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    As usual, I'll post this and come back so it is visible as soon as possible.

    OK, I'm back. I know it's hard to post on a new thread and try to remember what you read on the old one. Use my procedure--post on the old one but don't click on the post button. Instead, when you have read the posts there and responded, highlight and save (control + c) your response. Then, come here and open your response post and copy what you have saved (control + v). Also, if you can't see a new Porch, please refresh the page (click on the little circle with the arrow in the upper left address box). Hope this helps.

    After posting another Warren Peace on #801, I read the newspaper online. It was filled with all kinds of things to do in nature. I mentioned how much we value the critters where we live in FL. There are all kinds of nature hikes and some of them are available for wheelchairs for, at least, part of the trails. There are always educational classes on our wildlife too. I saved a pic of the American Oystereater, a nesting shorebird from an article regarding classes on these birds but it wouldn't save. Sorry!

    Rock, do any of the parks you would love to visit have scooters available for those who can't walk the distance? That would be really great if they did.

    OK, I've hogged the Porch long enuf.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi, Kids,

    Julie, not sure I'm on the ball but I love using the copy and paste method for making sure I answer everydobby's posts and then being able to just move it to the new Porch. Don't know why I didn't think of it sooner. We found with the overhead garage door on our house that the automatic safety feature didn't work when the door was within about a foot of the floor. Yikes! That's enough room to crush a small child lying down or an animal. We even had it on the most sensitive setting. Cats are little Houdinis when it comes to getting in places. Perhaps that's why the call stealthy burglars, cat burglars. Hope it warms up a bit for you.

    People downstairs are infested with ants. Our current bug man isn't doing his job. I just asked mgmt. to get another co. to spray and to have them spray the pool house and pool deck. If the ants aren't killed there, they will likely just walk next door to the unit underneath me. It's useless to continue spraying here without spraying there. This is what my life is some days--putting out brush fires in da hood.

    Went to Costco to see whether they might have some kind of little storage container for the women's restroom at the pool. They didn't have what I was looking for but I did find new trash containers. The old ones at the pool are shot and ugly. These are plastic but look like woven rattan in dark brown. They are also larger and will hold more trash and recyclables. The last pres. was frugal to the point of being cheap. I'm not spending much but am upgrading small things around here. Nice looking areas in da hood make people appreciate where they live and, hopefully, take pride in keeping it nice.

    I looked at World Market for umbrellas but theirs didn't say they were treated to resist fading. They had no cranks and I couldn't remove the pin to put them up and down. I need to find ones with a crank but not ones which tilt. Tilting ones break. Older people and shorter women can't use the pins to hold them up and remove them to take them down. We need for them to be put down after use so our hefty wind gusts don't cause them to try to sail away. I'm pretty sure that Lowe's will get in a whole new shipment of umbrellas soon.

    Gonna go see how much work it will be to put the trash cans together. It's hot out and I'm tired. I may just wait til early Sat. morning. I'm getting my teeth cleaned tomorrow morning. I also have to post the notices on our bulletin boards regarding the board meeting next Wed. night. I bought some pin wheels to put up on the boards so people will know there is a new notice there.

    See y'all later.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi Kids

    I posted a painting by a famous actor at the end of the last thread. Sunflower
    instantly identified the painter. If you want to see other beautiful and realistic
    paintings by the same artist, they are easy to find on the net.

    Sun, Did you read Alan Alda's biography? Came out about a decade ago.
    A good example of why people who are not writers should use a ghost
    writer or a consultant. The title is repulsive (Never Have Your Dog Stuffed)
    and the book is boring. His discussion of Mash is limited to one chapter.
    One chapter! For a sit com that ran eleven years!

    His father Robert Alda was an actor, dancer, singer. Won a Tony in the
    original cast of Guys and Dolls and was in several films, both American
    and European. I used to have an album of him singing Italian songs.

    The reason I was reading about Gary is because I visited the Bear Manor
    Publishing site. They have lots of show biz books. Most of them, however
    are not available in the LA Library. Anyway, they do have an autobio of Gary.
    Price was $20.

    Mikie, Congrats to your SIL on passing his exam. Will he now wear silver
    bars? Will you be saluting him? Good luck to your GS with his magic show.
    I sure don't know how he does that trick on Youtube. I looked closely.
    Did not see any smoke or mirrors.

    OK, have to come back and post more later.

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    Julie: Do you have places in your neck or shoulder blades that hurt? I've found that I develop trigger points and that contributes to the headaches. Feel around with your fingers and if you find a place that hurts, pinch it for about 30 seconds. I also have two tennis balls tied in a sock. I use this to roll against a wall where you might have trigger points.

    Mikie: you're doing such a GOOD job. I hope people appreciate all you do for the condo.

