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    I have been using Olive Leaf off and on for about three to four years and I have seen great improvement in my pain. My pain is less though I still have some CFIDS symptoms. My hyper allergies have lessened to almost non existent...my IBS improves while on OLE.....it cleared out many toxins which I feel made my fibro pain become bearable. I no longer cry from pain and I am able to work !!!!! The Herxing is tough at first...headaches and sweating and diahrea (spelling???) are tough to handle but will benefit you in the long run. Ibuprofen will help the headaches. You must also massage your lymph nodes while you are on OLE...to help your body move the toxins out of your body. Our lymphatic system is our bodies filtration system and it becomes clogged up and then no toxins can be moved out of our bodies. The lymph fluid full of toxins then get backed up and beging to leak out throughout our bodies...Yucky !!! When I was really bad years ago....I started to take OLE and began sweating really thick sticky sweat...which was actual lymph fluid coming out of my skin. I know this sounds nasty but it needs to come out. I would also suggest going to sit in a sauna or wearing one of those plastic sweat suits. I did this and sweated out lots of yucky stuff...I felt so good after it all. You will need to keep drinking lots and lots of water to prevent dehydration and ensure that you eat lots of potassium rich foods cause potassium is lost from major sweating and will cause an electrolyte imbalance. I want to say that a few years ago i could not work and I was heading for a life in a wheel chair. I am 35 years old now!!! You all can improve if you can only get through the initial detox herxing symptoms. I prepared my hubby ahead of time by saying this could get really bad. I will have headaches etc. but hopefully I will be a lot better afterwards. If you feel itchy and tingly...you will know that you are starting to clean out. As i massaged the lymph nodes in my armpits...I felt a weird tingly feeling like I was unclogging a drain or something...LOL. I have had swollen lymph nodes under my arms and in my groin area since the late 80's and the swelling vanished after taking OLE. Please try this...just because some of you are in a wheelchair does not mean you have to stay there. I am trying so hard to help you...because I have been where you are and it can improve. Please let me know your thoughts...hugs from me Hippen
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    It is great to hear others feel the same about OLE..I have nothing but good thoughts about it, as it has helped me more than anything else..but many seem to have a hard time either tolerating it, allergic, or have not seen the great reward from using it..Thanks for the additional info on getting the toxins out...

    I have been on it for six months...how often do you take it, now? and, some of us, never want to stop taking it, once we have seen all the benefits..but have been warned about building up a tolerance for it..so, I have told people they ought to pulse or vary their protocol..I am taking it every other day..but at a about 850-1000mg3xday..

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