Olive Leaf Extract has helped my daughter with Post Viral CFS

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    Dear fellow sufferers,

    I am a Mother in Cheltenham,England with a daughter of 18 who has had CFS for 4 yrs. Olive Leaf Extract has made a huge difference.
    Sorry if this is somewhat lengthy but do you relate in theory to Dawns plight?

    Her condition began at the start of 1999 with ongoing stress 'bullying at School' Family break up etc... and is of a very sensitive nature to the point of being quite psychic at times.
    Then a run of constant colds, ear & throat infections dogged her which were treated with antibiotics that seemed to work.

    Always tired but kept going nontheless, still stress at School. Has low self esteem but puts on a brave face to spite the bullies. Jan 2000. Has a massive fall out with only best friend and affects her deeply. Then immediately has a severe swollen neck, but tests for Glandular Fever are negative ?????
    Takes 2 months to recover, though not fully, we then have holiday in Florida thinking it`ll do her good, but is still not right. Back to school part time and 2 wks later wham... Chronic Fatigue sets in.
    Sensitive to light, memory loss, no strength whatsoever the works. We try acupuncture - no help at all, and blood tests say she`s fine !!! Even had a Spiritual healer which gave an energy boost, but back to square one the next day.
    A friend with fybromylga suggests she could have ME, and lends me her book, well, I can`t tell you the relief I felt, as the doctor had made no mention of CFS! useless....

    So I gave her everything suggested in the book, Echinacea, Multivitamin & Minerals, Magnesium, Evening Primrose Oil, Ginseng, & Enada, lots of time & love too.
    She made very slow progress over the next 18 months but was well enough to start work part time, - still pushing herself. Big mistake ~!**

    Turns out to be very stressful and has another big fall out with a collegue nobody likes either, oh dear... Meanwhile overdoing the night scene too.
    Starts another job as Office Junior in large Solicitors practice and guess what, there are four other juniors well established too, so up their own backsides that she didn`t fit in with them. (very much her own person) so, - you`ve guessed it four weeks later, another huge row and leaves.

    Jan 2001. The following week and a year to the day of the last time she has another severe throat infection, this time a swab is taken and, result, has a mycoplasma infection. More antibiotics, but this has set her right back again.... so,on to the tablets once more... very slow progress.

    2002, is able to start driving lessons ( pushing herself again ) but most days has a foggy head, stamina and concentration wanes. Sleeps in afternoons.

    It`s now Jan 2003 and in Sept/Oct 2002 I gave found a Health Food shop who stocked this product and gave Dawn the OLE for a month, still on the Vits & mins too etc. It made her symptoms worse for a few days, so she cut down on the quantity ( from 2 capsules three times daily to 1 three times a day)

    Well, I am amazed at the speed of recovery, it`s a transformation, she passed her test on the 13th, celebrated her 18th birthday on the 15th and is in Brighton with a friend for the weekend. though I suspect passing her test has helped too. Be very interesting to see how she survives all this when she returns home today, I had a call from her at 1.45 this morning to say she`d drunk too much and had just been sick while asleep.... and it`s everywhere... Glory be, what do you do with them? Just glad it`s not in her bedroom here!!!!

    You will find information on Olive Leaf Extract and Mycoplasmas on this and other websites, I`m sure it`s the latter that could be responsible for most CFS sufferers.
    I really hope it works for you too, pleeasssseee let me know if you have tried it.

    Want very much to know how you get on and good luck.
    My support and love to everyone out there, this boat`s very overcrowded !!!!

    Lots of love Pat x
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    I am in full agreement Pat!It is powerful stuff and it is one supplement I used to get my CFS under control and have used successfullly to treat all types of illnesses from colds to flus,candida,etc.I as well talk about this OLE in my past posts.

    Glad to hear your daughter is doing so much better.

  3. tandy

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    something that helped your daughter!! I had heard of it but never really checked into it.(OLE) I just looked here and read up on it a bit!sounds interesting!! Did your daughter have the herx they speak of?(worsining symptoms for awhile before seeing good results?) Your a great mom for looking into alternative treatments!!
    I hope she see's many improvements!
  4. PatPalmer

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    Hi Jaster and tandy,

    What great names...

    There`s not many who have heard of OLE, so it`s great to hear it`s worked for you Jaster,and yes I can`t shut up either now I know how brillient it is, I want to tell the whole world...... thank you.

    Tandy, yes Dawns symptoms did get slightly worse, but within an hour of taking the first capsule she said her head felt less 'foggy'.
    She had a few headaches though feeling crabby & more tired, but then she can be like that anyway, not me i`m perfect !! But after several days she felt better and improved in stages from then on.
    We didn`t notice a dramatic difference overnight, just realised she wasn`t sleeping in the afternoon and was active for longer periods.
    Then she was going out every the evening to a friends house after 6 wks or so and never had a bad day again with foggy head on driving lessons..
    So i`m over the moon and feel i`ve won the lottery, cos she has a life again. Every day was Groundhog Day before OLE.

    What`s your symptoms and how long have you been ill?

    Lots of love Pat x