    Rock: Don't think I would pick up a book with that title. I used to read a lot, but even with listening to books on CD I've slowed down. That reminds me, I need to look for some better ear phones.....can't use those earbuds and the ones I bought from 99cent store just don't crank up the sound enough for me.

    I'm taking a break from trying to kill myself today. I get obsessed over my front yard since people walk right by me crazy. So I attacked a small area that was overgrown with a mixture of lily of the nile, alstromeria and a ton of horse tail reeds. So I dug, and dug, and dug and have filled up both 50 gallon trash containers. The big problem in my eyes is I need something tall to block seeing the hose roller. I put quite a lot of the reeds in two pots, hoping they will take all the movement. Some are about 4' tall and it would be good if those took and hid the hose thing. I've got a large bush......I think it was called flowering Mexican petunia. The neighbor's gardener across from me put 4 in about 2 years ago and it fills in a large space and looks really nice, so I'm going to try moving it. I'm off for a nap now.
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    Hi Kids

    Had a couple tomatoes yesterday. The tomatoes vines are running amok. They
    have covered all the other plants in the area. In other gardening news, we have
    a cactus in bloom. It blooms every year. Dramatic flowers of vibrant purple.
    And the coriander is in bloom. The flowers are small and white on feathery
    branches. Coriander by any other name is cilantro according to Gordon
    and Wikipedia. He gives some to our mechanic frequently.

    In Indiana a high school stage collapsed during a performance. It used to be
    this kind of thing happened in third world countries. Somebody commented
    that sloppy work and dereliction of duty are the norm nowadays. I had a
    nice example of that with a library book I got the other day. The dust jacket
    has been given a transparent cover that is firmly taped in place. So what's
    wrong? It's upside down!

    And speaking of books, started one with a provocative title by a local
    therapist and radio show host, Dr. Laura Schlessinger. The book is
    "Ten Stupid Things Women Do To Mess Up Their Lives". There's
    a similarly titled book for men too. Am still waiting for that one.

    Julie, I first heard of Clifford the Big Red Dog about 30 years ago. My
    sister in law is on the library board in the little town in MN. She arranged
    for Clifford to make an appearance at the library. I suppose she got
    somebody from nearby Rochester.

    Sorry to hear you're feeling punk. Why is David working two jobs? Is
    it financially necessary? With regard to ants, my mother used to keep
    them away by scattering cloves when she saw them in the house. And if
    necessary she got out the Terro and put a few drops on a piece of waxed
    paper. I guess they still make that stuff. I see it's listed on the net.

    Sun, I remember buying pair of earphones by Koss in 1960. They cost
    a lot: $25. And they provided fabulous sound. An even better buy was
    at a Pic and Save or Big Lots store 20 years ago. A portable CD player for ten
    bucks; also with earphones. Perfect for travel. It gave up the ghost after about
    3 years.

    Never heard of alstromeria before. Found a pic. They look like freesias and
    come from S. America. Looked up Freesias. They come from Africa. Oh,
    well. It all used to be one big continent anyway.

    Mikie, Pin wheels on the bulletin board sounds cheerful. You sure are doing a
    lot of work with your new job. I hope people appreciate it. But I doubt it. Most
    of them probably don't even know. I'm sure the government could do the same
    job you do with a large budget and staff.

    With regard to scooters in parks, have never seen any. The ones in the grocery
    stores look like fun. Probably not so much fun as bumper cars aka dodgem cars
    though. Wonder if they are still extant.

    Well, it's 3:40 AM here. I 'spect you are posting. Or already have. The handyman
    is coming today. Gonna do some concrete work, I think.

    Hugs, Everydobby
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    Good Morning, Kids,

    We are set for another hot 'n humid day and the chances for rain are diminishing until next week. I have figured out that it would be much better if I hauled those trash cans in their boxes up to the condo and put them together inside in the A/C. They aren't so heavy that I can't carry them assembled down the stairs; we have a nice little gardening cart that I can use to haul them over to the pool. Then, I can haul the old ones to the recycle bins using the same cart. I'm excited to see how nice the new ones will look. I will also use the cart to haul off the impatiens and to put the pots in the storage area. One way or another, I will get the pool area looking good.

    Think I mentioned that Ozzie, our bald eagle who was injured with a broken collar bone, is recouperating in his outdoor space at the bird rehab center. Evidently, birds don't have collar bones, pre se, but they have bones were we have collar bones. The osprey I mentioned, who was caught hanging upside down in a tree, is in physical rehab and doing well. Local news will be filming his first rehab session. We do love our critters down here. They make the news when something happens to them.

