On my feet all day need advice/info please

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by steach, May 29, 2008.

  1. steach

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    Hi Friends-

    I took a summer job since school is out to try to save some money. I am working in a retail store where I spend 5-7 hours a day on my feet. I hurt and ache all over after my shift and into the next day. I have tried the cushions in my shoes but that doesn't help. We are not permitted to sit for even five minutes. Any ideas or suggestions that might relieve the pain?

  2. sleepyinlalaland

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    I want to comisserate with you that it is VERY hard to stand on one's feet for hours on end!

    I think it is much easier to WALK, than to just STAND.

    I did have a job before I became "officially" disabled that required me to stand on my feet for 8 hours a day. I kind of surprized myself for being able to manage it for 2 years, and when I "retired" the reason was not my feet, but basically MENTAL FATIGUE.

    What I'm trying to say is that I was actually able to overcome the pain of standing on my feet, even though I had to go through a horrible trial period of "getting used to it".

    Of course, supportive shoes are of paramount importance. After trying all kinds, I favored a clog-type shoe in the end. Athletic shoes are made with wonderful support, but I needed to FREQUENTLY step out of a shoe and flex my foot...that is why a clog worked better for me. I am very partial to Clark's brand, they seemed to cradle, or support my foot perfectly, and the fact that I could slip it off easily and flex my foot made it a better choice for me than any kind of lace-up.

    I wish you courage and stamina...and I recognize that there is no denying it is a most difficult challenge.
  3. Janalynn

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    I wish I had some good advice for you. The one thing I would say is it is not right to work 5-7 hrs without being allowed to sit. There are labor laws that prohibit that, so I'd definitely check into that. For every 4 hrs of work, you are supposed to have 10 minutes of break time. At least that's what it used to be.
    In your case, I don't know if that would make that much difference in overall pain, but just thought I'd mention that. You have to be allowed to take a break.
  4. msbsgblue

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    Asics brand sports shoes. I have really bad problems with my feet. We went home last year and they wanted to go to the fair. I knew it would about kill me but I didn't want to spoil the plans they made for us.

    I told her I would suffer from this and she went to her closet and tossed me her Asics since we wear the same size shoe.

    She said to try them. We went to the fair at about 4 in the afternoon and they wanted to stay for the mule jumping competition and the truck pull. I just knew I was going to be down 2-3 days.

    We walked and walked and walked some more.

    GUESS WHAT? Next day I was just fine, felt good, no foot problems.

    They are expensive but you can get them online from Zappos a lot cheaper. She got me a pair for Christmas and it is the best thing I ever had.

    They are gel inside and in soles and they have mesh tops so they don't hurt your toes.
  5. steach

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    I appreciate all the info. I may ask my manager about taking short breaks; we get one, 1/2 hour break during the entire shift. KJFMS, how much vinegar and epsom salt do you mix for the foot bath? I am wearing Reebok walking shoes which are very light-weight and supportive; I guess I may need to look at a new shoe. I had a job interview last week for a summer teaching job- I should know more by next week. Please think some good thoughts and wishes for me- I really need this job. It would relieve alot of my pain -and- it would pay more!

    Thanks friends,
  6. landra

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    are Z-coils, at least in my experience and opinion. The have a spring under the heel, and relieved low back pain as soon as I put them on.

    I have flat feet and struggled for years to find shoes that i could stand in for any length of time. These work!

    they come from here in New Mexico, but there are distributers all over. At least here they will allow you walk in them outside on uneven surfaces to test them. they also have a 30-day money back guarentee.

    They are expensive, but they saved my life!! Google Z-Coils, and see if there is a distributer near you!
  7. Yes absolutely get a good pr. of shoes with good support. My foot dr. bends them and if they are easy to bend at the toe area he says JUNK!

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