OliveLeafExtract-relieving my sinus,yeast and acne issues!!

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  1. skychomper

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    hey y'all

    I have to spread the word about Olive leaf Extract. And what its been doing for me.I am so happy!!

    I first started taking it again because of recommendations for it for allergies/migraine headaches and sinus problems from folks on the board. go plantscaper and patpalmer!

    Two hours after I took my first pill of OLE, the harrowing pain behind my eyes in sinus' was gone. I had a general headache but could feel alot of mucous draining down my throat and my mood was significantly elevated. I've been keeping with it- its my third day. and the sinus pain has not returned, the mucous is still draining. and I feel alot better overall- just happier, and more able-bodied. - more alert, more willing to do things...

    since then I've been rereading some articles about yeast and I dusted off "The Candida Yeast Answer" a book I've had since 1999- when I first became ill. during my flares I have yeast problems. in that treatment program for yeast they list Olive leaf extract as an antiyeast as well. I've read that when yeast die off they release toxins, so it results in you feeling a little sickish and for some headaches. I think thats why Im getting the headaches with the OLE right now. I feel like a normal person who is taking a coarse of antibiotics or something- not like my cfs person tired which to me equals no energy production, more like just the common cold tired, if that makes sense.

    Im hoping its helping me clear out the parvo virus since it has antiviral properties too.

    I know not everybody has these candida problems, but this book helped me understand the importance of intestinal health.

    When I first had a test for candida in 1999 it was at the highest possible amount, but my lactobacillus acidophilus level were in the normal levels, so it was puzzling. after reading this I learned of another bacteria which lives in the large intestine- malyoth b. bifidium. I was only taking the lacto bacteria when doing probiotics so this may explain my limited improvement on them.

    and my acne is starting to really improve!!!

    INMHO yeast probably doesn't "cause" cfs/fm in most cases. our systems our out of whack- there are different things "getting us" but for me, I think the yeast gets a hold when Im down with a flare, and makes it that much harder to recover. or perhaps thats whats preventing a full recovery.

    one of the quotes from this book is: "a specific or multiple mineral defecit in a human body usually doesn NOT imply that there is a corresponding deficit of these mineral in the individuals daily nutrition...Instead, the real problem in such individuals is a chronic absorbtion deficiancy"

    I think this yeast is stealing my nutrients. that would explain why some of us eat all the right things, and it doesn't seem to help as much as it should.

    I've also been doing castor oil packs-Im the edgar cayce fan- and that has totally resolved my constipation. it keeps everything moving! his whole take was very much centered around assimilations and eliminations. if one could improve that...conditions would clear up. But the olive leaf extract, It is doing great things for me! No more sinus pain, I feel happier and my skin is getting clearer!!

    I know this was long, but I wanted to share all this with you. I have benefitted so much from what you all have shared with me!!

    much love,
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  2. PatPalmer

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    What a great post and great news too Skychomper.

    I`m so pleased you are getting relief from the sinus, my sinus problem is still hanging on for grim death but is still so much better, - nice to get the better of something naturally. OLE is a great all rounder.

    I`ve had a funny kind of bad throat and ears all week - gettin progressively worse, so have been taking a combination of OLE with Echinacea, Black Elderberry and Myrrh for two days now and it`s not so bad this morning. - Felt like it was going to be a nightmare had I not taken something. This product is by Higher Nature.
    It also cured my stepson from Bronchitis and my daughter from a chronic catarrhal cough.

    Can`t beat self education, I find one topic leads me to another, - The yeast thig is facinating, i`ve learned so much from this board, particularly from Jellys posts, - that girl`s a marvel.

    It`s nice to know how the body works.
    Knowledge is power, and with that your health is in your hands...

    May this now be the road to recovery for you, please keep us posted on how you are doing, good and bad.
    Good luck,

    Love Pat.
  3. kalina

    kalina New Member

    That's great to hear you're getting some relief from your symptoms with the Olive Leaf Extract. I saw a few of these post headers over the last week or two, but I didn't know what it was for, and at that point I didn't have much time to delve into the subject. Now I'm intrigued.

    I have all the symptoms you mentioned, and it would be really nice to alleviate some of these problems. I'm really interested in learning how OLE works. I searched the board on the topic, but there were are way to many posts to pick through at this hour. Also, where can you get it?