    Speaking of critters--the cats were sooooo good again last evening and went out to the lanai about 10:00. I let them in about 5:00 and they have been so sweet since coming in. Both are taking the first morning snooze. I brushed them yesterday. Sir Vester has a few small rats in his fur so will have to keep after them. It's next to impossible to keep his undercarriage looking good. The hair on his tail and behind is nappy and needs constant care. He has a world class bushy tail. Ever since coming inside to live, his tail stands straight up. He was miserable living outside; his tail dragged and he seemed depressed. He stayed under cars and wouldn't come out.

    Julie, when DD#2 had DGS, she had a small SUV and struggled getting him into it. I told her that there's a reason they make vans for families. I think they are great. She has since gotten a big SUV which holds kids, all their stuff and the big dog. She often hauls a bunch of Andy's friends. I hope your kids find a good one that is affordable. Funny thing--when DD got her new SUV, the salesman kept trying to get her to have the video screens installed on the backs of the front seats. When she deferred, the salesman asked her what she planned to do when driving her son around. She said, "Oh, I don't know, maybe talk to him." Wow! What a great idea. Duh!!! o_O

    I hope you can get rid of that headache. I seldom get them but when I do, it's usually related to my old chronic virus reactivating. Once in a while, I get a sinus headache and take Nasacort or another nasal spray to open up the sinus cavities. Read that if ones puts an ice bag on the head and warms the hands, it diverts the blood flow to the hands and away from the head where it is causing the headache. It seems to work for me. I am also a big fan of trigger point release. I'm using it on my legs where the inflammation seems to gather. I put steady pressure on the sore spot and take deep breaths. With each breath, the pain subsides. Hope you feel better.

    Sun, thanks for your sweet words. Some people appreciate what I do and some don't. Most of the time, it's only when it's an obvious improvement that they seem to be happy. As long as I don't see a mob with pitchforks and torches coming after me, I figure I'm doing OK. :) I'm glad you are taking a break from the gardening. I know how addictive it can be when everything looks so great. Mexican Petunias grow like weeds down here. We use them to fill in spots of color. Ours have lavender flowers and bloom nonstop. We use bushes to cover all kinds of things in da hood. I like to cover unsightly things with them. We have bushes around our A/C's.

    I didn't get to thinning out our strip garden on one side of our bldg. when it was cooler out. Now, it will have to wait until this fall. I just can't work out in the heat and humidity like I usedta. I NV your ability to go out and work on the landscaping. Just don't overdo it. As I mentioned to Julie, above, I am also a fan of trigger point release. It has really helped with the inflammation in my legs. How is your abstract painting coming along? I'm anxious to see it.

    Rock, I will have to go look at GB's painting's. I was mesmerized by the one you posted. It's too bad that Alan Alda's book wasn't good. I'm surprised because he seems so gifted in the roles he has played; however, being a good actor doesn't guarantee one is a good writer. I think the title of the book is funny, in a sick kinda way, but isn't appropriate for a biography. Fans would have loved some stories of behind the scenes on M*A*S*H. I think ME TV still has reruns of the show. Did you practice show biz law? Your interest in it rivals my DD#1's. She loves old movies and to read and watch TV shows about the Golden Age of movies. Think I mentioned she acted in bit parts in some movies.

    Some celebs today are as glamourous, especially on the Red Carpet, but others seem to see just how gross they can make themselves. Some appear to like to dabble in different strange looks. I'm all for self-expression but I wonder if some of them realize how ridiculous they look. :confused: I think grubbiness came into popularity with the arrival of heavy metal rock bands.

    Yes, I am proud of DSIL. I think he's such a good pilot because he was an instructor before joining the airlines. That's how he and DD#2 met. He was her instructor. Don't think I'll have to salute him, even when he's in uniform. As long as I have a Jack Daniels in my hand for him, he's happy. :) I like my Jack too but only drink it when someone else is having it. Thanks for your nice comments about DGS's magic trick. I hope someone videotapes his magic show at school. It would be nice to put that on You Tube. From what I understand, he is getting better and better at his magic. Yes, we were posting at the same time. I used to have both of Dr. Laura's books. She was a bit controversial for her advice back in the day but I found both books to be good.

    I need to get going so I can read the paper online. Have to get ready then for my 10:30 cleaning at the dentist. I hope I don't forget to ask about having that small old filling in the front replaced. It's so stained now that it looks as though I have something stuck in my teeth. AACK!!! :confused: Love to all, including our MIA's.

    Love, Mikie
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    Rock: Next time you go to the Trader joe store, take a look at their bouquets. The mixed ones usually add some alstromeria to them. I still have a lot of the roots to plant today. I "dumped" most of them into large pots I had....darn I've used up the big bag of potting soil I bought yesterday so need to buy another bag this morning.

