On a waiting list for psychiatric help! OMG

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  1. hagardreams

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    I called last week about getting some help through one of the states mental health centers, and they said they would put me on their waiting list. I knew things were bad all around, but this is really bad. I just wonder how many could end up dead in the meantime waiting for that help.

    I myself are in a fairly bad place. I have days that I dont know if I can keep going, but what worries me is those that are suicidal.

    My biggest problem is anxiety. I find that I am obsessing over stuff that I dont need to be obsessing about. I have spells where I dont want to do this anymore, and I just want to give up. That is not me, I have always been a fighter, but lately I am really in a bad place.

    Dont get me wrong, if I get to where I know I am going to do something stupid, I will go to the EMR, but in the meantime I am suffering because there is no one to help me. I just cant believe that things are this bad.

  2. turquoise

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    In another life I was a mental health professional. Psychiatric services seem to always be the first place the state makes cuts, unfortunately for several reasons. When I was in grad. school (back in the dark ages) I was a volunteer at one of those little "funky" hot line places where we also dealt with people who just walked in off the street. You didn't have to have psychiatric symptoms, It was just known as someplace to go and talk about anything.

    Going to the ER is always an option if you fell truly suicidal. However, there should be SOME sort of crisis phone line to call, even in a small or rural area. Most of us have been where you are at some point or another. I don't have depression, but do have big anxiety issues caused primarily by the fact that my vestibular system is damaged. I think a lot of us are also fighters, but sometimes reach a point where we just DON'T WANT TO DO THIS ANYMORE. It doesn't mean we want to die. It just means we are exhausted by the fight and have just want it to GO AWAY. Be persistant , if you can, about needing to be seen sooner than later.
  3. hermitlady

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    Being in such a dark place and feeling so out of control is so scary. I know, I've been there too many times to count. I'm constantly in a state of upset for one reason or another.

    Luckily, I do have ins, but it's a joke sometimes too. I ran into tons of obstacles trying to get mental health services for my daughter starting at 4 yrs old....thru both the county mental health dept and our insurance. I had several hospitals refuse to admit her because she was such a difficult case! (Bipolar, devel disabled, autistic, etc etc) Go figure. It's a crime how much the system is lacking for those of us who SERIOUSLY need it.

    I'm right here with you, always grasping for something to make me feel better about myself and my situation. I try the positive thinking stuff, but I always seem to fail miserably. Old habits are sooo hard to break (thanks Dad, grrrr).

    Taking vitamin D3 has been proven to help mood disorders, I recently ran out and have to get some more this wkend. I usually take 2-4000 IU per day, and I do think it helps...many here believe in it. I also take Prozac, the only AD that seems to help at all (but not enough lately!)

    Are you on meds? Like another poster said, primary or family docs do prescribe basic ADs and anti anxiety meds, you might try that route for now. Don't wait until you feel even worse, please!!!

    Just come back here and connect w those of us who understand. The depr board is avail here, but it moves very slow these days. If you just want some support, post wherever you need to. I'll keep an eye out for you...we kindred spirits need to stick together during these rough times. I know I could sure use a friend.

    xoxo Hermit

  4. hagardreams

    hagardreams New Member

    I have tried so many different antidepressants, and just no luck. Too many side effects. My doctor has given me a lot of different ones, but just no luck.

    I was hopeing that the mental health center could help me more, being that they deal with mental health on a day to day basis. I was just so shocked that there was a waiting list.

    I fight this on a day to day basis. I do take buspar, but I am beginning to think it is the cause of my heart fluttering 5-7 times a min. I had read up on buspar and that can be one of the side effects. It has helped with my screaming at everyone, but I still find myself obsessing on everything, and feeling so hopeless.

    As we all know with CF and fibro, we feel that way without having a reason, its just there. I just hope that they can find me something that I can take and that doesnt cause much more constipation. I really cant deal that more of that.

    Thanks to all who replied!

  5. quanked

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    If you are not deemed to be a threat to yourself or others then you may end up waiting awhile (depending on where you live) to see a psychiatrist.

    Community mental health regulations and policies are developed at the state level and funded by the state. I think states may get some federal funds but I am not up on this kind of thing anymore. If a state does receive federal funds then the funds, and possibly state funds, then become tied to federal regulations and policies. These govenment entities determine who gets seen first.

    In the town I live in (Oregon) anyone can walk in to the MH center and be seen by a mental health clinician during a portion of a day. Seeing a psychatrist might be the outcome of the appointment but if so an appointment 3 to 4 weeks into the future would be made. If you are deemed to be a threat to self or others, on the spot, then you could be placed on a psych hold at the hospital with your permission or without. If this happens then you will be seeing an MD of some type quickly.

    Another option, here, is to go to the medical clinic that has a sliding fee scale and see a doctor. One can even get financial assistance to purchase any meds that might prescribed during your appointment.

    In a community mental health setting psychiatrists, in general, are utilized mainly for the chronically and severly (I think there is a new term now but I forget what it is) mentally ill. In my experience, most people, except the the population mentioned above, use their family dr./medical provider as their source of psychotropic drugs or a private psychiatrist.

    I do not know what your situation is--medical insurance, financial means to pay for medical needs, a chronic and severe MI--but if you are not chronically and serverly mentally ill you may want to find some more immediate help by seeing an MD, physicains assistant/nurse practitioner.

    In the USA a huge number of individuals use anti-depressants/anxiety meds and most of these spripts are not being written by the community mental health psychiatrists.

    I empathize with your dilema. A couple of years ago I was helping a family member to access MH help both in her community in Illinois and then here. Because she was not "in crisis" or chronically and serverly and MI she had a tough time getting help in a timely manner. In fact, she really did not get a lot of help--she ended up getting more help (medications) from her MDs. And it was the community MH centers that were pushing her in that direction.

    I hope you find the help you need soon.

  6. gapsych

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    What a sad statement about our mental health system. I lost two jobs as the programs were cut. These programs were aimed to prevent later mental health problems.

    My hospital has a walk in clinic where you can be evaluated for the severity of your depression.

    I have also been there and it concerns me that you are having suicidal thoughts.

    If you go to an emergency room, many will get a social worker to talk to you about your situation.

    Please get some help even if it means calling 911. This is an emergency.

    Keep in contact with the board.

    Take care.

  7. AuntTammie

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    I did my internship at a community mental health center, and though we had lengthy waiting lists for most people (which bothered me a lot, but unfortunatley could not do anything about), we would absolutely get someone who was suicidal in immediately

    If you are truly feeling that way, call the center and make sure that you tell them that you are feeling suicidal

    otherwise, as others have mentioned, the ER, crisis lines, and sliding scale places are other good options....also if there is a YWCA (not YMCA) near you, they are often better at getting people in more quickly and they will often charge very little to nothing if you cannot afford to pay (I know they are basically community mental health, too, but they do seem to be better about this....maybe that's becasue they generally have women as their clients, so the total numbers they deal with are smaller....they are also very good re referrals - if they cannot help you, they may be able to suggest someone who can)
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  8. rockgor

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    Do you have depression as well as anxiety? There are some supplements that have helped
    me cope w/ depression.

    Have you read "Feeling Good" by Dr. David Burns? It's about cognitive therapy.

    If you look up Emotions Anonymous, you can see if a meeting is held near you. It's
    a 12 step program.

    Hope you can find something.


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