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    Linda, I just posted the 30th response so thought I'd open a new one. If this isn't OK, just open a new one yourself and I'll delete mine.

    Oh, just noticed I titled this as "Special Olympics." I'll see whether I can change it as I add to this post. Just had to tell y'all what deals I got on my foray into the world of Bealls and Stein Mart. Both places had clearance sales with an extra 30 percent off the closeout prices. For less than $11 apiece, I got three pairs of capri pants and a really cute printed tee shirt. I don't do cutesy tees but this one is an African small print on white. I love it and it's made in the USA. According to my Bealls receipt, I saved $71 over retail. At Stein Mart, I saved $68. Of course, almost no one pays retail but still, this is great! No taxes either as it's FL's back-to-school tax holiday.

    I parked at Bealls and walked down a ways to Stein Mart. It's soooo hot out. If it doesn't rain, I'll have to go down to water some things. We are only watering twice a week and it's just not enough for some plants. Also, I have to spray the citrus trees with Sevin. Those things are more trouble than they're worth.

    Well, that's the extent of my day. Not much to show for it 'cept the savings. I now officially have a lifetime supply of capri pants.

    Love, Mikie
    Love, Mikie
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  2. Ranigar

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    Save me some stuff Mikie.Gosh you are the queen of good deals.I'm taking notes,just glad we're not in the same area of the state so you don't snap all the sales up first.

    Yeah you're on the same page as me as far as my soon to be DIL goes.I pride myself on being able to get a good read on people and haven't gotten a good feel on what to make of her for awhile.I want to think well of her and have had good relationships with all my DIL even oldest DS ex that no one could stand.For DS happiness I will give her the benefit of the doubt which is all I can do.

    I poked my head out the door this afternoon to see where the dog was and whew the heat about knocked me over.Doesn't cool off until Mon. so I probably will stay put all weekend.We had a big salad for dinner with fresh garden vegetables so yummy.I put sunflower seeds and peas in mine and huz chose croutons,goldfish and bacon bits for his.

  3. Mikie

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    Time may take the edge off your DIL to be. She doesn't realize what a great friend she could have in you if she would only give it a chance. Maybe she'll catch on. I hope so.

    I did leave a few things in the stores :) I've always stocked up on clothes I wear all the time when they are dirt cheap. That way, I always have something to wear and am almost never under pressure to spend full price. I still haven't gotten around to painting my tees. I feel guilty doing crafts if my condo is dirty. There's no point in cleanin the condo until I get the molding up as it will make a mess. Can't put the molding up til I feel better. So, one thing just leads to another. Oy!

    Yes, it was hot here too. I did manage to go down and spray the citrus trees. It hasn't rained so far and now, I hope it doesn't until tomorrow. If it doesn't tomorrow, I'll have to hand water some things. I'll try to do it early. I was reading what you ate and when I got to goldfish, all I could think of are real fish. Duh! Finally, it occured to me that you were talking about the little crackers. Or, at least, I hope you were. I've been around those sardines too long.

    Hope everyone has a great evening and weekend.

    Love, Mikie
  4. spacee

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    So feel free to start a new post.

    Going back to sleeping/napping outside. It doesn't sound really nice. Do
    the crickets keep you awake at all?

    We turn our ac down 2 degrees, Mikie. Tonite, I turned it down another to
    75. I know that doesn't sound like but but I am not sure that our thermostat
    is accurate. It does seem chilling! Particularly with the fan going.

    Yes, Queen Mikie! Queen of the Deals. I go to Macy's cause their bathroom
    is close to pcp and dentist and now derm's office. Beals has it over them
    cause 1. They understand Florida weather and 2. The deals Beals gives are
    better than Macy's. Macy's wants you to spend $50 to get $20 off and then
    usually want you find is two things to make it to $50 but it's now $60 or so.

    That was funnie about the Walmart visit!

    They are selling cordoroy coats on TV and moleskin pants. Whew! I don't get
    their clothes but I have to hand it to them for doing the easy pays. Ppl seem
    to like that a lot.

    So everybody gets up by 6am? What do you do with yourselves? I would be
    back in bed by 8am. I guess it would be much more appealing if coffee
    agreed with me.

    OK, tonite is the last of the lowest about of LDN (1.5) Tomorrow is 3.0.
    I have started taking it at 10pm instead of 11pm. But it doesn't mean (yet)
    that I sleep any sooner. The DS in Ala just wanted to ichat (central time there).