    I used to listen to Dr. Schlesinger years ago, but she annoyed me quite a lot.........very opinionated. Then I found Dr. Toni Grant and enjoyed her much more. Dr. Grant also has a book out there from years ago which I remember reading. And Dr. David Viscott used to be on the radio in L.A. He died at the height of his popularity. I remember him saying back in the 70s that drinks with aspertame and the artificial sweeteners were BAD.....for the body and for the brain. Now you can find a lot on the internet about them, so he was really ahead of his time. So many good radio psychologists from whom I learned a lot.

    By the way, I was looking up the Gene Autry Museum, and find that they offer FREE wheelchairs for checkout....first come first serve, so you might give it a thought, and seniors are $6 to get in. Now, if they offer free wheelchairs, I'll bet that other museums do also. The museum I went to was the Brea Cultural Center, not that big though, and certainly not worth the drive, but since I was already half way there on sunday, I decided to visit it.

    Mikie: I laughed when you said Sir Vester's "undercarriage". It's strange how a cat can have various types of fur. And that fur gizmo sure works! I found it to be a great investment. Don't think I've ever had a Jack Daniels. Used to have a mixed drink years ago when I would go out, but settled into only drinking wine the last 30 years or so. Guess I would fit right into the European scene.

    I would LOVE to see your DGS doing magic tricks on youtube! Isn't it fun to watch the kids grow, to see how their personalities develop, and what interests them.

    Still "playing" with plastic wrap and the watercolors. Some turn out very interesting and then there are the "others". UGH. It certainly isn't easy to paint abstract, but lately realistic just doesn't interest me.

    I'm up EARLY again, not so much of a headache this morning, just all over aches from doing too much work. But I did accomplish a lot. I'm hoping to go over to my DDs this afternoon when the kids get out of school. My DD said my DGD needs some help with doing a diorama of a pond! She's got a shoe box already. I told her yesterday to have my DGD paint the inside lid blue, and the box part mostly green and brown with a little blue all around the top. Told her to get a small mirror which will reflect the blue and look like "the pond". I'll take over some of the horsetail reeds I pulled out.....think I'll also take some various twigs, leaves, etc. from the garden too. DD said she's got one of those plastic easter eggs, so told her to paint it brown to start with then she can glue on little twigs to look like a beaver pond. She's anxious to work on it, but DD is busy helping DGS with his science project. I've never heard of this but he's doing tests on the effects of gum on the teeth. Something about taking swabs after using various spices, then it goes into a peetree dish and having to keep it at 85 degrees so the bacteria develops. Sounds VERY complicated to me, but I'll find out more about it today.
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    I'm baaack !!!! However in the midst of washes and putting things back where they belong. No time to really read the posts or makes sense of them. Hope to get back later, maybe this afternoon. Had a wonderful time but not to many bluebonnets but there were a fair amoutn of other wildflowers.

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    Its late..peeking in..

    Am attending prayer ceremony of relatives and helping out so..out goes any 'me' time.

    Its very hot too.

    Sun - so exciting trying to conceptualise DGDs pond! Lovely ideas.

    Julie - did you get to the chiro.

    Mikie - i feel relieved when u say the cats hv been good. Sleep is so important.

    Rock - there seems to be so much growing in your garden..tomatoes et al. We call cilantros coriander here and make a lovely chutney of them.

    Granni - welcome back.

    God bless
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    Good almost afternoon SPRING WATER !! Glad things are going pretty well with you. Sounds like you are and have been pretty busy. However, I do hope that you will finally get some more ME time for yourself. I probably need to get off here and make some lunch for DH and myself.

    We had a lot of fun on our trip. The weather was good with the threat of bad rain coming towards the end of our trip. We left as planned and one of the couples was planning on leaving from where we were staying to GEORGETOWN where their son lives. However, they were had heard that today and Sat was supposed to be bad and he just bought a new car and they didn't want any damage to the car that would have to be outside incase of hail. So they left for home later on instead of going to visit the family. How disappointing I am sure.

    We had a great time and ate out at a couple of pretty expensive restaurants. We are starting to do some sharing of dishes that are really high priced, especially the first restaurant that we ate at in Fredericksburg. The port k chop was a BIG one and we did share that and they gave us extra veggies but it was still high priced. We probably won't go there again. The places we were going to eat at were closed on Monday so we ate there. Also the mashed sweet potatoes were fairly spicy. The second restaurant is one of the best restaurants in town. I had Trout that was stuffed. OMG it was so delish. The next days we at a great German restaurant. DH and others got Bratwurst I think ad I had Sauerbraten a little different than nine when I make it but it was good. they gave me so much meat but gave some to DH and he was happy to eat it . We both had red cabbage. You also get a salad and a nice little cabbage and veg soup. It was a cup but we could have eaten a lot more of it.