    Thanks for sharing your success story!

  4. tandy

    tandy New Member

    Can you's believe that last week at Walmart....they had a cartful of vitamens that they were discontinuing,anything in the cart was marked down to a dollar!!!they had the OLE....and I did'nt get any!Damn...damn!Was'nt sure what it was for~ Now I want it,and will have to pay the shot!! Sounds like interesting stuff!Glad many of you's are finding relief with it. I have sinus problems too.I just got a script for Zyrtec~hope that helps some. Thanks for the info on OLE~
  5. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    I can't take herbal extracts, but I may be able to drink the OLE tea. I've asked whether anyone has used it but have gotten no response.

    Love, Mikie
  6. skychomper

    skychomper Member

    you can get Olive Leaf extract at your health food store. The one I go to is called "mrs. greens" haha but that place is great. Not all olive leaf extract supplements have the same amount of oleuropein in them (the stuff you want) some have only 5%. the one im taking has a 17% minimum. It is by Solaray. when i was at the store, I asked the head guy which one was the best and he recommended this brand. Im taking 250 mg a day. just one in the morning. when I first got sick the docter I saw gave me OLE too. it was by pure encapsulations and also had a 17% minimum, so I think this man gave me some good advice.

    mickie, I wish the OLE didn't interfere with the guai, but from your posts it seems like the guai is doing great things for you...I don't know anybody taking guai or else I would ask. if it is only the salycates (spelling) you must avoid, perhaps the tea will be fine. i wish i could help!

  7. If the OLE is a no no with guai, the tea would be okay???
  8. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Herbal teas are usually OK with the Guai even though taking supplements with plant material extracted and concentrated in them is not OK. As if the Guai treatment weren't already complicated enough :)

    I just bought some tincture and made a cup of tea with it and it is delicious. It's made with pure grain alcohol; no wonder I like it so much LOL! I like to put sherry in my tea or sip it along side the tea, so this is about the same. The tea tastes a little like licorace and green tea.

    After I finished the cup of tea, I kinda got a rush and a little pressure in my head. Not a headache, but just slight pressure and a flush to my face. Now, I'm feeling nice and relaxed.

    Love, Mikie
  9. Jude

    Jude New Member

    Hi Mikie

    Claudia was on vacation last week and possibly this week. So if you don't hear from her you might want to email her again next week. She's probably going to have a backlog when she does return.

    I'm glad to read that you were feeling good for awhile. I'm also suspicious of the HHV6 virus. Will be following that closely too.

  10. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hope you are doing well. I'm still feeling OK, but not like I was when I was on the Famvir.

    I suspect research will zero in on the Herpes-family viruses as being highly implicated in our illnesses, especially EBV, CMV, and HHV-6. With our crappy immune systems, no wonder these infections can reactivate.

    I think we are sitting ducks for all kinds of infections of opportunity.

    Love, Mikie
  11. skychomper

    skychomper Member

    Bumpety boo

  12. MemoryLane

    MemoryLane Member

    Nature's Plus Brand has a 250 mg product that has a minimum of 20% oleuropein in it.

    It goes by the name Oliceutic-20 or Olimune-20. Anyway its product #7235, in bottles of 30 capsules.

    Just thought I'd pass this along,
  13. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    And it appears to reduce uric acid. If that is true, it may acutally help the Guai, or at least not hurt it. It was gout medications, which allow the kidneys to excrete uric acid, which were originally used by Dr. St. Amand until he found the Guai treatment.

    I need to find an alternative to the Famvir for my obvious Herpes-family infection. The OLE may just be what I am looking for. I'll keep y'all updated.

    Love, Mikie
  14. Dorothy45

    Dorothy45 New Member

    I printed the article sent by pat about olive leaf extract, and I am on my way to the health food store. I have had problems with yeast, which I attributed to longtime use of antibiotics for acne. I think my three kids suffer from it too! My oldest daughter has sinus problems and infections all the time. Several years ago an internest suggested that she suffered from candida. We moved out of the state, and never really followed up. I will let you guys know how it works for me. Thank you!!!!!!!
  15. Plantscaper

    Plantscaper New Member

    It is phenomenal for one supplement, but I agree with Pat that one needs to also do the other treatment protocol as outlined by the other researcher...but I was also very excited about OLE, as it showed much more significant results than even previous treatments....