    Yes, Pam, that new DIL is not handling things well. It is rude. My one daughter's
    family tried to "play nice" for a number of years but finally, I said 'no more
    total family get togethers cause of the sound. And I am sure they were all

    The DS who is in Ala right now but will be back in Kentucky on Monday, his
    inlaws are the pits. Really the FIL. I don't expect that we will ever see
    them again...different states and all. His health has deteriorated some too.
    Some things are a relief but it's in the beginning you try to make some
    effort at least!!

    Ok, Love you all. Those here and those only able to read. Big hugs for all.


  5. rockgor

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    Haven't posted for a while 'cause either the computer or I has been on the
    fritz. The darn machine worked for a couple days after we had a new hard
    drive installed. Now it goes into a fainting spell almost every day. We have
    to shut down the modem for a while so it can regain its strength. I think it
    has some sort of Victorian era vapors virus.

    I haven't been sending any e mails either. Two of my three siblings are very
    concerned that they didn't hear from me. They don't write, of course, but my sister sent me some cute dog pics, and one brother sent me a commercial from Europe that has topless beauties parachuting. (Actually it's photoshopped.)

    Mikie, congratulations on your shopping coups. I think with regard to your
    moulding situation, one thing does NOT lead to another.

    I remember capri pants. We called them pedal pushers. Because they
    wouldn't get caught in a bike chain, I suppose. Mary Tyler Moore said
    the Network did noy approve when she wore them on the DVDyke show.
    Later I read she made them popular. They faded away for a couple decades
    and became popular again in the 90s.

    Pam, goldfish in salad sounds like a creative touch. Decorative too.

    Remember the producer Samuel Goldwyn from Hollywood's Golden era?
    That's his name in the middle of MGM although he had nothing to do with
    that studio.

    Anyhoo, Sam was born in Poland and had some strange (to us) Polish name.
    When he came to this country he started to use the name Samuel Goldfish.
    One of his early partners was Archie Selwyn. After they split up, Sam
    appropriated part of Selwn's name and became Goldwyn.

    Archie always said Sam squandered his (Archie's) money. Should have changed
    his name using the other parts of their names. Would have been Sam Selfish.

    Spacee, I haven't heard crickets since childhood. My son and I made some
    visits to MN when he was growing up. I was glad to find there were still
    crickets and fireflies and crawfish and toads and rabbits for him to experience.


  6. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    Goldfish crackers in his salad.After talk of sardines I should have been clear about that although I believe huz used to eat sardines just not in salad.

    Sorry your puter has the vapors.Dang machines.Interesting information about Sam Goldwyn.Funny stuff your siblings sent.My sister puts up lots,to much funny comments and cartoons on Facebook daily.Some makes me laugh and others I roll my eyes.

    We were supposed to make a dish for a b-day party for a niece her DD was throwing but SIL thinks it's cancelled.Not sure but since that's the answer we prefer we'll go with that and not go.

    Hot again but thunderstorms should arrive tonight and cool it off tomorrow.I have a ton of tomatoes ripe at once so I will have to cook up a sauce to use them up.Only two plants this yr. and puny plants but still a lot of tomatoes right now.

    I have been hearing about a vegetable I have never heard of in my life.Sunchokes.Two days on two different shows they spoke of them.I looked them up.Any of you had them?Tubular plant.

  7. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    This computer is damned and possessed. It's evil! I'll write later if I can resist the urge to take a hammer to it.

    Love, Mikie
  8. spacee

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    Good to hear from you Rock. Hate computers when they don't work! Interesting
    about MGM! One thing I have in common with one of your sibs is that I
    send topless pics to my bro that a highschool chum sends me.

    He probably says the same thing. Linda sends me pics but doesn't write.

    But I have an excuse. 17 hours of sleeping. Midnite to 5 pm. That is not a
    personal best. 36 hours is a World Record for me. (I am basing my comment
    in Olympic terms.

    I think I have kinda figured it out. It isn't how much I do the week before.
    Its the 2-3 weeks before. In the 90's I slept through a lot of the weekend
    every 3 weeks. Then I would be back to my regular sick self on Monday.

    It's like that question Jole asked about why do our thighs quiver when we
    stand up sometimes and not others.

