Olive Leaf Extract-How long to take?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Sheryl, Sep 25, 2003.

  1. Sheryl

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    I just started my 16 year old daughter on ole. I am so tired of her being sick all of the time and the doctors doing nothing. I have fms and suspect cfs in my daughter. Need to start trying things on my own. My question is do I give her ole everyday from now on or are there times you need to go off of it? Also the bottle says one 150 mg. pill a day. Is this enough?
    Thank you very much,
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  2. PatPalmer

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    Hi Sheryl,

    It was OLE that started my daughter on the road to recovery in Nov last year. She was 15 when struck down and had to leave school, 18 now and much better.

    She took it for 2 months in all. After 6 weeks I noticed her energy levels had improved.
    Our bottle said up to 3 a day, your`s sounds a very low dosage, so she will be OK on 2.
    It doesn`t take much to work, but needs to be on an empty tum to get into the blood stream. 1hr before food or 2hrs after.

    My daughter may have OLE from time to time for 3-4 days if she comes down with a cold/flu, ear infection, sore throat etc - but hardly happens now.

    Started with a cold last night, went to bed with a capsule and right as rain today... Don`t need any more.

    The list below has contributed to her newfound health:-

    Sea Salt:- 1/4 tsp daily
    Water :- Half her body weight in oz
    Magnesium with Zinc
    B Vits
    Flaxseed Oil:- 1 tbsp with food daily
    Cytolog :- twice daily
    Cellfood Concentrate:- Once daily} Also comes in Multivitamin spray form for better absorbtion. My daughter was sick and tired of tablets.

    More recently Kelp tablets have helped both of us (Thyroid)-although she wasn`t able to tolerate these 18 months ago.

    Tap any of the above for more information in past posts into the *search box* at the top.

    Hope this helps,

    Love Pat.
  3. Sheryl

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    Hi Pat,
    Thank you so much for all the great info. I am going to try some of the other things you suggested,too!

    Thanks again & hugs,
  4. PatPalmer

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    If your daughter has been on ABX (antibiotics), she may need pro-biotics to replace the good gut flora.

    My daughter had loads before she became really ill, so took Acidophilus capsules.

    OLE is better than ABX, so use as an alternative in the future.

    Cattle are fed antibiotics to improve growth, we then digest microbes that have become resistant to ABX, which means ABX from the doc can be useless.(Thought for the day)...

    Get your daughter to eat a healthy as possible, no crap diet. Refined food (white bread & pasta) for wholemeal instead, refined sugar and fizzy diet drinks are out.

    It was a combination of stress and poor diet that led to my daughter`s downfall, leading onto infection after infection - hence the ABX.

    Love Pat.