OMG This hurts sooo bad I can't stand it

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  1. achy

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    What do you do for the outrageous pains that get ya under your shoulderblades and go right thru your chest into your ribs. Hubby can feel BIG knots in the muscles and works on them for me. I'll feel better a day or so and's back. It actually hurts to breathe. I can't sit, or lay down
    comfortably. I yelled at the dog and It was like being jabbed wiht a stick...(that's what i get, poor dog)
    I've tried heat...I made the mistake of trying ice....
    I could feel my entire back get tight, and tighter...felt like a rubber band was going to break.
    New doc won't continue Oxycontin...would only do Ultram (sugar pills for me) until I called office in tears begging for something (including a gun).
    He gave me help either except to make me so stoned I just sit here in a stupor.

    Somebody PLEASE offer some advice....or a tissue. LOL


    P.S. I love the epsom salt baths but It hurts so bad to get out of tub it undoes everything the bath did. Gosh I am such a pain....
  2. chuggie

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    Ah Achy, I know exactly how you feel. It's cold and rainy here today and I feel like I want to crawl into a hole and curl up in a fetal position. Have you ever tried a TENS Unit? I got one couple of months ago and it does help some with the pain. My docs don't want to give me pain meds, just anti-inflams and muscle relaxers. I can't take either of them so the tens is a lifesaver. You need an RX for the unit and many medical insurances don't pay for it, but if your doc substantiates it as necessary, you should be able to get one.
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    dear heart, (feeling your pain), how about muscle relaxers, i have an on-going scrip for robaxin...(generic). i get those knife piercing stabs in my shoulder blade and it' hell. it doesn't happen all the time but when it out. tell your doc the darvocets don't work for you. you have to keep pressuring them. what works for jane next door may not work for you. i deeply feel sorry for all on here who have docs unwilling to prescribe pain meds. they (docs) are a bunch of holier than thou weenies. pain IS NOT conducive to healing. not that we ever heal from this dd. dang it maddens me. these people are supposed to help. what is up w/the oxy. why did he stop it? i am on lorcet AND methadone. if this doesn't work the doc says next step is morphine. if the oxy works what the deal? if one is in pain, the docs need to understand this is NOT a temporary condition. addiction should be the least of their worries. how can you be addicted is you have to have it to survive? catch 22.
    hang in.
  4. kar1953

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    I can understand exactly what you're feeling. I had that kind of pain for years & every doc I saw thought(just like Shazz) that it was my gall bladder. I had every test you could imagine & nothing showed up.

    Finally when I found my wonderful fms doc he told me it was a very common fms complaint.

    Chuggie has hit the nail on the head. My TENS unit was a God send for me. I got mine at the therapy dept. at the hospital & they showed me exactly where to place the electrodes & man oh man did it work! It didn't take the pain away completely, but it was very bearable.

    If you get one, whatever you do DO NOT put it on your chest as it can cause heart arythmia. (sp?) On the back between the shoulder blades also helped the chest pain but to a lesser extent.

    Hope you soon find some relief.

    Take care.......Kathi
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    This is what I do that helps me. I take a tennis ball and put it between my shoulder blade area and a wall. Then I can lean into it and massage my own back. I can give it any amount of pressure and roll it around to get the right spot. It helps if it is a textured wall so it isn't too slippery.

    You have to experiment with it to get it just right. You can put the tennis ball in a long sock [panty hose will work} . Put it in the middle of the sock and tie a knot on each end of the tennis ball. Then you can move it around with your hands to reach the right spot on your back.

    This idea was given to me by my pain specialist.

    Another thing is do is just lay on the floor with the tennis ball between the floor and sore spot and gently massage by rolling slightly. This works very well for lower back and hip pain. A physical therapist gave me this idea.

    The same therapist prescribed an instrument called a thera-
    cane. It looks like a short walking cane with knobs on it that a person can use to reach sore muscles.

    All of these ideas have been very helpful!!! At least this is what works for me. Just remember to use GENTLE FORCE as it can really cause a flare-up if you push too hard.

    I don't mean to be preaching to anyone as I am no autority.
    I am just telling what helps me and hopefully someone else
    can benefit from this too.

    Everyone have a good Memorial Day week-end. Granmakitty

    Just remember not to push too hard to aggravate the muscles!! It takes some experimenting.[This Message was Edited on 05/23/2003]
  6. RedB

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    then here's my advice.

    I get shoulderblade pain constantly, and it comes back all the time (sometimes daily). I now that that sitting is actually what bring it on for me. And, leaning your back on the back of a chair or bed only aggravates it, because it is so painful to the touch.

    Someone on this site always mentions the "Trigger Point Therapy Workbook". It is a wonderful book with great illustrations, and it has really helped me with my shoulderblade pain.

    I also bought a Thera Cane, which is a neat little gizmo that wraps around your back, so you can get at those hard-to-reach areas.

    The only medicine that has helped me with this is Neurontin. It gives me relief most of the time so that I don't have to spend all day, every day battling the dumb thing.

    Sitting here typing at this computer is flaring it back up again, so I've got to scoot! Good luck!


  7. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    On costo chondritis and see if what you read doesn't fit how you are feeling. I always believe new symptoms should be checked out by a doc, but my money's on costo.

    Love, Mikie
  8. IntuneJune

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    Mine started in the front chest through to the back, then around the sides. Doc ran tests, I had incidental findings of emphysematous lungs and a positive methacholine challenge test (asthma) soooooo, went to the pulmonologist who said "I am not impressed with these findings" and sent me for a bone scan thinking I broke a bone/rib. That came back negative. Coincidentently (sp?) had yearly check up with rheumy who finally came to the conclusion after a couple of visits, I pulled a chest muscle---which one I asked---your diaphragm she replied. Well three months and MANY tests later, I am back to exactly what my physical therapist thought (the chest pain was sudden in onset and happened just one hour before my appointment with him). After time had gone by, and it didn't get much better we were looking for other answers. Good Luck. June
  9. rani33

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    I've been sitting too long already at this computer, and am ready to stop or start screaming from the pain.
    If you found you don't have GB trouble as some people suggested (and as I would suggest too), you might try magnets. I live alone so I can't put the darn things on my aching back, but I've used them with success to ease pain on other parts of my body. If you have someone to tape them to your back for you, you're in business. If you try them, let me know how they work.