    Our friends that came home rather than visit the relatives in the bad weather said it was hitting that area pretty hard today.

    At one of the wineries we visited that we really enjoyed mentioned that they lost a lot of their crop a week or so ago with these storms. The little grape buds just were starting to pop out and the hail and wind damaged them badly. They lost a lot of good crop as others did too I am sure but it was also at a critical time when those little buds were starting to pop or bloom.

    Sorry I can't chat with everyone individually right now. I need to leave now and go fix lunch.

    JULIE - Hang in there and I hope the kids find a nice used van they can afford.

    Love to everydobby,
    Granni :)
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    Hi Kids

    Welcome back, Granni. And don't worry about trying to make sense
    outta my posts. Glad to hear you had a wonderful time.

    Mikie, would you like me to post your GS's magic trick here? I go there
    every week or two. I think Youtube is now claiming it has 2 or 3 million
    videos. Sometimes I visit one that was posted some years back and it only
    has had one or two viewers. I don't understand the duplication that's
    allowed. The other day I went to listen to a hit song from the days of my
    yute. Johnny Cash singing "Teenage Queen". There were several pages
    of him singing it. Oh well, it's up to Youtube.

    No, I never did show biz law although I took a course in same. When I was in
    law school in the 70s, law schools were just starting to add to the traditional
    cirriculum with courses in subjects like entertainment law, environmental
    law, internet law, etc. Our office did have a few cases with some show biz
    people. I think I posted on those years ago. Maybe I should do it again.

    Sun, thank you for your research efforts on the Autry. There's an Asian
    museum somewhere around here. Pasadena, I guess. OK, Gordon says
    it's the Pan Pacific Museum in Pasadena. We went there 20-30 years ago.
    If you haven't seen it.....

    I'm amazed at all your suggestions for GD's school project. I never would
    have thought of any of that.

    Julie, I hope you have a nice shower followed by a rainbow. I wonder if your
    Dad dropped his razor, put the pieces in a drawer, and then forgot about it.
    I tend more and more to forget what's outta sight.

    Springwater, Gordon and his brother have also gone to a family ceremony too.
    For their cousin. Her family decided on cremation which Gordon says is
    unusual for the Chinese, especially the older ones.

    I think cremation is very sensible, but Gordon says No. There has to
    be a place to visit and remember. I don't argue. I figure I will neither
    know nor care.

    Oh yeah, Gordon wants me to post some of his orchid pics from the last
    club meeting. We'll see what happens.

    Well, OK, got one after a certain amount of struggle. This is a red
    cymbidium. It's smaller than the standard plant. Forget what he called
    it. Nice color anyway.


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  12. Mikie

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    Hi, Kids,

    I'm back from the dentist and shopping at Target (not a Lilly Pulitzer in the place). I had some of the shrimp salad I got at Costco yesterday. I will rinse off two of the shrimp and chop them to feed them to these deserving cats. I really like this new dental office; the hygienist was great. I bought some paste for $25. It's expensive but I only need to use a little. It's for dry mouth. I protects the gums and "feeds" the teeth. I got the one sans fluoride.

    After lunch, I went down and got one of the new trash bins. It just snaps together but it is strong and sturdy. It's even nicer looking than I remember it in the store. I'll put the other one together in the morning and take them both over to the pool. I am feeling very tired but that is normal after getting my teeth cleaned. The chair, as Julie posted, isn't the most comfortable position for the neck and back. My sciatica is bothering me and I have the TENS unit on it.

    Julie, good thing you are flexible, depending on the weather. "Gotta make hay while the sun shines," as Grandma used to say. Glad you found your DD's razor before he cut himself with the broken one. Can he us an electric razor Seems it would be easier for him. Hope you get more steady spring weather.

    Sun, Tweety's fur is the same all over except her tummy is a wee bit softer. Sir Vester has silky fur, long tangled fur, short fur on his feet, and nappy fur. His color pattern is almost identical on both sides and he really looks like Sylvester in the toons, right down to longer hair on both sides of his face which sticks out and down. I think of you every time I use the gizmo to remove excess hair. Like you say, I could knit a sweater with what comes off of them. Don't tell me you've got the abstract bug. I have no talent for painting realistically so I love to paint abstracts; I really need to get back to it. It does take a certain amount of talent to get just the right brushstrokes, balance and texture in an abstract. In some ways, I think it's more creative because it all comes from one's imagination. I also enjoy looking at others' abstracts. Yes, it's fun to watch kids grow and I still enjoy my adult kids. Your DGD is lucky to have you to help her. Hope your grandkids inherit your creativity and talent.

