Olive Leaf Extract more effective then Anti-Biotics for Myco???..

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    Dear All,

    I've been reading much about Olive Leaf Extract as a natural anti-biotic that kills Mycoplasma but doesn't cause all the yeast distress that Anti-Biotics do. Anyone have luck with Olive Leaf Extract?

    Below is a message I got from the Road Back Foundation message board:




    IT HAS MINE...

    HERE IS THE ARTICLE !!!!!!!!!

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    Townsend Letter for Doctors and Patients
    May, 2001

    Olive Leaf Extract as a Main Therapy in the Antimicrobial Supermarket.

    Author/s: Morton Walker

    During the period April 5th to July 20th, 2000, a noted 68-year-old writer/philosopher who we will call Rhoda (pseudonym) of Los Angeles, California came down with a variety of body debilitations. Her symptoms indicated that she suffered with two disabling conditions, chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia. An enthusiastic health professional advocate of treatment with olive leaf extract for these health problems, Al Robert Franco, MD, FACR, Medical Director of the Arthritis Center of Riverside, California, prescribed his favorite antimicrobial remedy to Rhoda. As a result, Dr. Franco's patient showed some mild symptomatic improvement right away. Later, working with Dr. Franco, Aristo Vojdani, PhD, MT, who is affiliated with Drew University School of Medicine in Los Angeles, California and Immunosciences Laboratory, Inc. of Beverly Hills, California, agreed that Rhoda had been invaded by one or more newly identified pathological microorganisms, the mycoplasmas.

    Mycoplasmas are prokaryotes, cellular organisms lacking any true nuclei and nuclear membranes. Rather, the nuclear material of prokaryotes consists of a single double-stranded DNA molecule, not associated with basic proteins. Belonging to the class Mollicutes, mycoplasmas are the smallest of all free-living self-replicating bacteria known. [1] They possess no cell wall and only a limited genome of between 600 to 1500 kbp. This characteristic makes them highly dependent upon their host for survival, much like viruses. [2,3] Several studies implicate mycoplasma species as cofactors in numerous clinical conditions such as chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis, and the Gulf War syndrome. [4-6] If any patients exhibit overlapping symptoms of chronic illnesses, mycoplasma invasion should be considered as a reason and defined by microscopic evaluation of the patients' blood. [7,8]

    During the course of her successful treatment in Los Angeles, Rhoda found it necessary to depart suddenly and visit a second home she owns in Lubbock, Texas. It was in the suburban community of Kerrville, near Lubbock, that a definitive diagnosis pinpointing the organisms was made for her by Anand Mehendale, MD, a microbiological specialist who is currently investigating mycoplasmas for the National Institutes of Health. Dr. Mehendale and his associate, Mark Goldman, PhD, both participating in the Phoenix Medical Associates of Kerrville, Texas, found that the woman was infected with three specific mycoplasma organisms: Mycoplasma fermantans, Mycoplasma pneumoniae, and Mycoplasma genitalium.

    At the time that he made the precise diagnosis for Rhoda, Dr. Anand Mehendale was unaware of the efficacy of olive leaf extract for eliminating almost all pathological microorganisms. The patient decided to offer my book Nature's Antibiotic: Olive Leaf Extract, to Dr. Mehendale to read and later placed a telephone call to me. Rhoda requested my recommendation for a more effective brand of olive leaf extract than the usual health food store varieties.

    I referred Rhoda to the Seagate[R] brand of olive leaf extract manufactured by First Fishery Development Services, Inc., of San Diego, California. Thus, under Dr. Mehendale's supervision, the patient took an initial dose of six 450 mg capsules of Seagate[R] daily in divided doses of two following each meal. She did this dally for just three-and-a-half months, and experienced excellent results. Rhoda addressed the following letter to me:

    "Dear Dr. Walker:

    The olive leaf extract that you recommended has completely wiped out the mycoplasmas in my blood. The result is excellent, thank you. Most of all, however, Seagate[R] cured my irritable bowel syndrome with which I had been diagnosed 45 years before. During the entire time, I had been very constipated and underwent hundreds of X-ray examinations, drug prescriptions, endoscopies, and more for counteracting this bowel condition. But olive leaf extract improved my life like nothing else you could imagine. It changed the way I thought about my body. My bowels work now the way they should.

    I've introduced Seagate(r) Olive Leaf Extract to many doctors, such as Joel Baseman, PhD, world renowned mycoplasma specialist, and Claudia Miller, MD, author of Chemical Exposures: Low Levels, High Stakes, and many more docs. Dr. Mehendale is now very impressed with olive leaf extract. Thank you again, Dr. Walker, for the publication of your book and for your recommendation."

    The proof of Rhoda's statements are presented in her before-and-after laboratory reports. Writing on July 20, 2000 to A.W. Mehendale, MD, regarding this patient, Anita Busqauets, PhD, microbiologist with the GeneTex, Inc. microbiological laboratory of San Antonio, Texas advised:

    "The mycoplasma detection tests performed on blood obtained from your patient, Rhoda, are now complete, and here is the result:

    DNA from Mycoplasma fermantans was detected.

