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    Hi Shirley and Linda,
    Yes, I am back from my wonderful time with my two cutie pie granddaughters...I doubt if I'll post a pic, because 1) I don't know how and 2) my husband doesn't want me to put a pic online. He worries about possible problems, so you'll probably never see a pic from me.....sorry.
    We had a great time there! We goldpanned, rode the riverboat, and lots of sitting and holding the baby! She is an easy baby....but does have her fussy times. But she seems so much easier than her mommy was for me! She was a colicky baby......
    My four year old granddaughter is a real livewire. Whatever is going on, she wants to be in the middle of it. She is not one to go off by herself and read...although she does enjoy being read to. She helped me make a blueberry/rhubarb crisp, which was really good. We called it "bluebarb". She also painted my toenails ten different colors.....I still have them. One big toe is white with purple dots. So you can see that she is busy!
    It's time for my husband and I are going to try (again) to lose weight, and we're starting our mornings with exercise.
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    It's wonderful to hear from you. I just knew you would have a fantastic time with your family--hey there is nothing like those grandkids. I know you hated to leave them. We can always talk to them on the phone but there is nothing like those huges & kisses in person. My grandkids seems like they are my own sometimes i think my boys get a little jealous.

    My grand-daughter spent a wk with me 2ws ago. She came up she & her brother we in their cousins wedding. So Rachel wasn't doing anything school & her mom had to finish up so she stayed with me--no cloths--so i guess you know we did about that. She was here a week & i had to meet her mom half was home so she could get her. The the next day i had to leave & go to Ky for her ballet & jaz recital. She did great. My grandson finished with top grades in his 6th grade classes. He had straight As. And won 3 top awards. Their dad came home Friday.

    I spent the week-in with my oldest son & his finacee. His college had a Bluegrass Fesital. We went both nights & really enjoyed it. They haven't set a date to get married yet.

    I went back to see my Rhumey last week boy did he give me a going over. I have a hard time walking he wants me to walk every day. I went to gym for 3yrs & guiet. I have a treadmail at home he told me to get out side & walk. He put me on Lyrica & it has been great for me it really takes the pain away. Linda mom took it for a little while & guiet. I just hope i don't gain weight on it. I'm a good weight & i don't want to gain.

    Well i'll quiet go on & on. Glad everyone had a good time.

    Linda I know you will be gone a few days hope you have a great time.


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