    Anyway, I'm glad your son got to hear the crickets and other varmints. Lot's
    of kids don't. (I do realize he is grown). I can hear the crickets from inside

    if they are loud enough. Or the house is quiet enough.

    Well, Pam, all I can think about that side of the family is that soon you will
    be in a different state (FL) and with a new set of problems with family!

    Mikie, I hope you don't forget what you wrote!!!!

    If I am awake tomorrow, Huz and I are going to do the grocery shopping at
    a different Publix. It is bigger and the women dress better (hahahaha). I
    need some ideas :) And by better, I mean the capris from Bealls. I want
    to see what they look like!!

    How I know this, one day I dropped in the bigger store to get some yoghurt
    and I spotted the women :)

    And really, I need a change of scenery and this is the only thing I can think
    I can change.

    Nite, nite loved ones!


    PS. Pam, when you moved to Florida and go to see the Dermatologist. Wear your
    good underwear. They like to check your whole body but you leave that clothing on.
    It's good to know these things:)
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  9. spacee

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    I would suggest going to Hungry Cravings.

    It seems to be someone's blog and she describes her first and last
    experience with Sunchokes. Funny.

  10. jole

    jole Member

    YES! Yesterday was a 'good' day for me. We met my sis/hubby half way between our town and their city. There was a Target store, which we don't have around here. I actually went shopping. Bought a blouse and a couple bras, then discovered they have scrapbooking things, so got a few embelishments. It was sooo nice to not have to go to WalMart for a change, and the store was much kinder to me.

    We ate at Coyote Canyon and I finally had a chance to give my sis the scrapbook I'd made for her. She was soo excited she kept texting me on the way home, saying she was finding new things on every page that she'd missed when she looked through it the first time...lol. We have a sis we haven't been in touch with for 7 years now (our choice) and are terrible. She (one we disown) had sent mom a clock years ago with her own pic in it. Now whenever we see each other, we hide the clock in each other's car, house, etc., then text and say, "What TIME is it?" Then the hunt is on......lol. Naughty, but fun! Do it with our brother too, but don't see him as often. Our kids get the biggest kick out of it, and always ask who has the clock!

    Today I'm paying for yesterday dearly. Some things are just worth it though. This sis is the one with ALS, and every moment spent with her is precious.

    It's 61 degrees out! I'm freezing.....but it's suppose to get to the upper 90s later today. Love having it under 100 again. Still no rain here, and everyone is having trouble keeping their cattle in the pastures. They're looking for something green, and breaking down fences. Hubby had to put our neighbor's cattle back in their pasture and fix their fence 3 times yesterday. It's so dangerous to have them out roaming around on the roads, and some people simply don't care. At least this neighbor doesn't.

    Will have to look up Sunchokes. That's a new one for me too.

    Back to bed for awhile. Talk to you all later......Hugs
  11. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    Oh Linda that blog scared me from even thinking about trying them!Not taking any chances I have enough problems.

    Jole that is wonderful that you got out and spent time with your sister.And you shopped actually finding something to buy!I found something in common we share.I have a sister I haven't spoken to in yrs. and yrs. also.My other two sisters have a little more contact with her but not much and always regret what they do.We wonder how it is possible she is related.

    I have begged my huz for a long time for a Kuerig coffeemaker for a decent cup of coffee.Yesterday he reluctantly bought one.The cashier went on and on as he paid for it about how wonderful it was.The man checking our receipt as we excited went on and on.Huz looked very chagrined and I yelled thank-you everybody.Mmm my morning cup never tasted so good and I think huz liked his too but he wasn't saying.

    I have waited a couple weeks so as not to jinx myself but I am finally gaining a couple lbs.My sense of taste is better.I can actually enjoy some flavors.it has taken so long and I doubt I'll ever know what happened when I got so sick last winter to cause this but I'm actually hungry a couple times a day now.

    No rain for you yet?We got rain last night and a thunderstorm this morning.A crack went off at the window behind huz chair that had us both jumping up and peering out to see if the second tree went down.It didn't.

    Huz,friend and DS are going to the shooting range tomorrow morning and I am watching the 4yr. old.We have nothing here to entertain him left but he'll probably be happy enough to help sort through boxes in the garage with me and trudge around while I putter around in the yard.Temps are supposed to be lower this week.I agreed to it as long as lunch was part of the deal.