    DNA from Mycoplasma pneumoniae was detected.

    DNA from Mycoplasma genitalium was detected."

    Thereafter, on November 9, 2000, following the patient's use of Seagate(r) Olive Leaf Extract and reporting once again to Dr. Mehendale, Dr. Anita Busqauets states: "The mycoplasma detection tests performed on blood obtained from your patient, Rhoda, are now complete and here is the result:

    DNA from Mycoplasma fermantans was not detected.

    DNA from Mycoplasma pneumoniae was not detected.

    DNA from Mycoplasma genitalium was not detected."

    Dr. Anand Mehendale's patient, Rhoda, has now been declared cured of her multiple mycoplasma infections.

    A Supermarket Filled with Brands of Olive Leaf Extract

    When my book was published in the fall of 1997, there was hardly any market for olive leaf extract, for it had been sold mostly by mail order. Only three companies manufactured the generic product and a dozen distributed these few generics under their own brand names. By the time of publication of my book's third edition early in 1999, three more manufacturers had appeared and 20 olive leaf extract products were sporting their separate labels. Today, a supermarket of individual brands exist - perhaps more than 60 of them - all marketed with promotional claims for excellence. The olive leaf extract industry has blossomed.

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    My husband had mycoplasma plus other "bad" bacteria & a parasite in him. He took olive leaf extract for 6 months last year & when tested again----all mycoplasma, bacteria & parasite was gone. His digestive system finally got some relief after many many years of constant problems. So, YES it does work & is very effective.
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    I took it for 3 months at maximum doses on the recommend of my Naturopath. She felt that since the prevailing theory on the cause of FMS at that time was a virus, it couldn't hurt to take some olive leaf. It did nothing that I could feel. I never had any tests for mycoplasmas though. My dx is FMS. Maybe I am part of the 30% that don't have mycoplasma problems.
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    I will be looking into this. I feel very strongly that my fms is caused by some stealth virus that are embedded in my cells. Do not like the idea of the ABX treatments. Would most surely try the natural biotics first.
    thanks for the post.
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    I am getting ready to stop Olive Leaf Extract---(today's my last day in fact). I didn't notice a da** thing while on it. I was taking 4 of the 150mg tablets (20% oleuprin).
    Good luck to anyone who wants to try it.....but....as for me.....nothin'...nada.....zero....zip.....zilch.
  6. Combatmedic

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    I am getting ready to stop Olive Leaf Extract---(today's my last day in fact). I didn't notice a da** thing while on it. I was taking 4 of the 150mg tablets (20% oleuprin).
    Good luck to anyone who wants to try it.....but....as for me.....nothin'...nada.....zero....zip.....zilch.
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    Knowledge of the olive leaf’s medicinal properties dates back to the early 1800s when pulverized leaves were used in a drink to lower fevers. A few decades later, green olive leaves were used in tea as a treatment for malaria.

    Now, olive leaf extract is gaining recognition as a powerful defender against sickness, and numerous scientific studies have been conducted to investigate the extract’s beneficial properties. The reported benefits of olive leaf extract’s range from promoting increased energy and healthy blood pressure, to supporting the cardiovascular system, and the immune system.

    How does olive leaf extract provide this support? Oleuropein holds the key to olive leaf extract’s effectiveness. It is found in the fruit, leaves, bark and roots of the olive tree. Within this substance is a chemical agent called elenolic acid, which has a strong antimicrobial effect. Elenolic acid interferes with the amino acid pathways of pathogens and prevents them from reproducing within the body by neutralizing the production of transcriptase and protease. These enzymes are essential for many pathogens to infect a healthy cell and without them, they are rendered impotent. Studies have shown oleuropein is an important factor in combating the growth of pathogens, including viruses, bacteria, fungi and yeast. Even when the body is healthy, it still plays host to millions of micro-organisms. These organisms can take up residence in the tissues without interfering with normal physiologic processes. However, if anything changes, such as the immune system weakening, these organisms can turn pathologic, making disease likely. Olive leaf extract maywork to prevent this process through the inhibitory properties of elenolic acid.

    According to rheumatologist Lisa Weinrib, M.D., who treats patients suffering from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia, “[olive leaf extract]…is the missing link that functions as an antiviral and antiretroviral agent by slowing down the organism’s reproductive cycle. A slowdown of the spread of the organism allows the patient’s immune system to go on the attack.” HW

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  9. Plantscaper

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    I am using Thorne Research OLE & I take one 500 mg. (15%)capsule three times a day weekdays. Weekends I don't take it. I'm concerned that my body will get too use to it and it will become non- effective. When I take it, it causes a lot of burning sensations in my body so I assume it is killing something? I know I am loaded with viruses but I don't know for sure about the mycoplasma. Anyway - I have had spurts of energy that I've never had before OLE and also I have had times of a clear head & moments of feeling well. So I am going to continue it as I do feel like it is doing something good for me. I hope it continues to help and doesn't fritter out on me. Hope this will help someone. We are all so different when it comes to what works. My best to all of you. CLD
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    This is good info and I appreciate your posting; however, in the future, would you please be so kind as to remove URL's from the post? It is certainly appreciated as it saves Shirl's and my time from having to do it. Thanks you.

