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    Father please come and help Omeeomy. She is having such a tough day. Please come and shine Your light into her darkness right now. Please fill her with Your peace. Please give her the strength to get through today and do what needs to be done. Please give her rest and give her the assurance that everything will be ok and that You are in control and know what You are doing. Thank you in Jesus Name. Amen.
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    This is Monday morning- how are you doing?

    I hope you are having a better day and that you are feeling OK.

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    Sorry, I didn't find this post until just folks are doing better. They live in Arkansas and last week they did a road trip to Iowa to see family. The drive was not good for either of them, but they toughed it out. Besides his new pacemaker, my Dad has been having sciatic trouble, so that makes driving difficult. But he still did the majority of it.

    I'm glad you are doing better and that your husband can help you with the cleaning. Are you having Easter dinner at your house? We are hosting another family here, so we will have a busy week getting ready for it. They will be doing half of the dinner (bringing it, that is) so I won't have to do it all. But I love to cook!

    Take care, everyone!