On a Starry December Night

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    This is something I wrote last year.... it is a poem of worship so I chose to put it hear rather than the writer's forum.

    On a Starry December Night

    The night was mild and the stars were bright,
    A breeze in the air that gave me a chill.
    After all it was late on this December night...
    I sit in prayer and cherish the quiet, how still!
    How clear this night is, what a blessing it is for me,
    To sit and count the gifts of 2001 not the terror...
    To feel so good right now, how can that be?
    When so many lives have changed forever?

    I feel His love in my soul and I can tell,
    The way they must have felt so very long ago;
    When things were so hard and all was not well...
    Then His Son came to earth, the angels told them so!
    Those people had suffered for so many years,
    Like us they needed to be saved from the perils of man.
    The wars, the illness, the devistation, their fears...
    The loss of loved ones, all the hurt they could stand.

    Then He came in the form of a babe, born in poverty.
    This child of God born that day, stars brightly shown.
    Come to earth to show them His love and to save you & me!
    To let us know that no matter what we are never alone.
    He was with us then and He is everywhere with us now,
    In the war torn desert, rubble of the towers, He is there somehow.

    He feels the sorrow too, yet gives us peace both day & night,
    Like He did by sending His only Son so very long ago.
    I feel His grace as I gaze upon His wonders, my soul takes flight!
    Through all the struggles and sorrow His promise makes it so...
    On this starry December night I learn the lesson well.

    Written by C J Anthony on 12-23-2001

    This old world will always have struggles but we must know He is there for us to give us what we need! I hope understand this part of my soul.... I want to share His Joy, Love and Grace with everyone!

    In faith,
    C J

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    BEAUTIFUL! Queenbee
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    This is beautiful! Thanks for sharing. I especially need to be reminded right now with all that's been going on. Thanks, Revella