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    Hi Lucky,

    I know you posted your question to Amelia, but just wanted to respond too.
    I`m delighted the OLE is working for you, and yes we noticed irritability too.

    My daughter had Mycoplasma Pneumoniae, her energy levels improved a lot within 6 wks on OLE.

    As to how long you take it for is another question. Mycoplasma can take a loooong time to eradicate, Dawn has been on and off OLE since last October.
    Length of time depends on what you are treating.

    In my literature it says to have OLE as though it were the usual Antibiotic, so use it basically to do a job, not just as an every day preventative.

    Can I suggest you take it for about 2 months, take a break, and resume again perhaps week day only. You need to have the breaks though I expect you will find a routine that best suits you anyway.

    We found after a while that we would forget to take the OLE some days, which I guess means we must have been feeling better.

    But on the whole, the OLE only comes out now when any of us pick up a virus.

    My favourite product for this and which I highly recommend for you is one by Higher Nature, it has Echinacea,& Black Elderberry on the front label, and listed on the back is OLE & Myrrh. £6.90 here so about $10.

    This stuff is DYNAMITE on throat/ear/chest infections - my stepson was CURED within 3 days of bronchitis on this product. Dawn had a very flemmy chest too at the same time - GONE within 3 days also. You`ve got to try this one.

    Hope this helps you,

    Love Pat.
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    I am so glad you and Amelia keep bring this up to the newbies. My heart tells me this is the herb to take to help us get better. My fms is from a steath virus. I have been in withdrawl hell from elavil and am going to start taking the OLE again on the 20th of this month when school gets out. I cannot inflect anymore pain on my body. The herxing was really bad for me 2 wks ago and due to missing work had to go off of it.
    thanks for the posts.
  3. PatPalmer

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    Thanks, - Just don`t take so many or as frequent maybe, this`ll lessen the herx effect and let you function somewhat.

  4. Mikie

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    The good news with Herxing is that you know little nasty beasties are being killed off in your body. Drink tons of water when Herxing to eliminate the dead critters from your body.

    Love, Mikie
  5. lucky

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    for your very informative message on OLE. It is the first time actually during my illness (I have been ill with CFS for at least 20 yrs.), that I respond to any alternatives. That's why I appreciated the input to understand more about the OLE. Over the years, I was not very lucky with supplements and have tried almost everything there is to try, so I am very surprised about the results of OLE.
    I understand that you live in England and have a different health care system as well as we have in Canada. Basically, I am getting adequate care here, however, like everywhere else the doctors are still badly informed about CFS/FMS although these illnesses are recognized in Canada.
    I am sure that I have mycoplasma infection and am seeing a new doctor today (just for a second opinion). But, as long as the OLE helps a little, I am not complaining. I will cut down the dosage to just 500 mg today and will see about the irritability.
    I have to do more study on Cytolog and above all where one can get it.
    Thank you again, Pat,....sincerely, Lucky
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    OLE has been very effective for my allergies...this is the first year in many years, that I have been able to go outside and garden and enjoy the spring for a change..The allergens in the air would cause the sinus clogging, and then, eventual migraines ensued..

    Actually, it has been the first time in numerous years, that I have been able to go outside a filtered air room..Last year, we had the biggest wildfire in Colorado's history, that sent embers and allergens in the air, that plagued me for many weeks (I was allergic to the evergreen trees that were burning and even in a filtered room, I had a continuous migraine for several weeks). So, it has been a miracle for me in that arena..

    Going from 250mg3xDAy to 500mgX3/Day was too huge of a leap...Irritability, and feeling lousy are par for the course until you stop "herxing", but you can lessen it by gradual upping of dose, and then, you will feel many positive gains...

    YOu will find your own rhythmn after you have been on this awhile..but I suggest that one only take 500mg/day for first week, 500mg/2/day (with at least six hours inbetweeN) for second week, and so forth, but you may be past that now..You will not herx, badly, if you gradually increase your dosage..

    Pat indicated that after you have been on OLE for awhile and it is controlling your symptoms, you need to take some days off..Really important, to keep your body from building up a tolerance, and therefore, would not be effective..

    I reached that point after about nine weeks on the OLE..But, I found that if I did go off at that time, my symptoms really came back upon me in full force with resultant migraines..To stop that from happening, I have used Oil of Oregano on my off days....which is an alternative for the sinus symptoms, if you need it..

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