? on gov. or state paid insur. any commons?

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    I'm remembering what I felt like before pain meds because, today I did'nt take any and this is so awful!!!! I did'nt realize just how bad things were before I had been givin' my methadone. I guess I just wanted to see how bad I was going to be when I don't have it anymore. HELP!!!!! I'm so afraid of life without pain relief of some kind and the sad thing is that it does'nt take all the pain away. I know I can't be on methadone forever and without it I'm basically bed-riden! I'm only 31 yrs. old!!!!! I feel so cheated, so robbed of my life, my future and why? Why do I have to just lay down and try to live the rest of my life on the side lines?!?! Just a matter of years ago I was fit as a fiddle and athletic. Walking 10 miles a day. Now my life consist of all over chronic body pain so bad I can't get out of bed! What happened to me? What caused my body to become infested w/ arthritis and fibro at such a young age? Last year I went to a fibro self-help class and the next in age after me was 40's it made me sooooo depressed I quit going. I wish I had all the answers to this so I could have my life back the way it was before this DD!!! And the doctor's I see sure are'nt much help! What good are they anyway? Does anyone else have government or state paid insurance? If so do you feel like your treatment gets cut short or lacks truth? Let me know hugs,Kerry
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    I live in TN and I am under government insureance which is like medicad but they call it TennCare. I feel sometimes we get the lower end of treatments because we are on gov care but at the same time since I found out that I was sick I have not had a problem getting into the what I call "Good Doctors" although it took me five years to get here.

    I can also relate to your feelings about being young and having so many problems.

    At age 22 I was diagnosed with having Gout Arthritis
    At age 25 with having Rhuematoid Arthritis
    At age 26 with having Depression
    At age 29 With having Fibromyalgia and chronic Fatique
    At age 29 having Degenerative Disk disease
    I also have alot of other health problems as well that are not pain related such as high blood pressure. I suffer from IBS and a host of other problems as well.
    I have been to neurosurgens, internist, pain managment, therapy sessions for depression, chiropractors, massage theropists, arthritis docs and the list goes on and on

    Everyday I take all these drugs just to function.
    and supplements
    and others as needed I chronic sinus infections so I am on nasacort, and proventil inhaler for my breathing.

    I have had hydro therapy, heat and electro therapy, physical therapy, I have took every muscle relaxer they make and tons of different medications to find what worked for me. I currently go to the YMCA and have streching sessions when I can and I also use the steam room there too to help loosen all the congestion I have.

    I too have asked myself WHY? so don't feel bad your not alone. I feel like I have been robbed as well, but I am learning to cope as best I can.
    I hope that you feel better soon.


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    Hi Jeanna. Thanks so much for your advice. As far as my insurance I get that through my disability SSI but, it seems like when I go to the doctor my treatment gets cut short and it makes me angry. I have major back problems because of poor posture and very large breast and I knew a breast reduction would improve my back pain and for 5 yrs I tried to convince my doc. to give me the much needed referral so my insurance would pay for it. I saw the cosmetic surgeon and was told I needed the reduction. My insurance said I'd have to go from my D cup to an A. After all the consideration I did and finally agreed to it, my insurance denided the surgary because they said I did'nt meet any of the criteria for the surgary. Bogus! I met 5 of the 6 criteria according to the surgeon. Now because of my insurance I suffer still!!!! It makes me so mad the way the insur. works around Wisconsin!!!! Anyway I'm very sorry to hear about all your sufferings. You have far more arthritis than I. How do you deal w/ all the stiffness? Have you had IBS since your fibro diagnosis? How about any tummy trouble? My stomach is very easily upset and I wonder if it's from all the pills I've taken over the years. No ulcer yet. I'm sure that's on it's way too. If you don't mind me asking how old are you? I'm assumeing you are young too. Take Care, Kerry
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    It was good to hear back from you today, I am 29 years old but sometimes feel a 100 lol. My stiffness is always worse in the morning time. I use heating pads, warm baths, streching and I take vioxx as well. Its frustrating sometimes but I have learned to cope with what I have been handed pretty much. Sure I have days where I cry like a baby and that only makes me sicker. I try to keep clear of any kind of stress since I have been through so much already. When I was a child my grandfather use to call me names and beat me on a regular basis and when I was five my mothers best friends sexually abused me. I told my mom after and they never pressed charges or anything and pretty much ignored that it ever happened. The 90's where the worse time for me though. My grandmother past in 93 she raised me. Then in 94 a man broke into my house while I was sleeping and tried to rape me and he beat me pretty bad but he didn't get a chance to succeed because I beat the living s++t out of him right back.

    I couldn't sleep for almost a year for the fear of him coming back to get me. It took law enforcement 5 years to capture him and all I got for my pain was 2000 dollars and that was from the state for victims compensation. Well after that I lost my father, he was blind and hand a piturity brain tumor and I had been taking care of him since the late 80's I had to quit school to take care of him and my grandmother, she had ALS (Amyotripic lateral sclorosis (SP) its a form of MS. So I was basically the bread winner and it was tough taking care of them because they were sick all the time. In the late 90's is when I started getting sick. I went to countless doctors and no one could tell me what was wrong. I don't know if it was the horrible events that lead up to me having fibro or something else but I am sure I am a canidate for trama induced fibro.

    Anyways, I have been sick every since. I have worked though alot of my problems with the help of a therapist and medications. I deal with physical pain everyday and exhaustion. I feel like I have lived a 100 lives in the little time I have been alive. I have alot of abandonment issues too since everyone I loved has passed, and my mom left me when I was 5. So sometims the emotional pain is a big problem with all the other physical stuff I am going through. I just want you to know that I understand what your feeling and going through and I will keep you in my prayers thats for sure!!!

    Sorry I went on for so long
    best wishes((((Kerry)))),
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    You don't have to be sorry for going on so long. I know first hand what it's like to have to vent so it's ok. Anytime you need to vent I'll listen and offer advice if I can. It sounds like we have so much in common. I to was abused as a child (sexually) and went through a few bad relationships where I was beat, raped and belittled for years. Although I've finally met my soulmate and he treats me so good. Thats a huge relief! If only I had met him along time ago I wonder if I would even have this DD. I truely want to write you more but, it's 11:15p.m. where I am and I have an appt. w/ pain clinic tomorrow at 10a.m. and it's a 2 hr. drive so I must retire for the day. I'll say Hi again as soon as I can. Take Care of yourself Jeanna , Kerry