  12. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Soooo much to read but it's good to have Loungers posting, at least, some of us.

    Linda, I can't remember much of anything so whatever I wrote is long gone. I resisted the urge to take the hammer to my computer. Oh well, I'll just post a bit here and go from there. Are you sleeping more due to increase of LDN? I hope you are getting some rest. Once back in my late 20's, when my kids gave me the mumps, I couldn't sleep from the pain. My doc sent out some Seconol (sp?). I took one and slept for three days. Yikes!

    Rock, I did some troubleshooting and it came back that my computer is configured correctly but that Yahoo isn't responding. The trouble started when I made Yahoo my only home page. I now have Toshiba as my only home page. Things are still loading slowly but that may change if I restart the computer. Yesterday, I couldn't print. I may have to reinstall the driver. This just keeps getting worse. I need a geek!

    Pam, so glad you got your Keurig. I love mine. I actually ended up with two. I thouht the first one had quit working. I then found out you have to descale them by running vinegar through to remove residue and minerals from the water. Since I use only filtered water, I didn't think I had to do that. Long story short--I descaled the first one after I got the new one and now have two. The first one works fine. Also, I'm using the filters they sell which go into the water well in the machine.

    Jole, I'm so glad your DS liked the scrapbook. What a thoughtful thing to do. I am just cracking up thinking about the hide 'n seek clock. Humor can certainly take the edge off of family problems. It's what got my kids and me through the divorce. I have my spices in alpha order, not because I'm OCD but because it makes finding the right one faster when I manage to cook something. After they leave, I find them all out of order. Ha! Ha! Very funny! Target is one of my favorite stores. It's right up there with Bealls but Bealls has our tropical clothing year round.

    I watched TV all morning. Got my nail polish removed and will go soak in the tub so I can push cuticle and cut toe nails. I'll paint my nails so I look halfway decent tomorrow for the dentist. I need to go Water Pik my teeth as I had some pot roast for lunch. After I Water Pik, I don't want anything else to eat. It's a hygiene tool and diet strategy in one. I agree about the dermatologist. I stripped down the first time and won't do it again. It's optional for followup visits. It was my face which was covered in skin cancer.

    Better go. Lightening just struck and I got a buzz off the computer. Maybe it'll shock it back into working.

    Love, Mikie
  13. spacee

    spacee Member

    How precious! So glad you two enjoyed yourselves.

    Tsk, Tsk, Tsk. That you had to keep asking your huz for a Keurig. Reminds
    me of a time when I took our high school son to a Ortho doc to get his
    hyper extended elbow looked at. The HS coach said to me, "YOU TOOK

    Was he crazy. I have bought the last two cars (at the time) and all the
    appliances AND the Keurig :). Huz doesn't want to be bothered. Thanks
    for the vinegar to get the scales off tip, Mikie, Pam, you gotta get some
    back bone!! :)

    Mikie is using those words again that we don't understand but we are so
    glad that she does :)

    And we are all happy sis loved the scrapbook!!!

    I don't have any sibs that I don't have contact with but we don't have
    contact with our 2 cousins (women). One came to mother's funeral.
    A brother talked to her but none of the rest of us. Families.

    Ok, I joined a new private chat. It is the Hopkins-Hunter chat. You don'thave
    to have seen Dr. Lapp or even like him. It's really mostly funny. For

    1. We had a synchrinized sleeping competition. I won gold withh 36 hours
    but, then, someone beat me with 46 hours and I got a silver. Since she
    didn't get up to pee for 46 hours, I consider that a coma. But I accepted
    silver graciously :)

    2. Then a man wanted a show of hands (on FB?) on how many had some
    stage of undone laundry. Kim and I seemed to have similar ideas. Wear
    the same clothes often and don't take many showers. I explained to them
    how Sunday was my Spa day. Throw a load in, go lie down, put in dryer,
    go to bed. They seemed to "get" it.

    A couple of ppl at Huz's office have bought the top of the line Camry in the
    last month or so. (I am thinking they got a bonus at Tax Season which we
    did not). Anywho, they are having to take classes on how to operate the
    Camry, it is so techie now. I would never pass a class like that.

    Dr. Bell in his recent book said, "I know now why farmers keep a shotgun
    handy. I may have to take bold action against the zucchinis marching
    toward the house. I have no idea why I planted them in the first place."

