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    Hi, thanks for the warm welcome.
    The name chewie comes from my pal,my standard poodle who is a god sent to me. Darling husband bought him and had him trained to walk with me using my cane /wheelchair. His name came to me when he was a puppie and layed in my lap or beside me in bed CHEWING on my wrists playing with me.
    My darling husand called me this morning at 11:30 am to check in on me. He said someone told him to use Binder&Binder for a lawyer. Somebody they know used them with great results.
    I was leaning towards Scott Davis. Any one used Binder & Binder? I also read . Do NOT file S/S on line. Any info there?
    I had to rescheuld my appt. with them from 3/6/03 to 3/12/03 because I, We [darling husband is was helping me type]were not ready yet. Due to me having a couple of real Bad days. And fibro fog even reading last application. Want to make sure I,We do everything right say the right words ect.
    Also do I ,We need to hire attorney now or wait till 2nd filling? A Big thanks in advance to anyone who might answer this post and shed some light on this dark spot in our lives. This dd has taking over my LIFE as well as my Darling Husbands and 2 Mentally Changlled Loving daughters[] that live here at home with us . They also REALLY UNDERSTAND LIFE as it used to be is GONE now to this DD. And They EXPECTED it in their on ways. They know and have come to accept MY BADS DAYS for THE GOOD DAYS. They along with my Darling Husband are what Keeps me PLUGGING away as I have no Family left AND 2 realy GOOD supporitied friends. I want to be in control once again of MY life and not let this DD be in controll. Work YEe i long to go back even applied GOT hired BUT couldn't do IT. Now I want it all so we as a family can move on. This takes reappling again, GETTING MY,OUR income Back. Doing the things we were used too [ but with more planning on the GOOD DAYS you can] RESTINGING UP for the SPECIAL DAYS WE can SHARE AND DO as a NORMAL Family. NOW I WANT TO TAKE CHARGE!
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    and welcome! This board is a great source of information. If you go the top of the page and type in "disability" or "Social Security", you will pull up a stack of messages with some very helpful information. I spoke with Scott Davis shortly after I filed for SSDI, and was very impressed with him. He instructed me to wait until I received my first refusal, which I expect any day, and contact him again. With your husband helping you, you might not even need an attorney. Save the money if you feel at all comfortable going it alone. My mind is totally trashed, so I know I will need help. Good luck to you, and do keep us posted.