    Granni, glad you had a good time on your trip and ate well. Also glad you got to visit the wineries. We actually have one here in FL not too far inland from me. I've never visited it. I have been watching your neck of the woods on the news and noticed all the bad weather. Glad y'all are back safe 'n sound.

    Spring, hope you can come back and visit longer.

    Rock, that would be great if you posted Andy's magic trip; thank you! Like so many things, it appears that law is getting more specialized. It seems to me to be a very interesting way to make a living. I'll bet you were good at it. Have you and Gordon ever been to the Golden Gate museum and gardens in San Fran? There are Asian gardens or, at least, there used to be. We had tea outside in one and it was lovely. Be sure to thank Gordon for sharing yet another beautiful orchid with us. I still have to upload my pics of mine when I have NRG enuf not to get frustrated. Thank you for posting the pic.

    I have a lot to do tomorrow so will rest for the remainder of the day. Love, hugs and prayers to everydobby.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi Kids

    Here is Andy, Mikie's grandson, with an amazing Feat of presitdigitation.
    If you can figure out how he did it, you is smarter as I. Way ta go, Andy!


  14. Granniluvsu

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    AAAAACK ):!!!!! I am so aggravated at my insurance no longer paying for my Armour Thyroid or should I say helping with the coverage. NOW, I just called WM and what used to be the cheapest price is now $56.36 for 3 months (90 days). I told her I would do some more checking to see if I can get it for CVS/CAREMARK or possibly others. Before all this stuff CVS was fine for the Armour Thyroid and then they went up some but I guess was still covered but now no longer is. I think when I first started on it , it was close to $10 or so and has been going up ever since. I hate to have to go back on Synthroid but I might just have to. Not sure how much better I feel now on it but also think I need to be on a higher dose than what I am on right now. I think I was more apt to gain weight on the Synthroid but nowadays it is much easier to gain weight, period. This surely doesn't seem like an Affordable Care help to me. Somehow I am thinking this going up in prices of meds is just the beginning and I am getting a bit afraid of the b/p meds that are REALLY needed and other peoples heart meds, etc.

    I wrote an e-mail to the CVS/CAREMARK site where I get some of my meds and asked them how much their A T meds would be off the insurance. We will see if I can get them and if so the price. I suspect it would be close to WM price if they will still send them, or get them from our Local CVS pharmacy.

    GORDON AND ROCK - Thanks for the beautiful flower you posted. They are all so beautiful.

    MIKIE - How nice that those kitties are behaving and letting you sleep fairly late. A good rest is very helpful, in health and healing as I know you know. You are all lucky to have each other to give each other love, comfort, etc. I glanced through everyone's posts but cannot remember everything for sure. It was more like speed reading !!! Good that you are going to try and rest the rest of the day. You have so many duties and things you think need to be done around your hood. Sounds like they are very lucky to have you doing all the things in your hood that you have been doing.

    SUN - Sounds like you have been a busy one. Glad your headache seems to be a little better today, Hope all is going well but sorry you are still feeling all over achy. I understand that feeling that I have most days.

    DIANE - Hoping you are doing better and Kevin too. Are you still on the Special K and has it been helping you since you were having those problems with the one you had to get that was not as potent or helping you as much.

    SPRING WATER - How nice that you are going to the special goings on and festivals for the deceased relatives. I 'm sure that it is worthwhile in the end even if you have top push yourself to get out there and do what is needed.

    Thanks ALL for letting me vent on my Armour Thyroid problem. That has me really aggravated and somehow I just think it is the tip of the iceberg, as they say.

    Way to go ANDY on your magic trick. Thanks for posting, ROCK !!!

    Love to awl,

    Granni :)
  15. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Granni: I'm drooling over all the good food you ate! Lucky you. Sorry that the weather didn't cooperate with you all. And about the armour med. I've heard negative things about the synthetic, so when you break it down to the new price it comes to around $19 a month, so perhaps you need to just "bite the bullet" and continue on with what you've been taking. I've had trouble at times getting the steroid inhaler from CVS.....apparently it's their supplier, and asked Walgreens how much it would be. I was told exactly the same price since it comes under the insurance, so I had to switch several things over to them. By the way it costs me $45 for a 60 day supply. That reminds me, I need to do some investigation work on how much for medicare and the extra coverage. My DHs company told me I can have the Cobra at a good price. I was just to overwhelmed with everything to check on medicare but I know come October I should check to see if I will be saving some $.

    Rock: thanks for posting Andy's magic trick. I have NO idea how he did that......if I tried it I would get a hole in the dollar and have to turn it into the bank! Mikie: he sure is a cutie! And no, I haven't been to the Asian museum in Pasadena yet. I kinda know where it is though. Give them a call or look it up online and see if they provide wheelchairs, then you would be assured that you could get thru it OK and enjoy what they have on display. Tell Gordon thanks for the pic.