    He and his wife we so sick of Boston and cities after he graduated from
    med school and did his pediatric training that they moved to Lyndonville
    and didn't tell anyone they were docs. One of the jobs he took was
    harvesting apples. He said that it is still his most favorite jobs he has ever

    It takes $100,000 to get a medical license in New York was part of the problem.

    Adiios, mi casa, su casa!!

    Ps, Mikie, I was sleeping a lot before I went up on the LDN. Had a better nite/
    day today BUT I did take 1/2 tab of ritalin with a nibble of clon this afternoon.
    I was disappointed at what the women were wearing (no capris). I guess we
    are a shorts town no matter what age you are (70's). I guess it is the snow
    bird who wear the capris. OR women who have had at appt and then stopped
    by the store to pick up something quick.

  14. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Linda, did you get a virtual medal and a podium to stand on for your silver medal? Congratulations! I get the spa day/laundry day. It's so easy for me to do a load of laundry just about anytime. I elected to run the dishwasher while I soaked and did my mani/pedi. Unloaded it this morning. I need to change the bed and wash sheets but this involves turning the mattress 1/4 of a turn. I'm not up to it.

    That's strange about the women not wearing capris. A lot of us no longer have the best looking legs so we don't usually wear shorts. Since I haven't been able to work out nor get a tan, I elect the capris. When that changes, I'll go back to the shorts. Fort Myers was a working class town for many years until it was "discovered." All the growth has been to the south where the beach is and where I live. This area was considered very reasonable for many years and attracted people who are, shall we say, frugal. Very nice people who know how to squeeze the nickel.

    Thing is that we have some really nice attractions here, like major broadway theater, art galleries and four symphony orchestras. The frugal folks think nothing of wearing some really ratty clothing to these things (I'm surprised they spend the money for tickets). Our newspaper once did a feature on how some snowbirds show up in totally inappropriate clothing. The feature article was complete with pics from the neck down so as not to embarass anyone. Women were wearing old snagged, stretched, dirty looking and pilled sweaters from decades ago and the men were wearing polyester pants in a rainbow of colors with white belts and shoes. If anyone here dresses like this, my apologies.

    Not all snowbirds dress like this. We have some very chic ones too. I like living where people just dress normally and are not too snooty. Some in the hood dress better than others but no one cares. Like I said, jammies are acceptable wear on the balcony any time of day. Mostly we wear them in the morning when we have our coffee. If I'm having a day of rest, I may show up in mine any time of day. I have a few pairs which look good enough that I could wear them out and people would think I'm in normal clothing. Barb is our fashionista and always looks nice.

    I got those crackled clear glass balls for down among the foliage in front of our bldg. They are magical. They look like glowing fairy balls, or what I imagine fairy balls to resemble. Never actually seen any. One I bought about a month ago isn't working. I hope it just got wet in last night's rainstorm. I'll return it to Wal-Mart when I'm up to going there. I haven't told our snowbirds about them; I want them to be a surprise. Speaking of magical--I watched some of the "Good Witch" movies on the Hallmark Channel. They were having a marathon. I had to switch to something sweet after all the war and action movies I've been watching.

    My ex used to go buy cars and other things without consulting with me. Even when we knew we would be divorcing, he bought a new car for me and paid it off after the divorce. He's a strange person. I've now officially been single as long as I was married, 26 yrs this Dec. I am so independent that I don't think I could ever live with someone again. One thing for sure is that I won't give up the remote. I have four TV's so that wouldn't likely be a problem but when I dated, I liked watching together. So much so that I even watched golf. We found a way to make it fun and I learned a lot about the game. I used to play but suck at it.

    My car is 10 years old so the only thing I know about the new ones is all the problems my neighbors have with the electronic stuff like the GPS, the bluetooth, and other stuff those electronic centers do. I'll make do because I don't like to talk when driving, don't want to listen to music and already know where everything is. In miles driven, my car is less than three years old. What I do wish I had is a self-closing back hatch. I hate getting home with loads of stuff and have to set half of it on the ground so I can close it. I've started to load my groceries in the back seat. I can close the back door with my hip. Thank God, my vehicle still looks good.