    Love, Mikie
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    My daughter was diagnosed with Mycoplasma Pneumoniae, a year ago. She has had ME for 3 1/2yrs.

    3 months ago I gave her Olive Leaf Extract for 4 wks and she improved dramatically, more energy, no foggy head and had her life back.
    We all caught stinking colds 3 wks ago and my daughter and stepson had very bad catarrhal coughs, he was on the verge of bronchitis again.

    I bought some more Olive Leaf, and within 3 days dramatic improvement, after 7 days - completely gone.
    I have always had joint and profound fatigue problems, so I am also on OLE at the moment to see if it cures this too.
    Going to stay on this for at least two months this time.

    It`s better than antibiotics because it helps with so many viral/bacterial/yeast infections without destroying the valuable good bacteria.
    Nature always works best, but even better if the medical profession would wake up and suggest this stuff before infections become deep seated.

    Another must is developing a healthy eating plan, if we eat crap you will eventually be crap (sorry to swear.) Supplements are always needed to help boost the immune system.
    Olive Leaf does the job but we need to get the rest right too in order to maintain good health. Back to nature again.

    Sorry this has turned into a lecture, but I do feel strongly on this topic.

    Off now, love Pat.
  13. Coach

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    I had a truly amazing recovery from a chronic skin rash by taking this combination of these three in fairly high doses for 10 days (I'd been on topical steroids since I was a baby). As I studied more about how it works the olive leaf was keeping down all the bad pathogens, while leaving the good bacteria alone, Pau D'Arco keeps down the fungi (turns out the root of my problem was candida) and taking MEGA doses of the probiotic (research on this stuff suggests that Bifidophilus is a good strain to Megadose with as it is similar to the kind we're inoculated with and first become populated with as babies) allowed the good guys to overwhelm the bad guys while the herbs held em down. At the same time I cut all sugar (In all forms) out of my diet. It was truly amazing. I now do this routine every 6 months to keep my immune systen tuned up.
  14. pinkquartz

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    I'm interested in this. but what type is best? extract as liquid tincture, capsules, or ?
  15. Plantscaper

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    How do I e-mail YOU for more Olive Leaf links? Also, does anyone know what is the best dosage for this, ..I found one with about 18% oleupein, but is it better in capsules, liquid, etc.. lol, amelia
  16. Tiki

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    Was interested in your post as you live in UK and I live in N. Ireland. I also have a daughter who has suffered ME for 2 years following chickenpox. I started her on OLE after reading your post. The first week she suffered bad flu-like symptoms straight away, but increased in energy after that. Nearly 3 weeks on it at the moment, so we'll see what happens.
    E-mail me if you like at hildaorr2@hotmail.com as I don't come here very often. H.
  17. PatPalmer

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    Yes, usually if you have a viral or bacterial infection, you get worse before better.
    It`s because the beasties are dying off, turn toxic and your body reacts to that (toxins are similar to a poison in a way)
    The worse your condition the worse your reaction, so if really poorly I would suggest only taking one every few days to start with then gradually increase as you feel able to cope with.

    I have been on OLE for two weeks now, 3 a day by Solgar, and get spurts of energy, but I still feel very drained and my joints hurt, had joint problems for years, so hoping the OLE will sort it out.
    It`s early days to expect too much, can take several months so i`m keeping at it.

    Love Pat.
  18. AJME

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    Hello All,

    I tried Olive Leaf Extract liquid for a few days and I felt like I was getting sicker and didn't feel good on it.

    I switched to Garlic(has antibiotic/antifungal/antiviral properties and I'm feeling bad everytime I take it. I've been taking it in the morning and evening 1 fresh clove. Feeling achey, sinuses feeling under pressure and overall tired. The longer I don't take Garlic (between doses) the better I feel. Seems like I support and rejuvenate the FLU symptoms everytime I redose with Garlic.

    I might take a break or reduce my intake of Garlic. Rather frustrating. I was always told to listen to my body and purposely getting myself sick to get better doesn't make much sense but I guess that is the way it works.

    BTW...The Garlic makes my sinsues feel like when I was doing nasal steroids for my chronic sinus problems. Very tight and under pressure.
  19. PatPalmer

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    Plantscraper, Saw your reply to a post earlier on how you think OLE helps with Mycoplasma. Just want to say I`ve seen it, and yes I agree.

    I have many symptoms but fortunately not severe, and have been taking 3 Solgar a day for 2 weeks now.

    I`m cutting down to just one a day for a while because I feel like poo and all I want to do is sleep.

    This has turned out to be potent stuff, and anyone considering taking it must do so very sparingly to start with.

    I don`t doubt it works, my daughter has proved that, but I think it should be taken cautiously, intermittently and not solely relied on to promote recovery.

    Dr Chaney`s Treatment Plan for CFS makes a lot of sense, and should also be considered.

    Wishing you all well