low..If you can readily tolerate it, then begin to raise the dosage as fast as you want to..I just did not want people to give up on it, if they had a huge reaction in the beginning..

    To good beginnings,
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    I make tea from the tincture as the capsules will block the Guai. The tincture is about 98 proof grain alchol. I love my OLE tea. I can't tell what dose I am getting as the bottle doesn't say. The tea has a nice taste. I add a little SomerSweet to it to further improve the taste.

    Love, Mikie