    Computer is running soooooo much better. The problem was Yahoo. I've kept my e-mail there but it's no longer my home page. Problem solved. Now, I have to see whether I can print. Fingers crossed. Guess I had better get going so I'm ready to get my teeth cleaned. I'll be glad to get it over with. Then, I'll stop by Target to get some Puff's tissues on sale to replenish my stash. Think I told y'all I'm a paper products hoarder. This keeps my costs low for things which only go down the toilet or in the trash. I'm a bit frugal myself but I've donated stuff better than what those people had on in the pics of bad dressers. Maybe that's why they can afford the tickets and I can't :)

    Love, Mikie
  15. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    That did sound like no backbone didn't it?No it was more about me being wishy washy about getting it.My little bitty cup each morning vs expense.He drinks mugs all morning afternoon so I gave him preference until I couldn't stand the bitter brew and mentioned it.

    Congratulations on your medal!All the training it takes to win one of those too.Sounds like a fun group on that website.

    I watched GS and we all went to lunch when the guys got back.So I asked DS about the invitation invite and uninvites and asked who was behind it him or her.The look on his face confirmed my suspicion that it was him.He was very apologetic and said he was trying to spare me and thought it would be to much for me ect.I laughed and told him how a women takes these things and it comes off very rude.I wanted to make sure his future wife didn't have a problem with me or anything and he said no and she'll be very happy if I say I'm coming to her Bridal shower.She told him not to tell me that to begin with but he thought he was protecting me.Glad I asked him I know he meant well but wasn't thinking.

    I hate getting my teeth cleaned but love the feeling when my mouth feels so squeaky clean after.I stash paper products too!We never run out.

  16. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    To have my teeth cleaning over with. Using my Water Pik has paid off and everything looked great! I like it when she polishes them when she's through digging. It feels like a tooth massage. Went to Target to pick up my tissues. What a deal. They were out of the Puffs with lotion so had to buy the "basic." Instead of 8 boxes, I got 10 for the same price. I hope I like them OK. With the $5 gift card for buying two, they ended up costing 65 cents a box for the little cube boxes. That's a new low. I've set a new record. Gold medal for me in the tissue shopping category. I won by a nose and am glad I didn't blow it (Rock, this is for you :)

    Went across the street to Costco. It was packed. I was Jonsin' for some of their croissants and shrimp salad. Mmmmmm! They no longer carry the gummy vitamin C. Had to settle for a chewable. At Target, I got a bookend which is metal and looks like a gear. It's very Restoration Hardware looking. I have a bookshelf in my little office with stuff like that on the shelves with the books.

    Pam, glad it wasn't your DIL to be who uninvited you. Men can be excused because they are clueless about these kinds of things. Sorry, I'm generalizing and the writing rules say we shouldn't generalize. I'm like you; I don't want to drink coffee which has been sitting on a burner for hours. With the Keurig, you get a fresh cup every time. I used to throw coffee out. I can still use my old coffee because it came with the little plastic filter. I like it for the occasional cup 'o decaf. I also like being able to get cups of hot water. I've discovered I can get 16 ozs. out of each K-cup. If I'm using my 12-oz. cup, I'll drink it down and then put another 4 ozs. in the cup.

    A lot of people must not have known about the descaling even though it's in the instructional manual. I'll bet they were getting a lot of them returned for repair which only needed some vinegar run through them. Of course, after the vinegar treatment, you have to run some water through to get rid of the vinegar taste.

    I got home just in time--it's raining a lot out there. I'm so happy to see the rain again. I know this is selfish but I like it when it rains in the evenings. It keeps people out of the pool. Most are not loud but some people bring their kids to the pool after dinner. I like to watch TV in bed and my bedroom overlooks the pool. The beauty of wintertime is that it gets dark too early for that and we don't allow swimming after dark. I'm getting sleepy just watching the rain and think I'll lie down and let the allure of sleep just wash over me. Aaaaah!

    Love to everyone.

  17. jole

    jole Member

    Pam, I'm soo happy you had that talk with your son!! No, men don't understand women at all, or how it could have affected your relationship with your soon-to-be DIL. So glad it was his idea and not hers....lol. We forgive our sons much more easily :)

    Not a good day here, so will keep this short. Just wanted to check in with everyone and let ya know I'm thinking of you. Back to bed....muscles are a quivering mass today, and absolutely no energy to stay up. Hugs...
  18. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    like pretty much everydobby else, I am exhaustinated even though I have
    done nothing all day. I had ambitions about watering the plants, but
    couldn't quite do it. I did do the laundry yesterday though.

