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    I'm so thankful that ProHealth doesn't allow partisan political posts here. I'm watching Andrea Mitchell reporting on the storm cleanup. The tweets and blog messages are so mean, attacking her and both candidates. We don't need that kind of ugliness and stress. It's heartbreaking that there are so many hateful people out there. Of course, it's easier to be ugly when one can post anonymously. Those people must thrive on it. Sad!

    I'm watching the long lines for gas and trying to figure out why people didn't gas up before the storm hit. There were days of warning. Why are they surprised that power isn't already restored and why didn't they shop for food and water before the storm? Also, I'm at a loss as to why some areas were not evacuated, like Staten Island. I know people in that area of the country aren't used to hurricanes but in hindsight, it was obvious that Staten Island was directly in harm's way. It's deja-vu of New Orleans where there were days of warning before the storm hit. There should have been evacuations and storm shelters set up beforehand.

    My heart breaks for those who lost everything. One mother had her two young sons torn from her arms and their bodies were found later. This is just beyond comprehension. Preparation is everything in these big storms. I stay and ride out the hurricanes but if the officials told me there was mandatory evacuation, I'd be outta here in a NY minute. Of course, if I knew such a huge storm was headed directly toward us, I would have been long gone before the mandatory evacuation. It's important to leave early with a full tank of gas and emergency water. Once in a while, they get it wrong and then people leave and get in the hurricane's path on their way outta town. Sometimes, it's damned if you do and damned if you don't.

    Between Katrina and Sandy, I hope officials will start to take these storms more seriously and prepare to get people out of harm's way. All I can do is pray for those left in the rubble and left to just get the necessities they need.

    Love, Mikie

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    I'm so thankful to ProHealth that they took the FB and T icons off our boards. I'm afraid it would have opened us up to this kind of ugliness. I think there are people who troll websites just for the chance to be unkind to others. That is the opposite of what we do here. We are supportive and loving. We can control that here with our moderators but once it's outside of our boards, we would have no control over it.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you, ProHealth.

    Love, Mikie
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    is right! So many infrastructure programs were squelched in Congress for purely partisan reasons. Quite horrifying isn't it?

    (I have to stop here or I'll go on a rant that will get me banned!)
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    I'm glad you posted. I see so many articles of good information, only to find the comments that follow at the bottom to be completely rife with vile, mean and nasty thoughts.

    I thought that people would learn from the idiot that was posting hoax updates during Sandy and misleading people as to how bad things were and he was lying that the NY stock exchange was flooded when it wasn't, etc. and he was making things out to be even worse. Only when he was finally identified by name online, did he appologize. I hope they prosecute him for using an emergency disaster to purposely post fraudulant information to falsely mislead and cause further terror and influence the public.

    I believed that most people posting after that idiot was identified would be kinder knowing there are so many people suffering from the storm Sandy and that potentially even they could be identified from online. But I've seen people at their worst. If you're online and on a social site where people are so bad, I urge all to leave that site for good because you deserve better.

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    Yes, a lotta situations seem to be DIYD and damned if you don't. I remember
    some years back a fellow in Texas posted about fleeing from a big storm. He
    piled the family in the car and took off. The roads were so jammed that after
    four hours he had only gone about 30 miles, and traffic was still just
    creeping along. He turned around and went home.

    There are predictions of an even worse economic crash coming. Stores will
    run outta groceries. Won't be able to restock. I talked to Gordon. Should
    we stock up on food. He doesn't want to be bothered. And this old house is
    so cluttered, we'd have to get rid of a lotta stuff before we'd have room to
    stored food and water.

    He doesn't want to make the effort. There's a good chance I'll be gone before the big crash happens. His brother has all the initiative of a paperweight, so no use asking him.

    Well, Barry, we don't want you banned, but should I ever form a band of
    brothers (as in Henry V, St Crispen's Day) I will ask you to join. We can
    have our shields decorated w/ wild life and wreaths of flowers from CA.

    A great variety of posts in response to news items, 2Cat. Everything from
    funny to informative to loathsome. Most of the stuff I post gets no response
    at all. Ha Ha!

    The thing I notice most is that many posters from opinions based on very
    scanty information.

    At any rate we are all agreed that PH is the best board for us.


