On Hemochromatos (high Iron levels in blood)

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    I just recently gave blood . The lab tech. that evaluated me before giving blood checked my iron . They seem a bit surprised when my drop of blood not only sunk very fast to the bottom of the test container but we heard a thud. I asked about this and they said that it might be high but not to worry. Of course I'd never heard about this before so I had to check it out and this is what I found Hemochromatos. It's a rare disorder that can occur in people of american indian ,welsh,irish decent of which i'm all three.
    Any ways the treatment ironically for this problem is getting your a pint of pint removed over several sessions until the iron levels are normal . Funny that I had decided to give blood. Must have been God telling me something.
    So in order to educated (not frighten ) here is a link on the subject: