? on Fibro Clinics and what type of care they offer..

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    To anyone who has had experience going to on of the new 'fibro clinics', what type of regime do they normally suggest after you consultation? Is it all herbal, or a combination of herbs, meds & physical type things?

    I was thinking about going to one, but i'd just like to know whether a clinics care would end up being better then a regular rheumatologist around here? Are there physicians qualified to care for FMS patients and have any patients found their treatments benefitial?

    Thanks for any help/info you could give me.
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    Fibromyalgia and Fatigue Centers, Inc. - COSTS . .

    and then look under "title."

    This will pull up a lot of information regarding the Centers. I am also thinking about going to a Center, and requested information. I received a lot on the above post. You'll find the information interesting.

    Warm Wishes, Jeannette
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    There are lots of posts about these clinics...I read every one of them, and still do, as I've just started my treatment at the one in Las Vegas. It's the first encouraging news I've seen on these DDs. My rheumy would only prescribe for symptoms and did not do any tests for underlying issues. He wouldn't even acknowlege the CFS let alone treat for it.

    After six months of this nonsense and feeling worse all the time, I decided to go to FFC. When my FFC doctor said to me "we can fix it," I nearly jumped for joy! I am so hoping to get my life back. It will take time - 6 to 9 months or longer - but I'm expecting to be able to keep up with our grandkids at next year's summer reunion!
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    Congratulations on finding a doctor you can work with.
    It's a two way street.