    Thank (Took 4 tries to type "Thank") (Uff-da!!!) Thank you for your little
    joke, Mikie. I was blown away.

    Yes, as you guys observed, men are generally clueless about women. Of
    course, as Dave Barry has pointed out many times, women spend a lotta
    time trying to understand guys. No need. They are easily understood; creatures of few and simply desires. No point in wondering 'what is he thinking?' Most of the time he's not thinking; just doing basic tasks like yawning and scratching.

    One of the things it took me a long time to understand about women is
    that they are creatures of emotion. My wife was very annoyed when I
    took a phonograph record she gave me back to the store and exchanged it.
    To her it was irrelevant that I already had a copy of said record. In her
    eyes I had rejected her gift which was the same as rejecting her.

    The computer has been working intermittently. Maybe I shouldn't use that
    last word. I know we're not supposed to discuss controversial topics like
    politics here.

    Gordon made porridge yesterday. The main ingreediment was leaves from
    his long bean vines. In past years he has chewed the beans. This year he
    eschewed same in favor of chewing the leaves. And now I must leave.
    Nap time.

  19. spacee

    spacee Member

    I don't do well taking notes :)

    Yes, Mikie, I have been amazed that the women I saw last week still had
    fairly good legs. Didn't seem at all fair to me. :) But my knees don't like being
    exposed to air.

    Yes, we have a Mountain Lake area where the very well off live. They have
    the reputation for being so cheap. I forget what age Mother told me she
    'didn't have anything to wear'. She had been getting along at a dress shop
    where the sales women would help her which was close to her house.

    Her latter years she dressed pretty snazzy. It made her day to go to church
    and someone tell her that she looked nice. Course, that's not the reason you
    go but when you are too old to read a book and do things you used to do,
    something like that gave her something to look forward to.

    Mikie, I do hope and pray I never have to live with anyone else, grown child
    or sister included :)

    So, the truth has been revealed. Mikie and Pam are paper hoarders ...haha. I think we
    would run out but since Huz likes to groc shop with me and he DOESN"T like to run
    out, we stay in stock. we have a really close Dollar General, I used to go there to save
    money on paper and detergent but not anymore.

    Your car sounds nifty cept for the hatch. I would do the 'hip swing' !![

    I think to a certain extent, it takes brain power to figure out how to get the tissues for the
    new personal best for you, Mikie!! You do indeed get the gold!

    Pam, these guys!!! Trying to protect his momma and messed up. Sweet now that it is all over!

    My son is apply for unemployment since no job has been offered. One has been turned to HR but
    they haven't contacted him. Hospital patient advocate.This Message was Edited on 08/06/2012]
    [This Message was Edited on 08/06/2012]
  20. spacee

    spacee Member

    I will comply.

    Rock....darn funny. That was emotional way beyond called for about the
    taking back of a phonograph you all ready had. We can all laugh about it
    now, right?

    Yes, we do need to be careful about what we say since it is a political year!

    So I will regale you with the news about our Chiropractor. He is good, but times
    are hard. So, his wife does massage/spa treatments. Like chocolate ones for
    valenties day. No, I do not know how that is done.

    Now, the Chiropractor has opened an ice cream/sandwich shoppe. It is coming
    to my mind that I might have mentioned it. There were ppl wrapped around
    the building waiting to get in. Must have had the 2 for 1 coupons. But it hasn't
    happened again. In fact, I never see anyone going in or out. It is summer though.

    One lady on FB has this method of doing her clothes washing. She changes often
    for one thing (lost me right there), then when she changes, she puts the item
    right into the washing machine. When the machine is full. It is washed. The
    the clothes that go into the dryer to. The ones that dry one a line go there (in
    the utility room) and the small items that are air dried go on the sides of
    the laundry basket.

    Where she loses me is all the extra NRG just to change clothes alot. I guess
    she must love the feel of just washed clothes. Me, I can't remember those days

    I have turned the thermostat down one more degree to 75. Seems good so far.
    3 mgs of LDN tolerated well. Did take a 2 hour nap after supper though.

    I didn't get the good clean teeth feel the other week. I knew that young girl
    was way to gentle. Hopefully next time but I am flossing well :)

    Love you kids!!