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  1. campbeck97

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    I take Morphine extend release 15mg. 1 tablet morning and night and immediate release liquid morphine 20mg every 4-6 hours during the day for breakthrough pain. I started out taking 2 pills morning and 2 night 15 mg and the liquid morhine but the severe constipation problems even with large amounts of stool softners, laxatives etc.was a constant battle for me so decided to decrease the pills and up the short acting and have done much better.Please take something for the constipation right up front or you can get yourself in a real fix with constipation and or impaction.I also take xanax, ambien for sleep and soma muscle relaxer when I need them. Morphine is the only thing I have found that helps with this horrible pain for me. My Dr. would like me to take a much larger dose but I just cant tolerate it as far as the constipation goes.Really dont have any other side effects other than occasional itching. Good luck to you, hope it helps your pain.Blessing
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  2. dragon06

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    to hear you have a doctor that treats your pain. It's good you have something that helps you. It's too bad you have the constipation problems. I always take stool softeners with my meds and I am doing fine with that.
  3. Janalynn

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    It is nice to hear of someone else who has a doctor who is willing to treat one's pain.
    I am fortunate in that, I had such horrible IBS-D, that once I started taking pain medication, the side effect of constipation, actually made me 'normal' for the first time in many many years!
  4. jenn_c

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    I tried the morphine extended release and didn't have much luck. So along with lyrica,celebrex, robaxin(muscles), I have a fentynl patch. The patch and Lyrica has been the most helpful. I can at least do occasional house cleaning, and my kids are relieved to not see me in so much pain. I also take celexa and xanax for anxiety and depression. I tank GOD for my PCP and pain doctor. Jenn

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