    Spring: All that running around you do! And I'm sure it's very hard with all the humidity. I'm like Mikie....I don't function good anymore when it gets over 82 degrees.

    Still have the headache and feeling a tad loopy from the lack of sleep for the last couple of nights, so I'm going over tomorrow to help with the pond. Just as well, I called and it sounds like chaos at DDs house today and I'm not up to it.
  16. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Hi SUN - The weather did cooperate. It kept going into the next and then the next day and finally was going to rain after we left. I would say that was pretty good. I am still debating on the A T and will wait till I hear all the info. Actually I had paid $80 for 3 months supply for a couple of my b/p meds till they decided to have a generic name and cheaper price. That was quite a few years ago. However, now we are getting older and there are more worries about $ and costs of well as other things. My DH worked in finance and so is very much concerned with finances and $$. I am getting so I don't particularly like the heat and humidity however, I think I do better in heat then cold. Just getting old and stiff - er. - aaack !!

    Just curious if any of you drink Almond Milk with low sugar. I got the SILK vanilla flavor. I figured that would be a good change for us both especially with him being borderline diabetic. I hope he decides he likes it so he can put it in his coffee and cereal. Almonds are supposed to be good for people with diabetes or borderline I understand, It has a rather light taste and this has a slight vanilla flavor. He has 2-4 cups of coffee a day and has been using different creamers and I think the almond milk would be much healthier for him and myself too.

    Hugs to all of you. I need to go and take a shower. I really should wash my hair but will do that tomorrow night as we need to go out for our dinner group on Sunday evening.

    Love to everydobby,
  17. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Folks,

    Well, the last meeting was very interesting. The topic was about Sarcochilus Orchids. These
    are very small plants and can be grown in a 4 - 6" pot for years and can be grown in various
    conditions. Their flowers are about 3/4" wide. The speaker was very enthusiastic and spoke
    well (not like the Australian we had last month - couldn't understand a word). I have a
    couple of these orchids - surprise!!! I haven't uploaded them so I can't post them but will
    do so later.

    What I'm sharing photos of are a Masdevallia (the photos is a bit blurry as the orchid jumped
    when I snapped the camera). Some of these orchids have monkey faces on them. They are
    usually grown in a greenhouse so I don't have a one. The next one is one of Jim's and it's a
    dendrobium. It must have had 10 spikes on one cane and blooms like a bunch of grapes. I got
    a small plant of one from the last raffle table. The last one is also a dendr. of some sort. Again,
    the darn plant moved - maybe the two orchids were camera shy. I didn't particularly liked it
    but wanted to show everyone the many various orchids in the family.

    I'm going to the Cymbidium meeting next Tuesday but will not purchase any raffle ticket as
    I'm trying to phase out my cymbidium collection and trying to grow more Vandas - though
    you never know.......



    Attached Files:

  18. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Julie, hope you are feeling some better today, and can get some rest.
    I looked up gator tractor. Found pictures of the John Deere variety.
    Is J.D. the only manufacture? They looked sorta like a golf cart
    with a roof but no sides. Suitable for farm, golf course or safari, I
    guess. I 'spose the kids think they're fun to ride in.

    Mikie, nope, never been to any museums or gardens in San Francisco.
    Unless you count the Ripley's Believe It or Not museum. The only
    thing I remember about that is the car parked in the lobby. It had
    coins on it. Gold or silver dollars, I guess. They were covered with a
    thick layer of translucent plastic.

    My son thought the place was great. When he was in jr. high school
    I used to take him on a trip for a few days every year. I think that
    was the year we went as far north as San Simeon.

    I've been to SF a couple times. When I first visited SF in 1967 I took
    a bus tour of the place. With a double decker bus ala London only it
    wasn't red. Loved the tour. First time I ever had a tour of a city.
    Hmmm. I guess it was the only time. I sometimes see buses or
    cars on Carroll Street. A couple years ago when I was walking
    Zippy we walked down Carroll Street behind a group of about ten
    people. I kept wondering why the guide didn't tell them that this
    house was used in the Michael Jackson Thriller video. And
    the big yellow house was moved here a couple decades ago. The
    movers cut in two with a vertical cut, etc.

    You said you had a lot to do today. Hope you get a lot done without
    wearing yourself to a frazzle as my mother used to say.

    Hi Sun, Are you still feeling loopy? Reminds me of a mail boy at our office.
    His girlfriend was Lupe. I don't know how Andy did that trick either. If I
    tried it I'd probably rip the dollar bill, stab myself in the hand and fall off
    the chair.