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    2CD, it's bad enough when people are vile under "normal" circumstances but to put out false info during a crisis is unforgivable. I'm glad they found out who this guy is. It is exactly the nasty and false posts, tweets and blogs which keep me off of social media. I have read that those websites are one of the most dangerous places to be for identification theft. Of course, too many people offer too much personal info. Kids who put out TMI or post inappropriately can lose out on jobs or college acceptance because companies and colleges check them out online. Something stupid one does at 18 can affect the rest of one's life.

    Rock, I always try to read your funny and intelligent posts. They always make my day. You are the master of intelligent puns. Almost anyone can make an everyday pun but yours are many steps above ordinary. Hmmmm, perhaps we should adopt a flag of our own. Wildlife and beautiful plants would definitely be included. Anything you want to add would be appreciated. I think we need something which represents courage. And love.

    I have a couple of short shelves in one of my closets where I keep canned food for emergencies. I always have water. Down here, Publix has generators so, as soon as the roads are passable, we can get out to buy ice, water and other essentials. Two Publix stores are within walking distance of my condo and I have one of those "old lady" carts on wheels. I remember when we were kids that old ladies would walk to the corner grocery with their cats. My freezer kept everything frozen for the 36 hrs. that we had no power during Charley. Most of us don't keep too much food in the freezers during hurricane season. At the end of the season we can donate our canned food to the food pantries. The postal workers pick it up at our mail boxes.

    BTW, it's not just social media which causes problems; it's some of the political e-mails which people forward to everyone they know. My ex and I are on different sides of the political spectrum. That's fine but he forwards e-mails to the family which contain deceptive or downright false info. We call him out on it. He is willingly being used to disseminate lies for political gain. Why the need to lie? Why not just be truthful and let the cards fall where they may. Everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion, and vote, but it should be fair and square. All is NOT fair in war, love and politics. I would love to see our society have some integrity. I'll bet no one waiting to be rescued stopped to ask the politics of the rescuers. We need to remember that we are Americans first and have respect for those whose politics differ from our own.

    OK, I'll stop too. I'm just grateful for all our kind, wonderful members and this website where we can offer, and receive, support. I've always said it--our members are the best!

    Love, Mikie
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    I've been appalled by this whole situation, but won't get on my soapbox here. A friend and I had a terrible argument about politics several weeks ago, and now we realise this is a subject we have to avoid if we want to remain friends.

    If we look back through history, I think people have always acted like this. Economics, class systems, power, politics, wars. It will never change.

    I do believe this is more evident now due to social media, etc. Not much we can do, except be decent human beings at the individual level.


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  8. Mikie

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    I think you are right. All this instant social media is just magnifying the differences between people. Instead of being a unifying asset, it seems to just drive divisions between them. People are different with different perspectives and different wants. There isn't a right way to live one's life or a wrong way as long as nothing criminal nor immoral is going on. We just have to respect each other's views and each other. I would like my politics to be less corrupt but as long as big money influences things, that is unlikely to change.

    It's funny; a friend and neighbor called me a "fanatic" because I lock my doors and delete my browsing history after doing online banking. I've walked past her front door when she is at the pool with the door open and her purse visible on the countertop. To me, that's not safe. If someone were to come in and be burgling the back bedroom, she could be attacked.

    We obviously have different ideas about how to live our lives. I explained to her that different people live their lives differently and that's OK. You are right, we need to just live the best we can as individuals in peace.

    Love, Mikie
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    I know what you mean Mikie about all this divisiveness (sp?). I can't take it and when I hear some of the meaness coming out i switch the channel. I agree with you when I go searching and someone brings up a point why others have to just attack that person because they cannot agree. If I come upon a blog that has gone viral I just say forget it and I am not even going to try and bring up a point here. Some people just do not want to hear anything unless that person agrees 100% with them. I cannot believe some of the stuff these people are saying or putting on line - just terrible awful and mean sometimes.

    I also agree with you about locking your door and such. Just use common sense, why tempt some people. Some don't even need tempting, for sure. Why look for trouble and leave things out in the open for people to take, especially in these times when some people may really need the $.

    Just had to pipe in. I too am very glad that PH doesn't allow such things. If they did I would be gone for sure and have left a few that were that way years ago.

  10. Mikie

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    Yes, mine was right too.

    We are drilling a new well for irrigation to our sprinkler system here in the hood and I asked Crystal whether they were drilling in the right place to hit the aquafier and provide adequate water to the pump. It immediately swung out a "YES!" So far, Crystal has been pretty accurate. I think it's really important to ask the questions very precisely. I'm learning.

    Love, Mikie