    Have you ever been to Atlanta, Georgia? It is home to the Civil War diorama,
    which they call a cyclorama. It is huge. Has lighting effects and music. I
    would love to see it again. You can get an impression of it on the net and

    W/ re: 2 Laura Schlessinger, I only heard her on the radio once. I had the
    same impression you did. Thought she was rather brusk with the callers.
    I did like her book though.

    Granni, I hope you can find a reasonable price for your meds. After I
    retired and no longer had Kaiser coverage through work, I discovered
    my anti depressants cost $400 a bottle. My internist would not
    prescribe a different drug since he wasn't a psychiatrist. So I had
    to see a psychiatrist to get a new prescription. His fee was $125.
    He knocked $25 off the cost though. Said I made him laugh.

    Springwater, how are things at your casa? Have you found any more
    treasures on your trips around the markets? Did the rains show up?
    The monsoon season doesn't start for a couple months, right? Or
    does it vary? There; an entire paragraph of questions.

    Hugs to Barry, Diane, et. al.


  19. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    OMG! Just saw the news. There's been a terrible earthquake in Nepal with
    extensive damage to Kathmandu including injuries and fatalities. Springwater,
    I hope your family is all right. Well, the electricity is probably out, and you can't
    read this. The initial report is that the earthquake was near Kathmandu and
    registered 7.7. I know folks here will be praying for you.

  20. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Dear Porchies,

    Springwater could use our prayers because there was a big earthquake in Nepal. I hope and pray she and her family are OK. Internet may be down there but I'm sure she will post as soon as she can. Oh, Rock, we must have been posting at the same time. I know everyone here will be praying for her.

    I'm feeling soooo rested because the cats let me sleep til 6:30 this morning; I got more than eight hrs. sleep. It feels sooooo good. Bad news is that my acid reflux was horrible last night, even with the bed head raised. I need to call the doc this coming week and ask for the two meds, one an antacid and the other a med which strengthens the stomach valve so it doesn't let the acid back up but keeps the food and acid down. I also have to get serious about looking for a new mattress. I can't keep trying to sleep with my head elevated; it's too hard on my back.

    Didn't get everything done yesterday, as usual. I will go over to the pool early after I've assembled the second trash bin. Now that I know what I'm doing, the second one should assemble more rapidly. I'll take the old bins, the garbage and two limp, leggy impatien plants to the dumpster.

    Rock, thanks for posting Andy's magic trick. I don't know how he does his magic either. I have been to SF a few times too. I love it there for visiting but it's one of the noisiest cities I've ever visited. Still, it is so quaint, with the cable cars, the wharf, Chinatown, Ghiradelli Sq, etc. The air there is heavy and sweet. I always shopped at Pier One for all the unusual things they carry. Now, we have a World Market here; I think it is the same co. as Pier One. DD#2 lived in Atlanta but the only thing we did when I visited was to tour the Coca-Cola museum. Wish I had gone to Stone Mtn. On my way home, I loveded to stop in Savannah. My friend, Richard, and I stopped in Charleston and it was amazing. I wish Atlanta had not been burned to the ground during the War of Northern Aggression, as they call it in the South.

    Gordon, thanks for posting more lovely and interesting orchids. My big old dendrobium canes aren't staked but shoot out in all directions. It hangs in my tree. I wonder whether it would bloom like a bunch of grapes if the canes where staked. It has four new canes. As it is, the stems for the blooms are straight out from the canes. BTW, is it OK to cut off old canes which are all brown with no leaves on them? Barb's is staked but the stem shoots straight up. It has lavender/pink blooms. If I weren't so busy and tired, I'd get my photos uploaded so I can post them. Thanks again.

    Granni, I hope you can find a good price on your meds. My ins. co. stopped paying for my estradiol, a generic med. I decided to go off my hormones and am taking a pregnenolol supp. I get here at PH. I have a bunch of discount Rx cards and I once used one to get a med my ins. didn't cover. The discount was a good one. If I can't get along without my hormones, I'll likely use one of those cards to get my estradiol. Thyroid hormones are really important if one needs them. I have drunk almond milk with vanilla flavor. I would think it is much healthier than the creamers. Seems everyone I know, including me, is concerned about $$. It ain't cheap getting old.

    Sun, hope you can get rid of that headache. It is difficult to get any good rest with an aching head. Thanks for your sweet comment on Andy; I think he is a cutie too. He has a razor sharp sense of humor which seems to be way beyond his years. I'm surprised DH's co. says COBRA is reasonable. It's usually one of the most expensive ways to get ins. Also, it's only temporary. Be sure to check it out. Again, hope you can get some rest and that nasty headache goes away.

    Need to get going if I'm to do my work at the pool before it gets too hot. Hope all y'all have a good day.

    Love, Mikie

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